A New Year’s reveler took over a FOX News segment at Times Square screaming “Howard Stern’s Penis!” They had to move the cameras out of the shot. When they returned to the shot the man was gone.




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  1. These people believe that Bush is responsible for the crappy economy!

  2. Howard Stern would have callers calling up to complain abouit the show. If that person had an accent, he’d say, “Where are you from my man, or sweetheart if it was a woman. And they’d be kvetching about the USA until he could drag out their home country.
    So he’d say tell you what; just come by the station, and I will have a one-way ticket for you at the desk and you can go home…great radio. But since it is radio you never knew for sure if it was a phony phone call or not.

  3. Howard Stern’s penis? No big deal.

  4. That’s the mind set of the idiots that listen to his show. They only think below the belt.

  5. Howard Stern’s penis? No big deal.

    Inside knowledge?

  6. Howard who?

  7. FULL VIDEO of the New Year’s Eve Massive Fireworks display from Sydney, Australia:


  8. Looks like the real di*k-head is standing right along side of her.

  9. Then there was this…..
    Me thinks you’re barking up the wrong tree Kathy. You would probably get more appreciation for your efforts from someone else there in that not so huge crowd. Cooper is having none of it…

    Kathy Griffin Kisses Anderson Cooper’s Crotch On National Television | NewsBusters.org


  10. Howard Stern??? Maybe they meant Anthony Wiener; it’s his hood. Or maybe the reference is to Governor Cuomo. He could pass for a penis.


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