Obama to Nominate Antiwar Phony John Kerry as Secretary of State

It’s an Obama world.
Back in 1971 John Kerry made a name for himself when he went before Congress and lied about his army brethren.  Kerry accused US soldiers of numerous war crimes.

Here is what Kerry said about his fellow soldiers back in 1971:

“They had personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Ghengis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam.”

The disgusting speech propelled this antiwar idiot into a career in politics.

According to CNN, United States President Barack Obama will nominate Senator John Kerry to become the new Secretary of State.

In November swiftboat veterans promised to regroup if John Kerry was nominated for Secretary of State.

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  • AmericaWILL

    There goes the rest of the morale of the military.

  • Joe Blow

    This makes me sick. Every thing in our country is upside down any more. He never should have made it to Washington in the first place, just like Obama.

  • Bigkahuna

    Should be fun. Will everyone whinney when horse face enters the room? I hope the jerk is treated like the traitor he is.

  • is it possible to go from worse to worster.

  • Economan

    Why doesn’t he just nominate Lucifer for HUD? Get it over with…

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  • bg


    heh, wrote that headline the day
    Susan Rice lied about Benghazi..

    which wasn’t as bad as Kerry lying about Vietnam but
    what the hell, we’re all Islamic Taliban Perverts now..

    “All that is necessary for the triumph
    of evil is that good men do nothing.”

    ~ Edmund Burke


  • Buffalobob

    Johnny boy you promised to release your SF 180 military records form quite some time ago. Have you forgotten your promise or were you lying again?


    Kerry is truly a scumbag, no doubt, and shouldn’t be allowed to represent anyone but his fellow travelers.

    OT: clearly, the fix is in to keep Clinton from being under oath on Benghazi. They’re trying to send surrogates in her place (who by the way, would likely be providing hearsay that they themselves cannot be held accountable for). Staged illness and injury, right up the Clinton ethics isle. Whatever else, it says that she doesn’t want to answer for what she’s done, or what the official lie of the day is (as it could potentially derail her 2016 quest).

  • Lone Ranger

    As much as I despise Kerry – and the Democrats in general – if he can apply his “anti-war” position toward getting our troops out of Afghanistan with all possible speed, then I support his nomination. The profound idiocy of continuing to pour blood and treasure into the bottomless black hole of Afghanistan demands extraordinary measures.

    At the same time, I have this sinking feeling that the “anti-war” Kerry of the early 1970’s will have been replaced by a “chicken hawk” Kerry of the next few years.

  • bigL

    Jeffn Kerry can’t be SOS because he was born in Switerland,wasn’t he?
    He was Jean Francois Kerry not for nothing, ne c’est pas?

  • Indiana

    Hey Obozo…..what happened, did Hanoi Jane turn you down? What a slap in the face for our military…..I hope he’s “swift boated” AGAIN!

  • Stormin

    Ever notice how everyone in the Obama regime is a piece of feces?

  • Bart Roberts

    So, who’s next, after john, The Poodle, kerry?

    My money says that Dictator hussein soetoro’s gonna appoint kerry’s best friend, Jane Fonda, to a high level government position. She’s probably gonna be in charge of the nK style forced-labor camps where you and I will be incarcerated.

    Bartholomew Roberts

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  • SeniorD

    Question is, what country will he represent? US or Vietnam?

  • Carbon Pootprint

    The only good Obama has done is to get himself, Hillary and Biden out of the Senate.

  • Rachelle

    I hope someone demands this fraud’s full military records this time. Assuming there are any Republicans with a backbone left in the Senate.

  • squeaky

    [Susan Rice’s abrupt withdrawal from consideration for secretary of state, coupled with suggestions from the State Department that Secretary Hillary Clinton may not testify as scheduled next week, has stirred speculation that something big is brewing in the Libya terror attack investigation.] hmm? i heard this talked about but couldn’t find anything on the web. maybe hilly is sick because she’s between a rock and a hard place. she’s getting too old to take the hit for de boss and she doesn’t want to spend what time she has left looking over her shoulder.

  • squeaky

    oh, deval patrick is reportedly interested in appointing ted kennedy’s widow to the senate seat if kerry is indeed picked. i would say it’s her’s if she wants it since the state rep is so lopsided and i think he has 4 years left in his term.

  • Anybody who IS anybody has to write a book, right? Well, Genghis John Fraud Kerry wrote a book about his Vietnam Band of Bums, it’s called:

    The New Soldier

    Don’t try to find a print copy, Kerry spent a lot of money and effort to have all existing copies destroyed. One even sold on eBay for over $600, a Paperback for crying out loud!! Unfortunately for John Fraud, this one is posted in perpetuity.

    You’ll really love the pictures.

  • Cee

    Better that he is Secretary of State than of Defense.

