Michigan Democrat Douglas Geiss Threatened violence on the House Floor today during debate on the right-to-work legislation.

Geiss promised, “There will be blood!” if the bill is passed.
Via America Live:




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  1. Yeah liberal blood. Suck you pr#ck

  2. So THIS is what Democracy looks like? To me, this looks a lot like tyrannical Statism.

  3. Here is the real violence. Here is the reason our schools are doing so horribly:

    School district cancels class so teachers can protest ‘right-to-work’


  4. Only 7% of Detroit 8th Graders Proficient in Reading…



  5. Typical commie union thuggery at it’s finest….may they all rot in HE##

  6. ok, there will be blood. Sooner or later the people will have to fight back against union thuggery and Democrat corruption.

  7. Michigan = Greece?

    Elect lefties, see what you get . . .

    In Michigan, you get Athens on the Great Lakes.

  8. And we have a POTUS who no doubt supports this violence. He supports tyranny, had to open his big mouth about being against the right-to-work (and got it all wrong, of course, lying as he does so well), but not one word against the Islamists who are trying to destroy freedom in Egypt, took him days to speak out and when he did, it was tepid, against the Iranian government who was murdering peaceful protestors marching against Ahmadenijad’s corrupt/fixed elections in 2009 (was the woman who was shot named Neda?)….and will POTUS say one word against the union violence today?

    NO, because he AGREES with it.

    DISGUSTING. These thugs are disgusting, the Dems that support this crap and the legislator that talked of blood and then had the lack of guts to keep it up, as if it would disappear, is disgusting, and POTUS is disgusting. We live in a sick society.

    On the other hand, kudos to the folks who passed right-to-work and to Gov. Snyder for having enough guts to stand for what’s right (finally).

  9. Make your best move, boy.

  10. you do what the left wants or they kill you. thats freedom liberal style.

  11. Aside from the obvious crime of attempting to incite a riot, Mr. Geiss could be held in contempt of Congress. But that would only serve the purposes of the leftist.

    As long as the left spews vile hatred for everyone that dares disagree with them, we should point a camera at them and let the whole world see what’s going on.

  12. As he utters threats from the safe confines of the state house. . . with taxpayer funded security and such.

  13. The loss of union dues will only increase the stimulus money Obama will send to the unions in Michigan.

    We will all pay somehow.

  14. These goons don’t understand the anger and frustration of the right and they just keep pking us with a stick. I don’t think they really understand who and what they are messing with. When we have had enough they will underatand very quickly. It’s coming… soon…. and they won’t like it.

  15. closed shop
    1.employment for union members only: a place of work in which the employer has agreed to employ only members of a particular labor union.

  16. Looks like the ethics committee in the Michigan legislature has some work to do.

  17. #2 Economan commented:

    So THIS is what Democracy looks like?


    I would say that we are starting to see the line separating Progrssivism and fascism fade away.

  18. Elections have consequences and this guy is what the Democrat voters in Michigan elected. No sympathy for any of the union thugs, teachers, parents and Democrat legislators who are showing the children what their future looks like.

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