Newtown Holds Memorial Service For Sandy Hook Victims

Newtown, Connecticut residents are holding a memorial service tonight for the twenty-six victims of Friday’s school shooting.
Twenty children and six teachers were shot dead in the second worst school shooting in US history.

President Obama will speak at the prayer service.

Consider this an open thread.

The AP has more on the service tonight.

A mournful President Barack Obama said Sunday that the nation is failing to keep its children safe, pledging that change must come after an elementary-school massacre left 20 children dead.

“What choice do we have?” Obama said. “Are we really prepared to say that we’re powerless in the face of such carnage, that the politics are too hard?”

In a vigil for the fallen, in a moment of grief that spread around the world, Obama conceded that none of his words would match the sorrow. But he declared to the community of Newtown: “You are not alone.”

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  • Ghost

    Knowledge, Understanding- be able to effectively make the case…
    an excellent case story in American history,

  • The real Wow

    Why did he have to inject himself into the service?

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  • because he will find a way to make it all about HIM and his policies.

  • The real Wow

    #4 December 16, 2012 at 6:48 pm
    l.barney commented:

    It was a rhetorical question.

  • Sorry, I was voicing my opinion. I can at least do that before KING O tries shutting us down.

  • donh

    #2 Obama needs the trauma of this pool of blood to subdue the American people to his coming TAX increase and dive our people deeper into the bonds of slavery.

  • cc

    Oh, no! What’s he coming there for (as if we didn’t know?) He has really been helpful for families in the last four years!! Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh.

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  • ★FALCON★

    No way I could could attend with a murdered child and this demagogue spewing his political tripe.

    The great divider, continues to divide.

  • Drew

    “He is shy. He never yells at no one. He would help his Mom with dishes, laundry, groceries, picking up sticks, everything and anything possible,” Lanza said of his notorious nephew. “He never yelled at her, and she never yelled at him. It’s not like they had a rocky relationship.What made him snap? Was it the medication?”
    -Jonathan Lanza (Adam Lanza’s Uncle)

    ( Adam Lanza was taking the anti-psychotic drug, Fanapt.)

  • cc

    Falcoln: You know, your comments about the great divider are so true! Even more reason we have to be sure we don’t let him do this any more than he has..

  • prettyaprilgirl

    What ‘s wrong with you people? Children are dead! Dead! Families are suffering and you think that you should use this as an opportunity to hurl dirt? All of you with your sick insensitivity.. Stop it What if God forbid something this awful happened to someone that you love Would you appreciate some jack ass acting out in the digital world? Just stop it all of you

  • The real Wow

    #13 December 16, 2012 at 7:39 pm
    prettyaprilgirl commented:

    You have no idea what we may or may not be feeling. Our fearless leader, on the other hand though, never lets a crisis go to waste, as has been made patently clear quite often over the years.

    This is a time for the families to mourn.. it is THEIR time.

  • Mad Hatter

    Here goes his play for the 2nd Amendment.

  • jacqui o

    i cant believe that at a time like this, of such pain and grief any of you people have the nerve to speak about obama speaking out, or politics! what a shame.. i guess some people will never grow up or realize.. still so worried about your own selves when there are 20 children under the age of 10 who didnt get to make it out of elementary school! YOU ALL SHOULD BE UTTERLY ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES! I AM DISGUSTED!

  • greenfairie

    He’s politicizing the speech! What an effin a-hole!

  • Mad Hatter

    I thought this was a Memorial, not a lecture.

  • Look-Out

    He’s doing it and I wish the auditorium would get up and leave. Leave him to talking to the walls about his political agenda.

  • Bob

    Do I see a smile from der


  • Look-Out

    Transparency. He never planned to be as transparent as he is right now.

  • Red

    Hmm …

    President Obama is so concerned about protecting the children, yet he has no problem with saddling them with a $16 trillion debt and counting, hmm?