  • Highlander

    He’ll be perfect for the job … running around apologizing for America’s transgressions, real or imaginary, is right up his alley.

  • Multitude

    Are you sure? I had heard he was being appointed Ambassador to the Mongols, given his expertise with Genghis khan.

    The American people deserve all that is coming, for embracing the most unqualified farces in our nation’s history as its “leaders.”

  • briscuit

    Well, he should be happy. Now he has a legitimate way to degrade the US.

  • jorgen

    Hillary must be ecstatic; this will make her look less of the disaster she has been.

  • YourMaster

    but… I thought 0bama’s supreme master Karl Marx would of wanted to be nominated to the position of secretary of state… then the liberals can usher in the new age of communism in the USA… and then proceed to pass sharia law and abolish the constitution.

  • mg

    I wonder what democratic mass hole will take lurches place in the senate?

  • Mike Clarke

    HELLO!!!!!!!!!!! ANYONE AT HOME????????? Does ANYONE remember the MI Lai Massacre? If not, here is an article with come photos:


    Everything the man said is TRUE, like it, believe it or NOT! Crimes were committed by the US troops in Vietnam. Same in Iraq! Will the whistle blowers of Abu Ghraib also be treated like this in the future for standing up and telling the truth? Look at these photos:


    Not as bad as Mi Lai but Criminal acts all the same.

    Free speech is free speech my friends!

  • squeaky

    [There were two AC-130Us deployed to Libya in March as part of Operation Unified Protector.] maybe hillary is hoping to fade into the backround. whatever she said in the past being hidden by other distractions.

  • Lady Mondegreen

    Suck it up folks, he will be confirmed with little or no opposition from the GOP senators. Not saying I like it, but it’s the way it is.

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  • Limousine Barry

    Let me be clear, I plan to substitute one liar for a bigger liar!

    I have picked John “F” Kerry for Secretary of State in place of the recovering Hillary Clinton. This will tie up all of the Benghazi loose ends.

    Susan Rice will be mashed under the bus wheels. Hillary will fake a brain injury and she will not be able to testify. And, I will just keep rotating on Barney Frank’s lap while Davy Axelrod keeps the spin machine going.

    Did you know that Chris Stevens personally raped, cut off ears and taped wires to Muslim genitals and turned-up the power?

    What? You did not know that?

    It’s true!

    Just ask thrice wounded war veteran John “F” Kerry!

    He will give it to you straight… without grease! His arse may have suffered rice wounds but his mind is vivid as ever!

    Remember, the military is only as good as it Leader – which is John “F” Kerry… and I!

    Further, I want you to know I am working as fast as I can to lose this war! With John “F” Kerry smearing the baby killing troops I believe we can succeed!

    I cannot answer any more questions! And, throw those stinking military medals in the garbage! The same goes for the US Flag! Good day.

  • AnnS

    Would that be “Hanoi John”………..nah

  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    BHO has been putting the POS in POtuS since 2009. Now he is putting the POS in the SOS office.


    Mike Clarke,
    Yes crimes are committed in war, and they must be brought to light and prosecuted. This though was not Kerry’s goal. You see he received medals that he was not worthy to wear and used them as a prop to up his political career. Everything the man said about Vietnam was not true, and you should investigate them. He said are soldiers all were Genghis Kahn, smashing in doors in the middle of the night killing women and children…this was the Iraq war he was talking about.

    The Tet Offensive was a military disaster for the North Vietnamese, but because of people like Kerry and Cronkite that military loss became the linchpin to winning the war.

    While I understand the move by America to stop the North Vietnamese I don’t believe it was the best place for the US to apply force, and that could only have been seen with hindsight. Korea was fresh when Kennedy placed troops in harms way, and Communism, unlike now, was seen as an ideology antithetical to ours. It was after all the Communist claim that they would wipe us from the earth….much like the world is saying to the Israelis today.

    You can, and believe it or not it does happen, punish wrongdoers in war that are on your side through normal channels. You can do this without seeking media attention or adulation from groups you are pandering to, but Kerry chose to put himself before country, military, and serving soldiers. He is a traitor. He met with the NVA during a time of war without consent of the military or political leaders of this country. He did so while he was still an inactive officer.

    To protect Kerry in anyway is to also be one with him. Voting for him into Congress was and is a vile thing.

    This is also free speech.

  • squeaky

    john kerry isn’t worth the energy to suck it up. i accept that he’s typical and the only thing to surprise me would be someone of character. [“Having done what we have done to that country, we have an obligation to offer sanctuary to the perhaps 2,000, 3,000 people who might face political assassination or something else.”That same week, he appeared on the Dick Cavett show. “There’d be no interest on the part of the Vietnamese to start massacring people after the U.S. has pulled out,” Kerry told Cavett.] awhile ago i found the actual statements by kerry but over time it’s become more difficult. but, given what i watched nightly many many moons ago and after developing many friendships with vietnamese who fled vietnam i would say kerry’s estimation hardly makes him johnny on the spot. much like his amigo whose own legacy should follow him to hell.

