NRA Sandy Hook Press Conference – Livestream

The NRA will hold their first press conference since the Sandy Hook massacre this morning at 10:45 AM.
Here is the livestream of press conference.

When National Rifle Association officials step forward Friday in the nation’s capital for a much anticipated press conference in the aftermath of the Newtown shootings, they’ll have company. Much company.l Noisy company. Their very vocal critics will also be at there at the Willard Hotel — site of the press event, and just a block from the White House — armed with petitions, placards and complaints.

Here is the statement by NRA President Wayne LaPierre.

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  • Campfollower

    How does that freaking Code Pink get into all these things? I hate those beeotches.

  • wtd

    Database for mentally challenged? Oh boy. . .that’s gonna sting.

  • Only two words…… Two.


  • I said a few days ago that parents could volunteer to be watchers, no guns need to be involved.

  • Sam Stone

    “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is by a good guy with a gun.”

  • Campfollower

    Fran, we did that in our schools after 9-11. I sat there every Tuesday for months. Then people stop volunteering.

    It’s time to listen to the security experts at the NRA. My 30-year career Marine husband, a security expert, said the same thing he said in our conversations last week. We discussed a shield teachers could deploy, we discussed training, all kinds of things. But the bottom line that everyone knows is, those things can’t stop the shooter when he comes calling.

    LaPierre’s point that we secure everyone, including Congress, with armed guards, but leave our little ones unprotected is absolutely correct.

    For those who can’t imagine a worse scenario than what happened last week, go google Beslan and realize that it’s just a matter of time before some idiot jihadist gets the idea to do it here.

  • donh

    I caught mention of ” access and security “… Schools like to use the term ” lock down ” when something scary happens. However, in many of these schools you cannot even lock the classroom doors. In Newtown teachers had to load their kids into closets with doors that are not bullet proof. Ambassador Stevens had a safe room that protected him for a long time against 50 attackers….but help never came. That principal in Newton ought to have been able to lock doors and close off hallways by pushing a button from her desk instead of throwing her body at a gun.

  • squeaky

    i took a couple of minutes to read this and maybe someone already posted. there by the grace of God go i. laugh and the world laughs with but when you cry you cry alone.

  • Linda


    So true how Obama has armed bodyguards protecting him and HIS ENTIRE FAMILY, so-called celebrities have their armed bodyguards and so forth yet THEY REFUSE TO DO THE SAME FOR OUR CHILDREN!!! THEY REFUSE TO PROTECT CHILDREN AND UNBORN CHILDREN!


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  • Kate

    I got my NRA life membership this weekend. Husband has had one for years and now so do I. We also bought two guns we had been wanting for target practice that we had been putting off buying. Stocking up on ammo. I am sick and tired of hysterical uninformed radical liberals trying to force their so called “values” on the rest of the country. If they don’t want guns, fine, but don’t take mine from me. When Obama, Congress and Hollywood nitwits give up their armed guards, maybe I will take their anti-gun rants more seriously. They are hypocrites, each and every one of them. Protect me; who cares about everyone else’s safety. And of course, there is that thing called the Constitution which gives us these rights. We all know liberals have no use for the Constitution. Wish they would move to Europe.

  • Truth Teller

    Just donated more to the NRA…

    Please, get active – call or write your Congressional representative and let them know you want the Constitutional rights of law-abiding Americans protected.

    Visit the NRA-ILA site for addresses.

    Patriots: the time is now to stand up, link arms, and resist the attempt by the corrupt and power-grabbing administration to impose their will on you.


  • LogicalSC

    Obama and the Commucrats are not going to allow the mentally unstable or crazy to be tracked or locked up because that would constitute nearly 40% of their core voters.

  • lincoln’s widow

    Tax and regulate. Tax the bejebus out of anything remotely having do with guns, Tax on a sliding scale, the more guns you have the more taxes you pay. How else is the is added security and more nuthouses that need to be built and staffed gonna get funded? Don’t forget, more loony bins = bigger govt. They already have most of your names and addresses, via your friends at NRA and GOA. Piss off someone and you’re getting a from big brethren. Next thing you know you are scheduled for your psycho test to determine if you have the mental capacity and emotional maturity to have and keep guns. What ya gonna do? NRA creeps brought this mess on. Deal with it.

    And blame video games and the media. That will pisz alot of people off. Lapierre should be first in line for a psyche eval.

    Rights have responsibilities. Man up NRA cowards.

  • lIZ

    I join the call for federal money appropriated to hire willing mothers of school children, to train us with the best weaponry possible and pay us to stand guard over our children during the school day. Many of us are retired law enforcement and there would be no more diligent employees than us.

    And stiffer criminal penalties for government gun runners like those responsible for Fast & Furious. Any penalty, for that matter. Would be an improvement.

  • Elaine

    Definition of Gun Control:
    Anti-2nd Amendment Democrat CON game
    that pretends to prevent crime
    while infringing upon the Constitutional rights
    of law abiding Americans.

    Clear the Anti-2nd Amendment Democrats are the most serious threat to the safety and security of the American people.

    Can’t wait until 2014 mid term elections to vote them out.

  • lIZ

    Lincoln’s Widow should be first in line for a psycho eval. You can feel the hate seething out of that post. Legalize drugs and prostitution and it will go away, but ban guns so they will go away? Mmm hmmm. I think we’re on to you haters.

  • lincoln’s widow

    Keep your guns. Tax them. Regulate them. Pay for added security and more mental health facilities. This is a problem that rwnj have helped create. Deal with it.

    Man up and stop hiding behind your guns.

    Rights have responsibilities.

  • valerie

    Gee, did the NRA recommend reinstating the measure Bill Clinton put into place after Columbine, and Barack Obama de-funded?

  • CT

    Other than urban slums our children do not need to be taught under guard. Wayne LaPierre’s proposal for armed police in all our country’s schools is beyond assinine.

  • Linda

    Why would anyone not want our children “protected” by a guard from wicked people like Adam Lanza??

  • valerie

    Just to let you folks know, people (particularly Democratic voters) are stupid.

    I spent a couple of years simply standing in the foyer of a synagogue where my kids came in the afternoon, because there was often only one adult in the building while the parents dropped about 150 children outside the building twice a week. I knew full well that the building had a glass face to the parking lot, with a really nice runway for a car to ram the building.

    All I had was a cell phone.

    I thank God that nothing happened, there.

  • valerie

    #21 December 21, 2012 at 5:58 pm
    CT commented:
    Uhhh, are you aware of what kind of school was just attacked in CT???? That was no urban slum.

  • DecentAmerican

    To Lincoln’s widow and other stupid racist liberals:

    the prez has armed guards
    Valerie Jarrett has armed guards
    The airports have armed guards
    Banks have armed guards
    Power plants have armed guards
    Movie stars have armed guards

    Yet…..your children going to school have NO security whatsoever.

    So, your money at your bank is safer than your children? And you are ok with that?

    You don’t love your children very much, do you?

    God help the children of liberals, that they will be safe in thus world of crazies.

  • valerie

    #15 December 21, 2012 at 1:46 pm
    lincoln’s widow commented:

    Yah, we know. Propose all kinds of legislation, producing perverse results, because you don’t really like human children, anyway.

    The rest of us are having an adult discussion.