Obama Honors Comedian Who Called Sarah Palin Slutty and Joked About Her 14 Year-Old Daughter Getting Knocked Up

President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama on Sunday paid tribute to this year’s Kennedy Center Honors award recipients at a White House reception.
The Hill reported:

Speaking in the East Room, Obama lauded the honorees, comedian David Letterman, ballerina Natalia Makarova, actor Dustin Hoffman, blues guitarist Buddy Guy and the surviving members of rock group Led Zeppelin…

…Obama addressed each of the award winners individually, teasing late-night host David Letterman.

“It’s different when you’re not the one with the mic, isn’t it, Dave,” Obama said to laughter. “You’re looking a little stressed, aren’t you?”

In July 2009 David Letterman ‘joked’ that Sarah Palin looked like a slutty flight attendant.

Letterman also said Sarah Palin suffered an awkward moment at the Yankee game. “During the seventh inning, her daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez.”

The daughter who accompanied Palin on her trip to New York was 14-year-old Willow.

Today Letterman was honored by Barack Obama at the White House.

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  • You left out that Dave is a married father who enjoys diddling young interns on his staff

  • Buffalobob

    Can you say quid pro quo?

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  • flyover

    It’s honor the useful idiots night.

  • RKae

    …and Joked About Her 14 Year-Old Daughter Getting Knocked Up RAPED.

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  • jharp

    More whining from the party of whiners.

    It was 4 years ago and he apologized. And he’s a comedian for God’s sake.

    And this is best you’ve got?

  • shadow

    Grounds for impeachment, I’m sure.

  • Weelove

    So jharp it’s ok to bash r and not idiots You really need to get a life!! I really feel sorry for you cause you live in a imagined world that does not have problems or will bite you!!! Haha I am night owl and will come after anyone that is so crazy and…. As you!!!!!! See I don’t have to cuss and whine you!!!!!! Go to to msn to be happy You hahahaha. God I do love the Internet!!!!!

  • Economan

    Shows how vindictive and petty Obama is.

  • Wayne

    #9 shadow – Being an jerk as a person with blatant double standards may not be an impeachable offense, but things like Fast & Furious which cost the lives of two Americans and hundreds of innocent Mexicans, or maybe Benghazi which cost the lives of four Americans including the American Ambassador, or maybe giving away billions of taxpayer dollars to contributers who own ‘green’ companies and who then put the company in bankruptcy, or maybe ignoring the Constitution by bypassing Congress in order to do what he wants, or maybe…etc., etc., etc. is enough to impeach Obama. Not to mention he lies every time he opens his mouth. Wasn’t Bush’s supposed ‘lies’ an impeachable offense according to all you loony lefties when he was President?

  • Wayne

    #8 not #9

  • jimbob2000

    It’s racist to make jokes about Obama’s daughters.

  • shadow

    It’s racist to make jokes about Obama’s daughters.

    That depends on the jokes.

  • Wee love

    Hey Wayne so people will never learn no matter what factsv you give to them Blind love of such hate for the USA wil come back and end the evil Thank GOD we are such s big country that we will over come the crazy people and survive Oops damn spellcheck !!! GOD bless the USA!!!!!

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  • its the party of civility and moral superiority.

  • By Obama’s standards having Pimp with a limp turn Obamas two daughters into crack smokin ho’s is perfectly legitimate commentary if under the umbrella of being “funny”. All decency went out the window when Obama became Prez.

  • squeaky

    “And he’s a comedian for God’s sake.” a comedian right up until the moment he fires off a couple of butt blazers at the expense of obama and then it’s off to the gulag for dave. a comedian until he crosses the line and puts the political lefts messiah in his crosshairs for a night of yucks and knee slappers. and that apology he offered was to cover his rear as the target of his joke was the 14 year old daughter Willow who he mistook for Bristol.

  • Ghost

    Jesus spoke about such people and their earthly honors in his Sermon on the Mount:
    “…truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full.”

    some translations say, “…all the reward they’re going to get.”

  • mg4us

    Obama is a not a Yuppie but a RULLie
    A Resident Urban Low Life

    He is a poor choice as a leader and as a President. . .
    who an culture of corruption and incompetence
    with followers just as Stupid (or ignorant) as the man himself.