  • AnnS

    Oh, yeah Hanoi Jane’s bro

  • Stella Baskomb

    I don’t see how a phony John Kerry will be any better than the real one.

  • Obamao

    I would approve his nomination with lengthy backhanded compliments to Obama –

    – Despite his actions re: ‘nam, J F’in Kerry is a super patriot next to Obama and for the first time in our history we will have a third in line superior to the actual…

    one could go at length, but I gotta go…

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  • AnnS

    Mike Clarke,

    Seems to me war crimes committed by American troops are prosecuted and quickly brought to justice. And so it should be. So where is the justice for the murderers from the cong and all the pol pot dictators of the world. Ironic there was not one protest from the Hanoi johns and janes, domestic terrorists bombers Bill and Bernadine and Company when the killing fields were taking place. The Capital Building and the Whitehouse lawn were strangley deserted of all anti-war “draft card” burners.

    As the late Andrew said, quoting Bernadine “it was never about war”, it was anti-American and promoting an agenda of communist takeover of the government.

  • Mike Clarke

    Not taking a stand on what medals Kerry should or should not have won or who he shot in the back on a river bank or anything else. Not a big fan of Kerry as he is a Skull and Bones member just like the Bush boys. I am saying that what he said in those hearings back in 1971 were true and all these people calling him a traitor know it. That is all I am saying. No more no less!

  • Maybe all hope is not lost (sarcasm) I don’t call him Senator Windag for nothing! THis guy loves the sound of his own mouth. Just let him TALK and TALK and maybe the terrorists, diplomats, and other world “leaders” will be cowering with their hands over their ears!

    This is, until Netanyahu gives him a b—- slap!

    God help us!

  • Ray

    Not sure who is worse,Hagel or Kerry. I’m sure my two rino senators,Corker and Alexander,will support them both.

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  • Amalgamated Cliff Divers, Local 157

    I am saying that what he said in those hearings back in 1971 were true

    No, it wasn’t.

  • Mike Clarke, you need to learn the truth about My Lai and you need to learn the truth about what Genghis John Fraud Kerry said and did. He labeled ALL military members war criminals.

    Would you perhaps be persuaded that John Kerry fooled the public if you examined evidence yourself that exposes a different account of his Vietnam War experience and his activities after he returned? The sources are all doucmented and include actual FBI and other government sources as well as audio and video and transcripts of the activities of John Kerry and his “associates”.

    You can find out everything you want to know about John Kerry and the “Vietnam Veterans Against the War” and their “Winter Soldier hearings” HERE at Wintersoldier.com

    John Kerry helped cover-up a Communist massacre in Vietnam.

    It wiped out the entire Duc Duc Refugee Village of 2,000 homes. It was greater than My Lai, but the American media refused to report on it because it would NOT make the Americans look bad, it would make the COMMUNISTS BUTCHERS look bad.

    As John Kerry was LYING to the world that his fellow Vietnam vets were all ‘baby killers’ and ‘village burners’, this ACTUAL massacre took place.

    Whether, John Kerry hid it intentionally or not, Kerry helped cover-up this massacre. Few Americans have heard about the Massacre.

  • OldmanRick

    Every Vietnam Vet should be up in arms about scary, inept kerry being appointed Sec of State. This guy was a traitor to everyone who served in Vietnam.

    Visit wintersoldier.com to know the truth about that sphincter valve.

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  • Hunter Campbell

    Hey, not EVERYONE gets to boink a woman worth $200 million, cheat on his taxes to the state her represents by hiding his mahogany yacht in out of state waters, lie about his service to his country, try to raise everyone else’s taxes including those of the people who (unlike him) didn’t earn their paycheck with their genitals from Ms. Heinz.

  • Mike Clarke

    Opidopie, I am a military historian and a professional antique militaria dealer. I forgot more about the Vietnam War than you will ever know. I am also not an apologist for the Commies, the VC, the NVA, the ARNV, Kerry, Clinton, Kennedy, THE Kennedys, Obama, Osama, Olama, Origami, Ikagami, Takagami, Mistsubishi, Godzilla or anyone else. I am stating as FACT that the US Military Committed atrocities in Vietnam, John Kerry witnessed them and probably committed some himself and went before congress and spoke. The 2nd Amendment gives myself, You, John Kerry, Obama, and anyone else living here, (Even non citizens) the right to tell what is on their mind as long as it is not threatening. Just because you don’t like it makes no difference.

  • Is mr. kerry a good appointment? republicians? considering his record of possible dishonesty?

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