    What happened in Newtown, CT is beyond terrible and unspeakable; however, gun control is hardly the only issue. Let me quote the great Ronald Reagan who said after his assassination attempt:

    “You won’t get gun control by disarming law-abiding citizens. There’s only one way to get real gun control: Disarm the thugs and the criminals, lock them up and if you don’t actually throw away the key, at least lose it for a long time… It’s a nasty truth, but those who seek to inflict harm are not fazed by gun controllers. I happen to know this from personal experience.”

  • Ghost

    #13 UglyDecemberWench

    after all the vile abuse we’ve endured from them I’ll be damned to Hell before I yield any more.
    what stupid trash YOU are- we’re buried in their filth and you tell us to play nice?!
    how you like that? and there’s more where that came from.
    now go boo-hoo your woes away with your anarchist horde and leave this table of decent folks

  • Campfollower

    Jacqui0, some of us are here to vent about what is occurring right now, live, as this president speaks. I turned it on three minutes ago and he was talking in an inappropriate tone about how all of us are responsible. Now he’s quoting scripture and saying all their names, as though he is somehow the nation’s priest or minister. This is offensive to many of us, who believe he is an agitator and self proclaimed demi-God.

    Not ONE of us on this website has failed to grieve for these families and the horribleness of what has occurred.To the contrary. And how dare you come on this website and judge anyone.

    What this president was doing was laying the groundwork tonight for sweeping legislation that will further erode our freedoms. His own people have said over and over, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” He can play president, he can play minister, but he is still an agitator and Marxist and above all, a politician. We should not look to the politicians in cases such as this. They are incapable of giving us anything. They are among the least credible when it comes to comforting. Just wow. Don’t lecture us.

  • prettyaprilgirl

    Give up jacqui.. They don’t get it and never will …..just pray for them ..for God is the only way .. and real Wow don’t kid yourself we all know what you are feeling … the sad thing is …even the death of children can’t distract you from it ..I feel sorry for you

  • Ghost

    #16 Ass-O, read #23

    you useless idiots expose yourselves,
    tell your Media Matters Masters that your crap don’t work here

  • Aussie

    @prettygirl, look in the mirror and what do you see? You are indulging in projection.

    The fact is that there are people who have used this tragedy to push an agenda. One of the people who has done this happens to live in the White House. Disgusting!!

    I have been having discussion with my husband about the issues that have been raised because the Australian MiniTru is no better than the US MiniTru when it comes to pushing this kind of agenda.

    Guns do not kill people. It is people who use guns that kill other people. In this particular case it was a schizophrenic who also has Asperger’s Syndrome who was the killer. People need to rethink their opposition to having people with serious mental illness institutionalized.

    Mental Health is the real issue… so stop trying to protect the usurper in the White House.

  • donh

    Oh Jacqui O the shame ..Shame on having an 8 year old Kennedy boy stand on top of his dead Grand daddy Teddy’s coffin inside the church ….to make a sales pitch for Obamacare…. The DISGUST is mutual…and this memorial is true to form of what ..we have come to expect from the political disciples of the Kennedy cult ….and once again it is YOU who have no shame exploiting the grief of death to PUSH an agenda.

  • Red

    jacqui o, I would think you would be disgusted by this … Looky what President Cock-o-dile tears did. But he is all about the safety of children.

    Before Connecticut tragedy, administration eliminated emergency preparedness program, let school violence prevention programs lapse

    Beneath the expressions of grief, sorrow and disbelief over the Connecticut school massacre lies an uneasy truth in Washington: over the last few years the Obama administration and Congress quietly let federal funding for several key school security programs lapse in the name of budget savings.

    Government officials told the Washington Guardian on Friday night that two Justice Department programs that had provided more than $200 million to schools for training, security equipment and police resources over the last decade weren’t renewed in 2011 and 2012, and that a separate program that provided $800 million to put police officers inside the schools was ended a few years earlier.

    Meanwhile, the administration eliminated funding in 2011-12 for a separate Education Department program that gave money to schools to prepare for mass tragedies, the officials said.

