NRA membership is surging since the Sandy Hook massacre according to an internal document that was made known to James Rosen of FOX News. They are gaining roughly 8,000 new members a day which is unlike anything they saw even in the wake of Columbine.
Via The O’Reilly Factor:

It should also be noted - Following the Sandy Hook shooting most Americans (86%) want more action to identify and treat mental illness. Only 27% agree with Obama and Democrats that stricter gun laws are needed.



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  1. Just more people with blood on their hands if you listen to the minority libtards.

  2. At Rasmussen, the headline (86%) does not agree with the text (48%).

  3. Where in hell were these people in November ?

  4. America waking up. ‘Bout time.

  5. I hope those new members bother to get the training the NRA offers and encourages. My family has always had guns, mainly because hunting and getting rid of varmints was part of life for both my mother and my father. Gun safety was also part of life. A gun is a terribly powerfully tool, like an axe or a chainsaw. You can die, or kill, from misusing any of them. Only a damn fool fails to understand, think, and train for use of all these things. My father, my brother and most of my uncles and cousins have guns. They also have gun safes, because we all know that the person most likely to be harmed by a gun lying around in the house is one of the kids.

    Gun ownership may be a Consititutional right, but it is also a heavy responsibility, and people who buy guns legally should also learn how to use them: everybody else should be prosecuted.

  6. #2 December 19, 2012 at 8:19 pm
    Pete commented:

    Rasmussen usually breaks down agreement with a proposition among several different groupings, and then adds them together in the conclusion. Does that help?

  7. Doesn’t work in this case for the other responses.

  8. I am sick of the media calling these mass killers ‘geniuses’ as if to hale them.

    If these lunatics really are that smart, they could think of more effective ways of killing lots of people than just using guns.

    In the meantime, radical Islamists murders scores, hundreds, and thousands on 9/11 and this administration cannot even utter the words ‘Islamic Terrorist’.

    Mark Steyn noticed that in Obama’s fretting about mass murder he never mentioned Fort Hood. And he never will.

  9. We survived Bill Clinton we will survive the current occupier of the White House

  10. The deaths threats to NRA officers brushed back the organization to put them on defense so the Obama administration could terrorize the gun manufacturers, sporting good shops and even mutual fund companies without any counterbalance. Obama runs the economy like it’s Potterville. He hands out terror threats and physical and economic intimidation with such abandon now. Yes, I believe it is all coordinated. I do not think it is a coincidence that it all comes off like a well timed campaign by accident.

  11. Great news! That wiil make it easier to find gun owners to tax and regulate their weapons.

  12. This is a new mile stone for the NRA! Only a few more “events” like this and we will be selling memberships like hotcakes! We absolutely need to push for at least one AR-15 in each principle’s office-they might be union thugs but the ones who own guns are not union thugs. We need to have all these students trained in how to use guns too! Yeah!

  13. #14 is obviously Lincoln’s Wife…it’s easy to identify the uninformed disdain for the Second Ammendment

  14. for the first time in my life i’ve actually thought about getting a gun. its not crime that is the motivation, its the politicans.

  15. Obama doesn’t care about the polls. Communists exploit these blood baths because they want to grow another lucrative underworld crime syndicate for their true backers …organized crime families ….who want a monopoly on gun sales to add to their stock in trade of drugs and prostitution .

  16. I would like to know who needs a gun that sprays splinter-like bullets? Especially when you have children in the home. What kind of message is that??? And with terrifying mass shootings that have already taken place? What end result are people expecting when these types of guns are owned? Makes absolulety no sense – times 26!!

  17. After drinking the cool aid that Romney was going to beat the one and the momentum was on our side I don’t believe a damn thing any of them say anymore. So what if a big majority don’t believe in more gun control. I’ve also been told that over 60% of the people don’t want Ocare but they had a chance to vote against but didn’t and now we have it.

  18. #18 don’t knock it till you tried it. It’s my personal responsibility to protect my life, liberty, property and family as I see fit and no one elses.

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