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  • Bubba St.Jaques

    We in LA> (The State) Believe in Gun Control , We Believe Everyone Should Hit His or Her Target 9 out of 10 Times to Get Elected Governor .

    To Be President You Should at Least Have Had a Job in The “Real World” for 10 Years to Run !

  • frank

    The Government’s likes to use scare tactics to get people on bourd with what ever agenda they have in store. Countries all over the world have told the people by giving up your weapons it will make the world a safer place. This is a lie government’s kills more people then any law abiding citizen ever has . Just look how much safer german and russia was after the people gave up ther guns Hitler killed about 8 million german citizens. Stalin killed 14 to 20 million russain citizens be for the war ever started. The last defence the people have agenst tyranny is there weapons. The govenment know as lone as the people are Armed they can not get absolute power over the people. Remember every inch you give the govenment they take a mile. Eventualy they will ban all guns just look at England.