Barack Obama held another talk on the fiscal cliff this afternoon.
It was another campaign speech.

The Dow dropped 40 points as he spoke.

He’s got that magic touch.




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  1. I try not to listen to this person speak…but by the time I knew it I heard him say HAPPY NEW YEAR at the end of his speech…


  2. Wached about 10 seconds than had to change to the History Channel. Can not stand to look at this guy. ( He can’t unify anybody and doesn’t try although he claims to.) Any speech he gives is going to be: shallow, inuendo, incorrect, wandering, stuccato, boring, too long, in other words–worthless.

  3. It’s unbearable. I can’t listen to him anymore either…it’s all a game, phoney baloney, a fraud.

  4. 40 points doesn’t mean much, especially on a day known for profit taking.

  5. The Fascist Liar spoke.

    However, working Americans should not have to live under the tyranny of a socialist-like government that takes its money and redistributes it to the lazy and those who have decided to be dependent on the welfare state anyway they can.

    The fascist Liar spoke.

    However, America is in fiscal trouble, because the federal government went beyond the limited amount of enumerated power the Constitution originally delegated to it.

    Our government unconstitutionally uses its taxing power to redistribute wealth through entitlements, welfare, and overreaching federal regulating agencies.

    The Fascist Liar doesn’t care; he promised to fundamentally change America. Those that embrace him and voted for him are indeed his fellow fascists.

  6. Then it went up 100 pts by the end of his speech. Much ado about nothing.

  7. Lady Mondegreen this guy can do nothing wrong. 40 point drop no big deal, just a coincidence. Always making excuses for your boy.

  8. American Lady. I would like you to do a little research. First look up facist in the dictionary. Second read about the emergence of social welfare in England after the disappearance of the common lands. This was circa 1500 which was over 200 years before the Declaration of Independance. The founding fathers lived in a land with a type of social welfare. If they were against this redistribution of money I’m sure it would have be provisioned in the Constitution. I’m sure if you fell on hard times and your kids were going to starve that even you would take some assistance from the government. I also need you to look up the definition of socialist and then read a least a couple of the provisions of the Affordable Healthcare Act. Please do your research instead of relying on talk radio or Fox News to do it for you.

  9. Jony101, I refer you to post #7. No excuses, just objective observation. Frankly, I am very surprised to see the market up at all on New Years Eve. A happy new year to you.

  10. Once you read and educates yourself on the following:

    you will be able to understand the evil that lurks in the White House usurper.

    Buck Farack.

  11. The Dow dropped 40 points as he spoke.

    Screw Wall Street.

  12. LMAO. This nonsensical thesis again?

    I guess some people have to over-simplifiy so they can feel some sense of intellectual superiority, right Jim?

    In related news, my daughter took at nap around this time. Must be the reason the DOW dropped 40pts.


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