Mona Charen Warns Of “Mad Max And Unraveling of Civilization”

We are headed towards an “unraveling of civilization”.

That’s a sobering statement.  And timely, since the terms “fiscal cliff”, “looming disaster”, and “Greece” have become castrated terms no longer synonymous with catastrophe and suffering.  In today’s Townhall article, Mona Charen gives us a fresh descriptor to inspire fear and awareness for where Obama and congress are leading our country.  And it’s chilling.

Via Free Republic, Townhall’s Republicans and Mad Max,

The incomparable Walter Russell Mead, writing in the American Interest, offered a glimpse into the coming dystopia:

“Things are getting worse in San Bernardino. The city filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, but its financial situation has continued to deteriorate. And now with what promises to be a heated court battle over payments to the state pension fund in the offing, further cuts are likely.

“Things are getting so bad that at a recent city council meeting, the city attorney advised residents to ‘lock their doors and load their guns’ because the city could no longer afford to keep up a strong enough police force.

Consider also this Reuters story from Greece:

“For hours the leader of the Greek journalists’ social security fund had been chairing a meeting about disastrous losses on retirement savings caused by the country’s economic collapse. ‘She tried to present herself as the fund’s savior and asked (members) to double contributions to 6 percent of salaries,’ said one of those present that night at the Titania hotel. Spanopoulou, 58, did not succeed.

“When she rose to leave around midnight, enraged fund members first swore, then waded in punching, kicking and tearing at her clothes, according to witnesses. A bodyguard managed to bustle her out of the room, but another group caught her just outside the hotel and gave her a second beating. She spent the night in hospital.

“It was a brutal sign of the fury many Greeks feel at the way the country’s debt crisis has dashed hopes of a comfortable old age. Greece’s pension funds – patchily run in the first place, say unionists and some politicians – have been savaged by austerity and the terms of the international bailout keeping the country afloat.”

When governments cannot pay their current employees because they’ve gone broke paying pensions to previous employees (among other obligations), you don’t get a “fiscal cliff,” or even a bad recession. You get the unraveling of civilization.

The Republicans are attempting to divert the nation — not from the “fiscal cliff” but from something much worse. If government debt is not controlled by spending cuts (tax increases on the rich make scarcely a dent), the U.S. is headed for drastic economic decline. Interest rates will rise to attract wary international investors. Rising interest rates will in turn increase our debt service burden, while a diminished private sector will provide less and less tax revenue. The combination of spiraling debt service and entitlement spending will quickly leave no funds for any other purpose.

That’s when it becomes Mad Max. That’s what the negotiations are about.

On some level the nation knows this.  Further down Free Republic is an article, “The Post Election Public Mood: It’s About To Hit The Fan”.  In it, the writer points out the new wave of best sellers on Amazon and its implications for how the public mood has shifted.

Well, before the November election, books about President Obama and about political theory in general were flying off the shelves. But now, checking the same bestseller lists that used to show those books doing well, it is plain that the mood has shifted. Those sorts of books have been supplanted and upstaged to a large degree. And the genre or theme that has replaced them is [insert drumroll here] Disaster Preparedness.

When our mainstream journalists are portending the “unraveling of civilization” with an outcome of “Mad Max”, and the national pastime has become learning how to store and sanitize water, something is wrong.  Very wrong.

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  • GregInSeattle

    Me and millions of Conservatives have had “a bad feeling about this” since the financial collapse and the popping of the housing bubble in 2008. We’re getting closer to it every day.

  • Sam Stone

    Ammo stored, firearms clean and oiled and at the ready. Isn’t that where Mad Max ended up?

  • TeachX3

    ugh. If only I had the $$$ to prepare for what is right over the horizon!

  • cavt

    I live in CA(ugh) where I saw a report that there are now 130 public union(govt) workers for every 100 private sector workers. Helps to explain the problems we have in this state and why the ‘people’ voted to raise their taxes. How long do you think this situation can exist before it collapses?

  • MikeO

    What do you think the survival rate of unarmed liberals as opposed to the armed conservatives would be in a ‘Mad Max’ world? Maybe a decade of ‘Mad Max’ would be a good thing.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Greece’s pension funds – patchily run in the first place, say unionists and some politicians – have been savaged by austerity and the terms of the international bailout keeping the country afloat.”

    It seems there’s a few questions that the Greek public isn’t asking: WHY is the austerity necessary? And WHAT brought it about?

    If they can answer those two questions, they’ll have their culprit.

