Mexico Urges 9th Circuit Court to Overturn Part of Arizona’s Immigration Law

Illegal aliens sneak into the US near Sierra Vista, Arizona.

The Mexican government wants Arizona to get rid of its law that punishes those who harbor illegal immigrants.

The Mexican government urged the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday to block part of the Arizona immigration law. The Mexicans say it harms international relations.
The Arizona Daily Sun reported:

Saying it harms international relations, the Mexican government wants a U.S. federal court to keep in place an injunction that bars Arizona from punishing those who harbor illegal immigrants.

In legal filings Wednesday, attorneys for Mexico claim the provision of SB1070 “poses a real threat to Mexico-U.S. bilateral relations.” The lawyers also said the controversial 2010 Arizona law illegally intrudes into issues of immigration that is solely the province of the U.S. government.

The brief drew an angry reaction from Matthew Benson, press aide to Gov. Jan Brewer.

“It’s not for Mexico to interfere in a United States judicial matter, especially when Mexico’s own immigration laws are significantly more heavy handed than this,” he said. Anyway, Benson said, the Arizona statute simply mirrors federal law and is not in conflict.

The provision makes it a crime for someone who is violating any other law to also transport or harbor an illegal immigrant, or to encourage or induce someone to illegally come to or live in the state. A suspect would have to know the person is in this country illegally or recklessly disregard that fact.

The original challenge to that section was rejected by U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton. She said nothing in the language infringes on the right of the United States to determine who is admitted or who remains.

Earlier this year, however, Bolton had a change of heart, enjoining enforcement after concluding this is strictly the purview of the federal government.

Attorneys for the governor are urging the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn that ruling. But the Mexican government, in its own legal filing, said the appellate judges should leave things the way they are and that Bolton got it right.

Related… More families are returning to Mexico over US immigration laws according to a recent report.

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  • Cargosquid

    When Mexico liberalizes their immigration laws…we’ll worry about their half-assed protests. Until then….screw them.

  • Granny

    I wonder what would happen to US citizens who decided to jump the border into Mexico to take advantage of the better job opportunities at the many US plants that have relocated there? Something tells me that they might be as welcome as the Marine recently released from their jail.

  • paul52

    After what Mexico did to Jon Hammar…… screw them.

  • Rachelle

    Try sneaking into Mexico and starting a business or getting a job that Mexicans won’t do.

    Straight to jail for you.

  • bg
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  • FMB42

    Try having a baby, or five, (at no hospital costs to you) while living in Mexico as an illegal immigrant.

    Voting, or collecting public assistance benefit$, or dealing drugs, or stealing Mexican citizen I.D.s, or violating just one of numerous other Mexican laws (as an illegal immigrant) will get you a lengthy sentence in a Mexican prison.

    Just drinking the water, or eating the food, in Mexico, as a legal foreign tourist, can make you very very ill.

    But then again, foreign tourists who flush their used toilet paper down the toilet, while in Mexico, can end up being sternly reprimanded for acting like civilized human beings…

  • donh
  • valerie

    #2 beat me to it.

    Unfortunately, our government hasn’t exactly been careful of the health and welfare of Mexican citizens, and has acted as the major supplier of high-powered weapons to the drug cartels. Naturally they, like the Russians, will look for alternate US interests as a means of retaliation.

  • Rose Mary Woods

    Who TF cares what Mexico wants, $hithole that it is? And the U.N too, for that matter. We are a sovereign nation and shall remain that way despite the wishes of enemies without and….within.

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  • Rose

    A huge amount of illegal aliens into Mexico FLAT DIE! Another huge amount of them pay far more dearly for the incursion than any illegal aliens into America – in terms of the treatment by the govt in question. The Second time they do it, they pay more dearly MANY TIMES OVER than for the First Time.

    America has no defended herself for many DECADES, now – from FOREIGN OR DOMESTIC – our worst enemy at this time is our own Government not only “turning a blind eye” to Destruction but not even merely condoning it, but actually, actively PROMOTING and ENABLING, AND INVITING it.

    It is time for people to STOP TOLERATING these destructions, and QUIT deciding they can MERELY “PLAN” to do something “NEXT ELECTION”!

    They better start taking a strong stand and making their WILL known to the Bureaucrats that they have obligations to the Constitution of the Untied States of AMERICA because there are MANY RECOURSES besides ELECTIONS “IN A FEW YEARS”!

    After all, LOSS OF PUBLIC OFFICE IS NO PUNISHMENT for gross abuse of Authority – and the NEXT line of National Defense is certainly TRIALS for BUREAUCRATS. And NATURALLY, when it is time for BUREAUCRATS all working in league with eachother, OUR FOUNDING FATHERS ALL HEARTILY recommended that the CITIZENS do precisely AS MUCH AND WHATEVER IT TAKES to set things right AND TOOT SWEET!

    Yet time and time again, you hear foolish talk about how it will be FINE COMEUPPANCE if they lose their job – WITH FAT TAXPAYER-FUNDED PENSIONS AND BENEFITS still attending, paying them better than the VAST MILLIONS of Americans citizens WITH JOBS!


    WAKE UP AND GET REAL! You won’t STOP such abuse by laying its perpetrators on the finest lap of luxury!

    How pathetic. Similar to making RAPE VICTIMS put their rapists up in the best mansions in town at the rape victim’s expense!


    I’m totally fed up with such idiocy on the part of folks that DARE call themselves CONSERVATIVE.

    I call them ENABLERS.

    Get these abusers back down out of Public Office and work in your own community to RALLY FOR JUSTICE – you cannot expect it FROM a Government that YOU REFUSE TO SEE TO IT THAT THE BUREAUCRATS THEMSELVES will RECEIVE Justice from WE THE PEOPLE when they have so richly worked so hard for it.