    Rather than honoring true heros or people with attributes worth emulating, he reaches down. .
    The ghetto-ization of America. . way to go DemoRATs. . .turning this country into another Detroit

  • Killer

    That’sfunny! Had a good dream about Letterman last night! Dreamt he died! LOL

  • Lady Mondegreen

    Letterman is a liberal Riush and they’re both disgusting.

  • Bob

    Letterman is a tool for the liberal left. He uses his show as a stage to promote liberal ideals.

  • I would love to watch Todd Palin get this pussy alone for 10 minutes.

  • saveus

    scum honored by scum

  • nick

    Remember when it was possible to disgrace the office of the President?

  • Spots the Dog

    Regardless of race or origins, “Ghetto” is “Ghetto”. Letterman, is a self aggrandizing jerk.

  • Amash

    For # 7
    If the best a comedian has is a joke about a14 year old getting raped, the comedian is far from funny. Letterman has never been funny. He’s crude and nasty. An apology doesn’t cut it.
    What if that way about one of Ovomit’s girls? Oh! I’m sorry. That would be racist. Then again, he’d never do that.

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  • 2hearts4life

    I’m eagerly waiting for ‘LAST CALL’ of The Letterman Show!
    One by one and then there were none; liberals, that is!

    Great Article about Dave’s #1 fan; HIMSELF!

    ‘David Letterman: Please Retire!’

    “…In recent years, the show became “newsworthy” only when it generated some tacky controversy (like Drew Barrymore dancing naked on Letterman’s chair; Letterman’s insults of Sarah Palin; and, most upsettingly, revelations that Letterman habitually sexually harassed female staff)…”

  • anti-bho

    Listen on this clip how obama refers to the White House in this naked display of kissing these peoples asses and other ‘favors’ for supporting him .
    Sorry to subject you to this bellowing a-hole’s voice (turn down the sound until the last fifteen or twenty seconds if the sound of his voice makes you as sick as it does me).


  • Cheryl S.

    The low – life, lying, despicable president honoring, other low – lives. Sounds about right.
    He feels best with people that possess the same low moral character as himself.

  • ejazzyjeff

    And people are surprised by this?

  • shadow

    Letterman is a tool for the liberal left. He uses his show as a stage to promote liberal ideals.

    For the sake of argument, let’s say that is true. So what? Are you going to tell me there are no shows that promote conservative ideals?

  • chuker

    I thought i saw Dave Letterman giving head to a guy in a public bath down in South Beach

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  • Patty

    Okay, Sarah is a fighter but that said.



  • Patty


    Of course, I meant the person who beat the dog __ out of the person, who get rewarded.

    We certainly are seeing exactly what we all expected from this ‘COMMANDER’ ?

  • Patty


    Don’t forget Old JOE!!

    Biden congratulates accused child rapist for nonexistent state Senate victory

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/#ixzz2E0ZBKUon

  • Patty

    And remember those DIRTY OLD MEN, well, all you have to is look it up in the dictionary and next to dirty old men is LETTERMAN’S Pic. And in a few years, with hand over Letterman’s shoulder, Obama’s pic.

    filthy is as filthy does. and the smell, don’t get me started.

  • paul52

    Letterman has always had his head up Obama’s orifice…. and jharp is right behind Dave.

  • oldlineconservative.com

    Letterman is a dirt bag like the majority of those in the Obama camp. They stand for everything despicable and filthy.

    Somone commented he was a comedian. I hadn’t noticed.

  • Patty

    I have noticed the majority of the threads today are focus on HATE.

    Mondays always seem to get someone down.

  • burt

    Dave is a communist ditwit. No suprise he went to Ball State University an indoctrination center.

  • el polacko

    what exactly is letterman’s great contribution to america anyway ?? hosting a late night talk show is something that’s been done by many people. this is, obviously, nothing but payback for kissing obama’s butt on his show.

  • bad actor

    Maybe Barky gave Dave the honor after Dave gave him a Lewinsky. That seems about right.

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  • Redstate Red

    Letterman is a worthless suckup to a worthless suckup.

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  • Kingslayor

    Jharp, I bet its pretty easy to pick you out in a crowded room. Your the one thats is sucking all the air out of the atmosphere. I would bet you are Gay, Minority,and female. Give it a rest!