Muslim Mum Sends Three Year-Old Son “Jihad” to School With “I Am a Bomb” T-Shirt


A Muslim mother is being charged after sending her 3 year-old son “Jihad” to school with an “I am a bomb” T-shirt.

The Sun
reported, via Jihad Watch:

A MUM who sent her three-year-old son named “Jihad” to nursery school wearing a top bearing the words “I am a bomb” is to go on trial in France.

Beneath the boy’s name on the back of the jumper were the words “Born on the 11 September” – the date of the 9/11 terror attacks on New York’s twin towers.

The muslim mum was reported to police by the boy’s outraged teacher and has now been charged with supporting a terrorist act.

Thierry Lagneau, the mayor of the southern French town of Sorgues, said: “We fully support charges being brought against this woman for provoking hatred and terrorism in one of our schools.

The mother said she was “speechless” over the uproar the T-shirt caused.

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  • bobdog

    Of course she’s speechless. She surrounds herself with hate propaganda, has friends who think like she does, and thinks of little else but racist genocide.

    I can understand her surprise. We have a similar problem in this country, minus the murder, at least so far. Try and suggest that global warming is political bullshi*t to a liberal. That Jews or Catholics or Mormons have a right to quietly enjoy their religious beliefs. Or that guns don’t really load themselves in the middle of the night and go looking for someone to murder. Or that while PETA may have a point about poor defenseless doey-eyed mammals, 785,000 aborted babies might just be a little more important.

    You’ll get the same reaction. Shock and amazement.

  • Mad Hatter

    jharp approves of this t-shirt.

  • Indiana

    Speechless my a$$. She probably yells LALALALALALALALALALALALALALAL at the designated prayer hour. I think there’s probably room in the jail next to the guy that created that stupid video that caused such an uproar.

  • mg4us

    Better yet. . send little Jihad and her mom out into a field holding a real bomb and then detonate it. . .it would be a real blast!

    These people are disgusting. .they don’t come to assimilate but to take over. . .

  • DomesticGoddess

    Coming to a school near you…………….

  • Economan

    The West needs to STOP importing these murderous animals. We have enough problems with illegals and home-grown Marxists.

  • OKay, you Islam is peaceful people, how do you explain this woman’s being “speechless”?

    Gee, could it be as my mother says “Muslims have no respect for life?”


    C’mon think about it for a moment! Use the brains God gave you despite the fact you voted for our current King!

  • Hugh

    The perfect illustration of what we are up against . . .

  • UpChuck.Liberals

    Oh isn’t that sweet, a breeding cow with rights in her ‘religion’ lower than that of a dog, just thrilled that little Achmed will become yet another dead terrorist getting the shaft(s) from his 72 virgin demons.

  • jim m

    Don’t bomb squads frequently take care of bombs by controlled detonation? Perhaps that’s what needs to happen to the children of these idiots.

  • SoLongSong

    #11 The children have nothing to do with this, it’s the adults. Poor kids don’t stand a chance, however…

  • “mg4us” is absolutely correct. What the hell are these people doing in France? What the hell are these people doing in Sweden, Norway, or any other country in the world? What is this whore of Islam doing sending her bastard child to a school he doesn’t belong in with a warning to all the other children and teachers? She, like all the Muslims in this country other than the ones who work to tell people about the danger of Islam who have been here for many, many years, and are asking the same question, “What the hell are these people doing here?”

    When Bill Clinton took office in Jan. 1993, one of the first things he did as President was to remove the BAN ON MUSLIMS COMING INTO THE U.S.!

    Did any of you know that America used to have a ban on Muslims coming into this country? That’s right folks! We banned Muslims from entering this nation who were coming from either Middle Eastern countries….period, or any other country who had a history of exporting terrorism, terrorists, or were known to harbor or support Islamic terrorists, assist Islamic terrorists getting into other countries, who linked with financial support groups, or the like. That pretty much covered every way a Muslim could get into our country.

    There wasn’t any need for stupid “watch lists”, “no fly lists”, or anything like that. All Muslims were just outright banned!!

    We need to return the ban on Muslims coming into the U.S. like before. But who is going to do it? Hell, Bush didn’t even do it after 9-11 for God’s sake!!! That’s when it needed to be done. He wouldn’t even close the border with Mexico by putting our military on the border. Bush waz a coward, and a appeaser. He ran as fast as he could to the biggest Mosque in Washington D.C. right after 9-11 to tell them “…we’re not at war with Islam!” Really???

