North Korean regime launched its second long-range missile tonight. The North said it was sending a satellite into space.
Reuters reported:

Isolated and impoverished North Korea launched its second long- range rocket of 2012 on Wednesday in what it said was a bid to put a satellite into space.

The North launched the rocket close to the first anniversary of the death of former leader Kim Jong-il and as elections loom in South Korea and Japan.

The launch, reported by South Korean media, was confirmed by South Korea’s Defense Ministry.

Pyongyang says it is entitled to launch a satellite into space but critics say the rocket development is aimed at nurturing the kind of technology needed to mount a nuclear warhead on a long-range missile.

North Korea is banned from conducting missile and nuclear-related tests under U.N. sanctions imposed after its 2006 and 2009 nuclear tests.

UPDATE: The regime declares the test a success.




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  1. Forward.

  2. The UN will do nothing all the dictators know that as long as they are members they can do what they want.

  3. Based on past performance of the U.N. sanctions, that means proceed at will. This missile was probably built by the Chinese using American Technology supply by Slick Willie.

  4. Obama seen picking wax out of his ears and picking his teeth.

  5. Sociopath dictator barry hussein soetoro soebarkah (alias obama, alias Harrison J. Bounell) will go to Pyongyang, nK, and bow down to fellow-commie, The Dear Leader, Kim Jong Un.

    Bartholomew Roberts

  6. they are certainly not afraid of OBAMA AND AMERICA. OUR FOREIGN POLICY is a disaster and the U..S. is becoming a second class power. Wake up AMERICA. WE ARE TALKING about the the future of our children and grandchidren . RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG

  7. North korea’s nuclear program is a legacy of Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

  8. North korea’s nuclear program is a legacy of Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

    Only to someone who has no idea what he is talking about. NK processed plutonium under Bush 41, but ceased in ’94 due to an agreement with the US. After Bush 43 took office, all went to hell and NK resumed the production of weapons-grade plutonium, resulting in the stockpile they have today.

    Read the timeline.

  9. Ok, so what is it the Norks need this time? Is it food, again?


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