  • Look-Out

    Krauthammer calling it a “highly political speech” —

    He’s gonna do something. And I doubt he’ll care what we think or want as a nation.

    He rammed thru his Obamacare in first term.

    His agenda this term is 2nd Amendment.

  • Mad Hatter

    The Gun Gestapo is out in force on MSDNC.

  • el polacko

    what #13 and #25 (assuming they aren’t the same person) aren’t getting is that the commenters here are actually in agreement with them. we are bemoaning that fact that obama has seen fit to politicize this tragedy. to make matters worse, his delivery was insulting…he smirked and smiled and did his little hipster body-bobbing and head-wagging like this was all about how cool it is of him to be doing this. completely shameful behavior. he should have kept his mouth shut..if he should have been there at all…and saved his veiled threats of what “needs to be done” politically for another time.

  • Look-Out

    I noticed his tongue thrusting under his lower lip, etc. especially/only during the political part of the speech which seemed to scream loudly of self-awareness of what he was trying to pull over on us.

    We can read you, you bas*)&d. Well, most of us here. Though I’ve got a good idea maybe the other(s) is/are just pretending not to know.

  • Sparky

    Obama is a disgusting human who will use this devastating tragedy not to comfort the families, but to push his agenda of banning guns. He is a true Democrat in his belief that a crisis should never be wasted.

    We mourn these children and cannot fathom the immense heartbreak their parents are experiencing. Heartless Obama is the last person that should be speaking at the memorial. He is a soulless, empty shell who only thinks of himself and his next photo op.

    Were it one of my children who had been needlessly slaughtered, I would spit in his face!

  • Ray

    I actually hope they do push gun control. The Dems have a number of vulnerable senators in 2014(Landrieau,Pryor,Baucus,Rockefeller,Johnson-SD,Hagan-from North Carolina,Begich from Alaska.

  • The real Wow

    25 December 16, 2012 at 7:58 pm
    prettyaprilgirl commented:

    I call BS on you. You have no idea because you are incapable of rational thought.
    And don’t presume to tell me what I feel. Don’t you dare!

  • Lightwave

    Here’s the Obamee quote that will go down as the American Reichstag Fire:

    “Are we prepared that such violence visited on our children year after year after year is somehow the price of our freedom?”

    I’ve got another quote for Obamee.

    It involves the blood of patriots and tyrants.

    Everything we warned you about is now coming true in his second term. It will absolutely come to blood and civil war now.

  • donh

    “Are we prepared that such violence visited on our children year after year after year is somehow the price of our freedom?”

    Freedom is not free. It has a price.

    The price of TYRANNY will be much higher when only government and criminal gangs wield deadly force.

  • Sasja

    Anyone here not a member of the NRA? Well, what are your waiting for? You do not have to own a firearm to be a member, you know. If you support our 2nd Amendment you should be a member of the NRA.

  • Valerie
  • Skip

    Why in the hell was he there? Politics as usual…”never let a crisis go to waste.”

  • SEE? responsible gun owners must ACT NOW! The King’s after you.

    Aussie good on ya mate! Mental illness is an issue! Too many of our mentally ill are often left to fend for themselves or simply ignored before it is too late. Clearly this man was dangerous and very ill.

    O voters this is all on you. When all we have stated has come to pass, don’t blame us.


  • rolling thunder

    I sense the country is being ripped apart by opposing political forces which are using each and every tragedy for the sole purpose of partisan gain. There are no statesmen left in Washington D.C. Every politician is bought and paid for by an army of lobbyists and lawyers, the common citizenry be damned.

  • Obama says can the politics be to hard, meaning can we still be in favor of the 2nd Amendment after all of this. Answer: You better damn well believe it, even more so. Just because liberal policy has failed AGAIN to keep us safe, when no matter how many gun laws are enacted, that’s what he means by politics, “laws” to be enacted by Presidential Directive. Don’t you know that in order to bypass the conservatives in Congress who would vote against any anti-gun laws Feinstein will throw at us, he’ll abolish the 2nd Amendment by Directive.

