MO Dem Lawmaker Wants To Regulate Thanksgiving

Free people can not be allowed to make their own value judgments.  That’s what Democrats are for and what fuels their existence.

A Missouri lawmaker, from the party of free abortions for all, has decided the evils of “profit and greed” must be removed from Thanksgiving.  By force of law.  Never mind the fact that businesses are gasping for survival in our Obama economy and sales during the holiday season can account for 40% of annual revenue.

According to local ABC station kait8,

A Missouri Democratic lawmaker is trying to stop “black Friday” shopping from ruining the Thanksgiving dinners of workers.

House member Jeff Roorda, of Barnhart, plans legislation that would prohibit retail stores from opening on Thanksgiving.

He has dubbed it the “Thanksgiving Family Protection Act” and says the holiday should be about families and not about profit or greed. He says Thanksgiving should not become “black Friday eve.”

Restaurants, gas stations and drug stores would be exempt from forced closure. Roorda says some other states also require businesses to close on that day.

He says retailers’ efforts to out-do one another has left fewer hours for workers to spend time with their families on Thanksgiving.

What a great idea.  Let the retail stores bleed while the Internet grabs all the sales.  And when the retailers go out of business they can spend even more quality family time at home.  Permanently.

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  • John

    Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.
    -— C.S. Lewis

  • Sam Stone

    And what and who is next? Police, fire fighters, doctors and nurses? Gas station employees? Food store workers? All work on thanksgiving.

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  • Dwight

    I actually like the idea. Until the 70s most of middle America had blue laws which closed most businesses on Sundays. It was great and encouraged family time. Today you are likely to see even local Little League teams scheduling practices or games on Sunday morning. Schools regularly schedule rehearsals et al on Sunday nights. Yes, leave Thanksgiving as a time to be thankful! People will still shop on Friday and it will not eat into anyone’s profits. The facts have never shown that businesses suffer from not being open on Thanksgiving. If Thanksgiving is not special, why not just allow businesses to be open all day on Christmas? Where’s your argument against that??

  • gastorgrab

    “………Protection Act” <—— This is a justification for 99.999% of everything that liberals do.


    "This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector."

    – Plato

  • shadow

    Next thing ya’ know they are going to be telling us when bars have to close and where and between what hours liquor can’t be sold. It’s a slippery slope, I tell ya.

  • gastorgrab

    How long before we see a ‘Liberal-American Protection Act’ that “protects” us from the opinions of conservatives?

    How long before government “protects” us from the second amendment?

    How long before government “protects” us from POTENTIAL criminals by locking up people that it considers dangerous, but cannot prove them to be?

  • donh

    but the abortion clinics can still offer holiday sales …holiday lottery jack pot greed A OK…bowl game gambling, strip club specials …BUT NO MALL SHOPPING…and the answer to midnight mall mobs isn’t to cut EBT card free stuff give away…but punish the retail work sector paying for all the hand outs.

  • Gregor

    #4 Dwight says … “If Thanksgiving is not special, why not just allow businesses to be open all day on Christmas? Where’s your argument against that??”

    I’m sorry Dwight, but are you aware of a law somewhere that prohibits stores or businesses from opening on Christmas? What the Hell are you babbling about? Many businesses are open on Christmas. I happen to be working on Thanksgiving Day AND Christmas Day and I feel extremely blessed to have my job – especially one that pays me double-time and a half for it. I am perfectly capable of arranging our family celebrations around my work schedule while at the same time fulfilling the requirements of the job, that I CHOSE to accept, and which pays for my family’s needs.

    There are many people out there who WANT to work on these days because it allows them to provide extra for their families. I guess you feel it’s YOUR right to make a decision that will cost some families thousands of dollars.

    Here’s an idea. How about allowing the workers to make that decision. You either want a job, or you don’t. You either choose to accept that job, or you choose not to. How about that?

    I happen to enjoy the little bits of freedom that I have left. Please do me a favor and keep you own personal desires as your own and allow me to make my own choices. Thank you.

  • RedStateGal

    I’m a conservative, and I like this idea. Thanksgiving should be about family time and not about greed. People who work in Malls, and Best Buy, etc. will be on an even footing with each other, and the Christmas rush will simply be postponed for a few hours. NOT to even mention that maybe this will cut down on violence on Thanksgiving of all days.

    There are already laws — LOTS of them — that infringe on my rights and my freedom so I feel no guilt in advocating for a law that I like.