  • GregInSeattle

    Amen, TeachX3. Those of us who aren’t so rich need to find like-minded neighbors and friends to work together when times get real tough.

  • Pat

    aren’t we all lucky that we had 61 million STUPID people who voted for OBAMMAGEDON

  • elliot

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  • donh

    Same old fascist terrorism…keep paying up the union salaries pensions perk benefits for the public sector nanny minder New world Order class or we eliminate the police force and let Barabas out of prison early to come rape your children.

  • AvidChristian

    Question: So what happens when liberal entitlees who have never worked for a living (much less prepared for hard times) find themselves hungry? ANSWER: They do as they’ve always done–try to steal from the hard-working conservatives who had the wisdom to prepare. Then what happens?

  • TeachX3

    #7 GregInSeattle … I’m quite confused actually. Didn’t this administration change the tax brackets to where something like 30k to 250k is now middle class? There is a HUGE difference between those two numbers, my family happens to fall at the bottom of it too. AND then I am also hearing that the ‘new millionaires and billionaires’ are anyone making over 250k… um, I don’t know what school they went to, but thousands is a big difference from millions or billions. How stupid must one be to fall for this number fudging?? I know, dumb question, because obviously we have a Nation where half the people ARE this stupid.

  • bigL

    This fiscal cliff twaddle is a cover for taxation without representation. This fiscal cliff entity was the Congress kicking the can. These matters should have been debated in both houses. They were not to my recollection. Two former legislators were selected by congess to decide this , Where is”We The People’s” seat at that table. Not there.
    The congress was not handed this cuts-menu by the hand of the gods. The Congress enacted and they can darn well repeal it. All the “fiscal cliff” talk is to bamboozle We the People.Just repeal all that Erskine Bowles and the other guy set up. This is not a greek tragedy yet. No “deus ex machina” and cut it out.
    Cheif Justice Roberts had it correct. Get to work Congess and discuss and passt he laws you want. Don’t expect to hide behind Gangs of TWO or GAngs of Fouror whatever nr.
    Otherwisewe can cancel Congress and appoint Obama, like Hitler as Chancellor. You can all go homeand we can turn out the lights.
    We are Americans. We can figure this out.

  • TeachX3

    P/S GregInSeattle … I agree, our local community is where it is at. Reaching out to neighbors and like minded (from church or wherever) and changing our personal way of thought and actions is the answer 😀 (too bad you are in Seattle, LOL)

  • Ghost

    FREEDOM ALERT! anyone see Drudgereport lately?

    uhhh, how come the people in Egypt can march on the Palace, and we can’t ?

    “Where the government fears the people there is Liberty, where the people fear the government there is Tyranny.”

    uhhh, aren’t WE supposed to be the last bastion of Liberty? are the Egyptian freedom-fighters showing us up? and they’re up against bloodthirsty barbaric savages, the Muslim Brotherhood.

    I’ve long said we are lo-o-o-ng past doing things the nice way. If We The People can’t mount up enough courage to DEMAND! that the government obey our written Constitution (The Egyptians don’t even have that) then what the hell are we? Saps, that’s what. and the fulfillment of Reagan’s warning, “…in one generation”

    why can’t We The People march on our Palaces and scare the hell out of them? (both the White House and Capitol) a million+ surrounding the buildings in a ‘no one in, no one out” arm-lock circle would be Civil Disobedience with Consequences, yes, but have you ever heard of that before?

    What are WE (you and me) willing to do to save this Greatest Country Ever Built? anything else but moan?

    yeah, this is a call-out to the mamby-pamby who can’t even contemplate a Third-Party or (Ohhhh- No-o-o!) DIVORCE to save themselves from going down the toilet.

    We’ve all known the Real Deal here for a long time now… what will it take?

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    How long do you think this situation can exist before it collapses?

    Don’t know, but I sure as hell don’t want to be here when it does.

  • Darth Chipmunk

    @Greg In Seattle: Me and millions of Conservatives have had “a bad feeling about this” since the summer of 1968. FIFY

  • Look-Out

    re #13, TeachX3 — can’t find it, but read some article (late at night) about how the Alternative Minimum Tax (that usually hits the wealthy) will hit individuals with income as low as $33K or so in 2013, and about $44K for couples. (unless I was misreading it…) No time to look further…

    Bottom line: we’ll ALL be getting taxed up the wazoo in no time.

  • Austin Milbarge

    Greg, that was the wake-up call for me as well…That and Ovomits election. Only 15% of america is ready for whats about to happen but I’ve been working on it since 2008.
    Keep your powder dry!