    Just watch. He isn’t afraid of us at all. He has no fear that he can’t remain above. He always remains above the fray of fighting over gun rights. He’s going to avoid a fight and just do away with our rights altogether. That’s what he means “is the politics to hard?”

  • “Good should not be unarmed and helpless in the face of evil.”

  • mamagriz1968

    If we look at the shooters in all these major tragedies over the years, they have mostly been white males, usually young, and mentally unhinged. Maybe it’s time to start looking at our mental health system and why it’s so hard for families to get help for their children with mental issues who become progressively violent? Or we could just scream about guns until it happens again.

  • YourMaster

    will 0bama enshrine a small memorial statue of karl marx with the words: spread the wealth & you didn’t build that right over the sandy hook victims, …so that the souls of the victims can traverse to the communist utopia in the afterlife?

  • Kmarie

    Does anyone know who the Muslim speaker’s name was? What he said was beautiful and all I can find on it is the president this, the president that…

  • AnnaS

    Don’t let a good crisis go to waste.

    Rahm Emmanuel

  • CRGaush

    It was not a political gathering. Some people can bring politics into anything. There’s more than politics in this nation. It sound like some of you are morally bankrupt. If you saw it you would be aware that it was a religious memorial. I thought the Hebrew Cantor was marvelous and the little muslim boy blew my mind. How beautiful, how moving!

  • CRGaush

    What was the muslim boys name? He was the highlight of the whole event.

  • Greytful

    Not an Obama fan but that said, I understand why he went to Newtown. What I don’t understand is why the service was broadcast. This was a highly personal memorial, being held for the town, a small town. The only reason I can think of that the networks broadcast was President Obama’s presence. Shame on him for not insisting that the pain and privacy of these people be protected.

  • grandmaC

    It is absolutely disgusting that BO would insert himself into the mourning process and the very idea of going to visit these distraught families is beyond the pale. I would not let him in if I were at the door. Why not leave them alone and for once not use the crisis for his political gain? Our pastor had a good take on this yesterday, get rid of the guns, get rid of the knives, then get rid of people because you can even kill someone with your hands. The very idea of these nut cases protesting the NRA is laughable. Get rid of the guns and only criminals will have them!

  • CRGaush

    It sound like there a lot of the Koch brother’s lackeys here, or wait, maybe it was Carl Rove – he has to get back into the act.

  • BarbaraS

    #25 The left always bring up pathos “about the children” in every egregious act they perpetrate. Luckily for them and unluckily for the familes they have a legitamite opportunity this time. You accuse us of being heartless but it is you who have no compassion for the families of these dead. This funeral WILL be all about him. He will attend and take over the whole thing. His enormous security forces will push people around arbitrarily as they have always done in the past. The media will have him in the forefront of the news all through this tragedy. He leaves chaos everywhere he goes and the local community is left with the cost of his appearance. This is just another photo op and like the Sandy photo op, he will move on without doing jack. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he used this tragedy to get some kind of gun control from the republicans by giving in about taxing the “rich”.

    Franly, I would rather have the Westboro kooks there instead of him although they have said they will be there also. Where is the basis of free speech at a private funeral? Why do these people have the right to disrupt a private funeral and cause mourning familes and friends more grief? This free speech bit in cases like these are nothing but cop-outs by our politicians and the SC.

  • Greytful

    My nephew who is currently stationed in Afghanistan learned of this tragedy on the internet. He is self described as a Democrat and definitely has liberal leanings. But what he posted on his facebook page was this – The only way to stop a ‘bad’ man with a gun is a ‘good’ guy with a gun. Sometimes people are more conservative than they know.

  • Moriah

    “A mournful President Barack Obama said Sunday that the nation is failing to keep its children safe, pledging that change must come after an elementary-school massacre left 20 children dead.”

    Never let a good crisis go to waste…

  • chill

    If God can forgive us for what we do, then can we not forgive people for what they do…