  • SayItIsntSo

    I’m just glad the BISH is being prosecuted for her little stunt. teach that raghead a lesson. ;p

  • Treena

    There is nothing wrong with his shirt. It is freedom of expression. It isn’t any differant than when you ass-for-brains teatards where your racist anti-Obama shirts and carry your anti-government signs around, whining that you have to pay taxes like the rest of REAL Americans that care about people and WANT social programs to HELP the poor, sick, disabled, mentally ill, learning disabled, immigrant,homeless, single mothers, miniorities, women , and those that are forced into unemployment by greedy CEO’s like those from Hostess! Muslims are going to keep responding to the west this way so long as we continue to support their genocide, Islamaphobia, and opression against their people, their culture, their race, and their sacred way of life. Muslims are very proud people, they are deeply spiritual, devoutly faithful, and are dedicated to their own, they are all about family and community. They just want to be left alone, to live their lives, practice their religion, and live in their own sects in town where they are comfortable and safe. They have never hurt anyone, they don’t want to hurt anyone, and they don’t hate anybody. When they have risen up, it was for freedom fighting! It was because they were being persacuted and attacked by other people, usually Christians historically…and now Americans. Muslims are decent people. I know many, they are good friends, honest, clean, caring, and open-minded. They are more accepting than any Christian I have met, and less judgemental than any Christian I have known. They don’t try or want to convert anyone, and even if they don’t agree with something (such as abortion or birth control) they don’t cram it down other’s throats or try to make laws disallowing others to make those choices. They are actually, besides Paganism , Satanist, Wiccans,Asurtus, and Druids, the only religion I can stomach to be around, and one of the few that doesn’t need mandates and restrictions by law to stop it from abusing and denying basic rights to its members. Ya know, sort of how Obama had to mandate contraception to Catholics just so those poor, held down, stupid women could learn about birth control, and FINALLY after decades, be able to acces it without the Church restricting it! I am thankful Obama made it illegal for the Catholic religion to teach against birth control, abortion, and condoms! Instead you all attack him over it, and say he is taking away religious freedom. Nonsense! Religions that lie about birth control, call it “evil”, and forbid their women from using it, making them have babies they don’t want and can’t care for, is actually what takes away freedoms!

  • Patty


    Emanuel Slams Netanyahu Over Support for Romney
    President Obama is not willing to accept Netanyahu’s behavior, says former White House Chief of Staff.
    Emanuel also said that the White House expects that Netanyahu’s treatment of President Barack Obama will be different, especially at this time.

    He said the President was not willing to accept degrading treatment by the Israeli Prime Minister. “It is inconceivable that the Prime Minister would behave the way Netanyahu is behaving,” said Emanuel, according to Channel 2.

    The New York Times reported on Sunday that President Obama had been shocked to hear about the Israeli government’s decision to approve the construction of 3,000 Jewish homes in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem in response to the Palestinian Authority’s unilateral move at the United Nations.

    The report claimed that Obama heard about the construction approval just several hours before it was reported in the media.

    However, Netanyahu had warned on Thursday night, as the UN approved the PA resolution, that Israel would respond in the manner it would find appropriate.

    “By going to the UN, the Palestinians have violated the agreements with Israel and Israel will act accordingly,” said a statement by Netanyahu’s office.

    Shortly after the announcement of the construction approval was made, the White House condemned Israel’s decision as “counterproductive” and said it would make resuming peace talks harder.

  • Patty

    Muslim Brotherhood ‘paying gangs to go out and rape women and beat men protesting in Egypt’ as thousands of demonstrators pour on to the streets

    Activists claim there have been nearly 20 attacks in the last 10 days
    Country has seen rise in mob sex attacks on protestors in the last year
    Demonstrators in Tahrir Square yesterday protested against a draft constitution approved by allies of President Morsi
    Muslim Brotherhood today marched in support of the president

    Read more:

  • DomesticGoddess

    UGH – who are these horrible trolls on here tonight. YUK

  • Indiana

    As my daughter would say; “there goes he mother of the year award.”

  • DomesticGoddess
  • Jeannie

    #15, Treena, read what YOU wrote and realize that everything you’ve just accused us of is what is there when you look in the mirror.

  • Jeannie

    And TReena, just so you know, our intelligence has for YEARS relied upon the mere 15% of Muslims who actually assimilate to American values (of what WERE American values) . These folks have let us know that 85% of mosques are just beds of hate breeding and inciting hatred of America.

    Just ask the 15%, they will look at you with contempt first and then pity. THEY know that any ‘peaceful’ Muslim is likely unaware what their own religions call for…or they are now peaceful, but cowards who have assimilated to the NEW global values of ‘me first’ and who gives a rat’s pitootie about future generations?

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  • lizzy84

    Muslim bombs Arizona Social Security office with IED, media blackout ensues

    All too typical. “UPDATED: Iraqi refugee arrested for bombing Arizona Social Security office with IED, media silence ensues,” by Patrick Poole at PJ Media, December 2:

  • dwd

    That family needs to be put under permanent surveillance for the rest of their lives.

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