Obama Scolds MI Gov Snyder Over New Right to Work Law

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder told reporters Obama scolded him for the new right to work laws in Michigan.
Governor Snyder told Obama, “Thanks for sharing.”
MLive reported:

Lots of folks scoffed in town when reports surfaced that Democrats had petitioned the President of the United States to insert himself into the unseemly debate over Right to Work. Some asked out loud, doesn’t POTUS have more important things to do than lobby Gov. Rick Snyder on that?

But lobby the president did.

During an exclusive one-hour sit down on WKAR-Public TV, the governor confirms that he and President Barack Obama shared a few minutes in private and the president looked the governor in the eye and said, “He wasn’t pleased with Right to Work,” Mr. Snyder reveals for the first time.

And the governor’s response?

Short, sweet and to the point. “I said thank you for sharing that with me.”

And that was it?

“Pretty much, yeah,” the GOP governor glibly recalls.

Good for Governor Snyder.

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  • KornKing

    Maybe Snyder could use one of those old training lines from the southern charm schools, “Oh, my my”

  • therese

    if only more would stand up to the petulant man child Barry Sotero.

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  • wodun

    Obama: Bully in Chief.

  • Oliver

    OT: In case you thought the Benghazi report was anything but a total sham to protect Obama and Hillary:

    All Four State Dept Officials Who ‘Resigned’ After Benghazi Report Expected to Return to Work

  • And we are not pleased with you destroying our country you America hating piece of crap.

  • Ragspierre

    “I said thank you for sharing that with me.”

    Which was probably more useful than, “Bite me…”.

  • Mad Hatter

    Unions are like payphones, they’re outdated, and not needed in the 21st Century.

  • Rose

    Now, pray tell, why on earth would Odrama Queen hate anything guaranteed to increase EMPLOYMENT and Financial Independence for the most people.


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  • Rose

    Hawaii official now swears: No Obama birth certificate

    Breaking News! Commissioner of Social Security defaults in a RICO case involving Obama’s use of a stolen CT Social security number 042-68-4425

  • cc

    Way to go Snyder!

    Love your comments Paul…thanks for destroying our country!!

  • mg4us

    And what does Obama. .let alone a community organizer . .know about work?


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  • maraz

    The New York Newspaper defends publishing names and addresses of gun owners by stating, “We felt it was important in aftermath of Newtown Shootings”

    Well if they can publish addresses… why can’t we? Here are the names and information of the people who published the article:


    Reporter of the Story:
    Dwight R Worley
    23006 139 Ave
    Springfield Gardens, NY 11413
    (718) 527-0832

    Journal News President:
    Janet Hasson
    3 Gate House Lane Mamaroneck, NY 10534
    (914) 694-5204


    Cyndee Royle
    1133 Westchester Avenue, Suite N110
    White Plains, NY 10604
    (914) 694-9300

    Nancy Cutler
    9 Woodwind Lane
    Spring Valley, NY
    (845) 354-3485

  • Oliver

    #13 Rose – great links thank you! Problem with anything to do with Obama’s background is that the Marxists who’ve been plotting this outcome for decades have done an excellent job of marginalizing and mocking anyone who questions the birth certificate or any other Obama mystery.

    I posted this link earlier, but it’s important and ties in with your post, Rose.

    Serious questions raised about things like:
    – election fraud
    – Breitbart’s death
    – who was really behind the Sandy Hook massacre

    Back in the 50’s a book called ‘The Naked Communist’ outlined the communists goals for infiltrating and bringing down America. Most have already been accomplished. After the McCarthy hearings they learned how useful it was to demonize the opposition. People turned on McCarthy, and it wasn’t until just recently, he was proven to be right.

    But it’s too little, too late. I fear that America passed the tipping point on Nov 6, 2012.

  • Sam Stone

    Didn’t Obama once say “We won” or “elections have consequences”?

    That is a two way street.

  • Ray

    What Cheney said to Patrick Leahy.

  • Freddy

    I wonder if the child named Barry understands that as he has destroyed the independance of the NLRB, States will react by limiting it’s reach?

  • rinardman

    Hmmm, I wonder if the Guv got a Christmas card from the White House this year?

    Oh, wait. I mean Holiday card.

  • mcashc

    Can you all pass it on to your low information democrat idiot friends – THIS IS BY DESIGN THIS CHILD FRAUD AMERICAN HATER WHITE AMERICAN HATER IS DESTROYING OUR WAY OF LIFE ON PURPOSE! You idiot PC white fools. He is an actor- complete fool idiot no experience racist punk.

  • JDR


    “On Killing”

    Excellent, excellent essay.


  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    “I said thank you for sharing that with me.”

    My response, if I were in his shoes, would have been, “Sir, you’ve mistaken me for someone that cares about your opinion on this subject.”

  • Meh

    Good for The Nerd to stand up to the maroon. And thank you #17 for providing the contact #’s for the socialist rag that outed the legal gun owners. I called and voiced my objection. They are saying they were legally justified in doing this. I pointed out they gave notice to the criminals of who may not be armed. He grudgingly agreed. Keep calling them!

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  • Maudie N Mandeville

    “Pretty much, yeah,” the GOP governor glibly recalls.

    Glibly? Insincere and shallow? Poor use of an adjective. Let me guess, a journalism major.

  • jb books

    This is proof that it was the right move.

  • YourMaster

    if 0bama is against it – then it’s a good thing for the states and the USA
    if 0bama likes it – you can be sure it’s not good for the rest of the USA.

    WOOT! a new MMORPG comes out soon.


  • Repousa

    Well Gov Snyder, when you get scolded by BO it’s like getting spanked by a crack wh0re’s boyfriend for learning to read. Good Job, your decision will help MI immensely.

  • Kissmygrits

    But, he was pleased with CO and Wash St new laws allowing pot smoking.

  • gwhh

    You mean the presient with the BACKBONE of iron (According to joe biden). With his gaze of iron did not melt Gov. of MI heart and make him change his mind.

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