    INSTEAD of telling your neighbors that so-and-so has BY TECHNICAL ACTIVITIES earned certain FELONY CHARGES, when you meet said politician in the street, YOU TIP YOUR HAT so to speak, offer them the best seat at gatherings, Parade Marshall at the community festivities, PAY THEM SPEAKING FEES to speak to your community organizations and PAY INTO THEIR RE-ELECTION CAMPAIGN COFFERS – AND WOULD NOT DARE to so much as tell them face to face how EVIL their actions affect the community.

    HINT: “you are hurting me!” NEVER HAS BEEN any railing charge to bring against another person. Tell them what they did wrong AND WHY IT IS WRONG.

    SAY: “Taking TAX DOLLARS to pay for your personal projects IS THEFT. YOU ARE A THIEF!”
    DO NOT LET IT CROSS YOUR LIPS to say, “~~I don’t think what you are doing is right~~”!

    Of course, it isn’t right – NO THINKING about it. SAY SO! Quit shilly-shallying! Just say: “You are doing WRONG and you ought to do RIGHT! BUT SINCE YOU WON’T DO RIGHT, get out! Leave Office! SHAME ON YOU! SHAME SHAME SHAME!”

    And it doesn’t have to be by riots in the streets or vigilantism or anything of the kind – BUT IT HAS TO BE DETERMINED AND UNSTOPPABLE AND CONSISTENT. And the only anchor for Consistency is to get everyone squared up again on the CONSTITUTION and the FOUNDATION of each Principle of it.

    And STOP being so suicidally NICE to EVERYONE out there you have a fundamental disagreement with over these issues.

    NOBODY is entitled to actively pursue their own uneducated ideas of Policies that FUNDAMENTALLY DESTROY that Constitution AND ALSO, SEPARATELY, are even more destructive to the Bond of Community any HEALTHY community is based on.

    You have to STOP THE BLEEDING of Healthy resources to meaningless Bureaucratic bottomless pits of spending designed for NOTHING so much as for draining NEEDFUL RESOURCES away from the Citizens, so they are TOO POWERLESS to resist pure dictatorships.

    You wait on these BUREAUCRATS to do the right thing, you will have NOTHING in another few MONTHS. AND DESERVE IT, because you won’t stand up and DO AS MUCH AS IT TAKES! Now, get out there and FIND WAYS to put SERIOUS PRESSURE on the bureaucrats and make sure they are rattled seriously enough to DO THE JOB RIGHT. And don’t settle for LESS!

    You have INOCULATED these bureaucrats. NOW you have to scare the Dickens out of them and EMPTY THREATS won’t do it.

    but PROSECUTIONS FOR SERIOUS AND REAL CRIMES will do it. ANd quit excusing the GUILTY just because of Party Affiliation.

    Like right now. Hanoi John for Secretary of State, and Hawaii’s Lt. Gov. Brian Schatz – in 2008, the HAWAII DIM CHAIRMAN, a few months later, the Hawaii Lt. Gov – NOW the Hawaii SENATOR…

    GRUMBLING won’t change anything. IT IS NOT THE LEAST YOU CAN DO. TODD BEAMER deserves more from you than THAT!

  • Buffalobob

    Mexico wants 9th circuit Cort to block AZ illegal immigration law, Saying it harms international relations. Ya have to love those smiling Mexican politicians. If you read between the lines you will realize that the remittances sent back to Mexico by Mexican citizens last year was 21 Billion. That is Billion with a B. This is a huge part of the Mexican economy. There are a lot of bureaucratic living large off the fees of these transfers.

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  • Freddy

    Mexico is now using the US Courts to PROTECT their ‘5th column’ in America.

    This is exactly why there are laws to prevent FOREIGN governments from sueing US states in any form.

    The judge(s) that have allowed ANY of these foreign governments into their courtrooms should be removed from the bench for their traitorous actions.

  • Francesca

    Who do these Mexicans think they are in trying to tell us what to do? If you have time, Google the (mis)treatment illegal immigrants get in Mexico, especially if they are caught in the south of Mexico. Terrible, brutal treatment.

    They have their nerve complaining about our treatment of their illegals: free education complete with free breakfast and lunch, free medical care, welfare, citizenship for their babes born here and so on.

    Whoever brought up all the money illegals send to their families in Mexico brought an important point which is that all that money saves Mexico from having to pay welfare to their needy people.

    We are fools.

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    the government of mexico trying to make the laws of the united states hurts international relations.

  • GP Fan

    #16 December 28, 2012 at 11:58 am
    Freddy commented:

    RIGHT ON!!! It should NOT BE ALLOWED!!!

    And here a PERFECT EXAMPLE of the insanity today:

    “…however, Bolton had a change of heart, enjoining enforcement after concluding this is strictly the purview of the federal government.”

    Excuse me? A “change of heart”? Since when are our courts, judicial systems, enforcements, laws, constitution, etc, based on EMOTIONS? CHANGING EMOTIONS for crying out loud!! That is the SAME as WHIMS!!! How can anything be run that way? What kind of system is that?

    … Oh yeah, a DICTATORSHIP. That’s right.

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    I would be interested to know if the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals would actually accept an “amicus curiae” (friend of the court) filing from a foreign country.

    I’m no lawyer, but it certainly seems to me that Mexico would have no standing to interject itself into this case.

    … Well, y’know… if we were still a nation of laws and stuff. That’s no longer the case, is it? Guess I was just imagining for a few seconds there that we were still a sovereign nation. Sorry. Carry, on.