  • Gregor

    #10 RedStateGal says … ” Thanksgiving should be about family time and not about greed. People who work in Malls, and Best Buy, etc. will be on an even footing with each other, and the Christmas rush will simply be postponed for a few hours. NOT to even mention that maybe this will cut down on violence on Thanksgiving of all days.

    There are already laws — LOTS of them — that infringe on my rights and my freedom so I feel no guilt in advocating for a law that I like.”

    Hmmm … well then, how about we pass a law that makes it illegal for television networks and broadcasters to send out a signal on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day? How about we make it illegal for sports teams to play on these days? How about we make it illegal for people to travel on these days? Shut down the airlines, trains, subways, buses, and make it illegal for people drive on the roads on these days? After all … “Thanksgiving should be about family time” and people should stay home with their families. After all … with everyone home with their families, like they should be, “maybe this will cut down on violence.”

    Good ideas. Thanks for looking out for me and my family. Not sure what I’d do without you there to protect me.

  • Leigh

    Red State Gal, I am not sure what kind of conservative you are if your first impulse is to back the “there ought to be a law” crowd on this one. Too often we scream for a law for something which is not a necessity of government. If you want to win the argument against “greed” (or as some may say, staying in business) at the post thanksgiving rush, start with yourself, win the culture war by leading by an example, not by taking away the other’s right to engage in an activity which is lawful (per se), a free act of commerce, by a knowing and consenting person. Don’t want your kids to shop, curtail their allowance for a week, or refuse to drive to a mall that day, or plan a family outing. Invite friends, which would keep them from shopping. If you really believe that strongly in it, organize a local park event (not a shopping fair) for people to have a fun alternative to shopping. But don’t get on the “let’s pass a law for the simple self righteousness of it.” Down that path be dragons.

  • Patty

    Darn if you do, Darn if you do. Catch 22. Oh, hell, I’ll stop making quotes and just say it.

    This nation is greedy, make money, don’t make money, who is to say. Our we giving thanks, our we truly understanding the true meaning of why we are all are here and why do we continue to do the crazy things we do.

    Black Friday seems to be a Fixture now. Once you get that snowball rolling, you just can’t stop it.

    So, stampede will be a traditional and stores will profit greatly and then the consumers will wonder how they will pay it all off come January.

  • Patty

    Internet or Store, the bill will be do sometime.

  • theblackdude

    omg when is the war going to start. I cant take this sh*t anymore. lol Damn freedoms dead.

  • walknot

    You would have to shut down the whole weekend, not just Friday. Besides, hourly workers don’t get the day off with pay. MANY depend on that day to provide them with that extra money needed through the holidays. Especialy those who depend on tips.

    I manage a mall and I spend crazy hours in preperation for that day not to mention 10-12hrs THAT day starting at Midnight. I also know the numbers and here is a little knowledge for ya…MANY, even the big named retailers depend on that day to make their quarter or even their year. I can’t tell you how many times I hear retailers during the first- third quarters tell me how much they wish they has a “Black Friday” for every quarter. Just one day where they can make up for a crapy month so they can hire or keep an extra hand or two. For as much as I hate to see it be true, Black Friday is critical.

    Quite honestly; as long as you have Christmas, you will have a day like this at some point during the season as everyone wants to buy gifts for their friends and family.

  • Nelle

    Those of us who want a few holidays that are set apart from all the other days for peaceful time with our families are now in the minority. I’ve always enjoyed seeing empty parking lots everywhere on Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving, because it is a clear announcement to all that there is a time when we can put commerce on hold and focus on the most important things.
    I’ve enjoyed the fact that all our relatives, except for those with essential jobs, are able to come together at least once or twice a year, free of work stress and ready to enjoy each other’s company.
    It would be nice if we could all agree to hold on to the traditions we’ve loved. But now most of us would rather retain the shopping option. That means that Thanksgiving and Christmas will be just like other days, but with the added stress of preparing a special meal, if you choose to. Some of your relatives will be shopping, and those who work in retail will be working. Eventually there will seem to be no reason why office workers and government employees shouldn’t work on those days, and have “flexible” holidays to take whenever it suits them. If you want to get them all together you’ll have to plan and pull off a family reunion sometime. So enjoy this Christmas, and think about how late you really want to shop on Christmas Eve, and whether you want to order online on Christmas day. Because the more we do it, the sooner retailers will tell us they “have to” be open every day of the year.

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  • http://GatewayPundit Cutlers Bad Thumb

    The only thing Democrats know about Thanksgiving is when Obama squats they gobble…

  • greenfairie

    Some of these replies exemplify why I have no hope for this country. Too many pea brains who will sign on to more government control if it’s for “a good cause.”