Newtown, Connecticut residents are holding a memorial service tonight for the twenty-six victims of Friday’s school shooting.
Twenty children and six teachers were shot dead in the second worst school shooting in US history.

President Obama will speak at the prayer service.

Consider this an open thread.

The AP has more on the service tonight.

A mournful President Barack Obama said Sunday that the nation is failing to keep its children safe, pledging that change must come after an elementary-school massacre left 20 children dead.

“What choice do we have?” Obama said. “Are we really prepared to say that we’re powerless in the face of such carnage, that the politics are too hard?”

In a vigil for the fallen, in a moment of grief that spread around the world, Obama conceded that none of his words would match the sorrow. But he declared to the community of Newtown: “You are not alone.”



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  1. Knowledge, Understanding- be able to effectively make the case…
    an excellent case story in American history,

  2. Why did he have to inject himself into the service?

  3. because he will find a way to make it all about HIM and his policies.

  4. #4 December 16, 2012 at 6:48 pm
    l.barney commented:

    It was a rhetorical question.

  5. Sorry, I was voicing my opinion. I can at least do that before KING O tries shutting us down.

  6. #2 Obama needs the trauma of this pool of blood to subdue the American people to his coming TAX increase and dive our people deeper into the bonds of slavery.

  7. Oh, no! What’s he coming there for (as if we didn’t know?) He has really been helpful for families in the last four years!! Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh.

  8. No way I could could attend with a murdered child and this demagogue spewing his political tripe.

    The great divider, continues to divide.

  9. “He is shy. He never yells at no one. He would help his Mom with dishes, laundry, groceries, picking up sticks, everything and anything possible,” Lanza said of his notorious nephew. “He never yelled at her, and she never yelled at him. It’s not like they had a rocky relationship.What made him snap? Was it the medication?”
    -Jonathan Lanza (Adam Lanza’s Uncle)

    ( Adam Lanza was taking the anti-psychotic drug, Fanapt.)

  10. Falcoln: You know, your comments about the great divider are so true! Even more reason we have to be sure we don’t let him do this any more than he has..

  11. What ‘s wrong with you people? Children are dead! Dead! Families are suffering and you think that you should use this as an opportunity to hurl dirt? All of you with your sick insensitivity.. Stop it What if God forbid something this awful happened to someone that you love Would you appreciate some jack ass acting out in the digital world? Just stop it all of you

  12. #13 December 16, 2012 at 7:39 pm
    prettyaprilgirl commented:

    You have no idea what we may or may not be feeling. Our fearless leader, on the other hand though, never lets a crisis go to waste, as has been made patently clear quite often over the years.

    This is a time for the families to mourn.. it is THEIR time.

  13. Here goes his play for the 2nd Amendment.

  14. i cant believe that at a time like this, of such pain and grief any of you people have the nerve to speak about obama speaking out, or politics! what a shame.. i guess some people will never grow up or realize.. still so worried about your own selves when there are 20 children under the age of 10 who didnt get to make it out of elementary school! YOU ALL SHOULD BE UTTERLY ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES! I AM DISGUSTED!

  15. He’s politicizing the speech! What an effin a-hole!

  16. I thought this was a Memorial, not a lecture.

  17. He’s doing it and I wish the auditorium would get up and leave. Leave him to talking to the walls about his political agenda.

  18. Do I see a smile from der


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