MALL SHOOTING in Portland, Oregon – Three Dead

Three people were shot today at the Clackamas Town Center in Portland, Oregon.
A suspect was shot dead by police.

Three people were shot and a suspect was on the loose inside the Clackamas Town Center mall Tuesday, which is now in lockdown.

Clackamas County Sheriff’s deputies said it was an “active shooting call.” The Oregonian reported two dead.

At least three people were hit, according to American Medical Response, after ten to 15 shots were fired by a person in a hockey mask. One patient was taken to the hospital, AMR said

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  • Exile1981

    If he’s a conservative we’ll here how it’s conservatives fault and how our aggression and gun ownership is the problem. If he’s lefty then we’ll just hear how it’s still our fault and it’s the guns fault.

  • mike

    blame it on obumer in 3…2…1.. and i think obumer sucks!! bad

  • Mad Hatter

    I’ve seen where he got off 60 shots, and then his gun jammed. If no one died, it’s a miracle. Good shooting by the Police to put this low life out of his misery.

  • Pink Tie Republican

    I hope whoever it was blew away a bunch of lefturd fools.

  • Mad Hatter

    I hope you’re not saying that you’re hoping he killed a bunch of innocent people. I may not like the left, but I don’t want to see them getting shot and killed by a nutcase.

  • Practical Jane


  • paul52

    More fodder for Bobby Costas. Sounds like hockey better be outlawed, too. (Perp had a hockey mask.) Oh wait, they are still on strike.

  • Jawknee

    Pink tie republican is a leftist plant trying to make us all look nuts. Get lost loser!

  • kakypat

    Three dead, including the shooter. Up to seven injured, which is an amazingly small number considering how many shots he got off before being “neutralized”.

  • mike

    pink tie..its leftards not lefturds you poser.

  • Maria Dubăsari

    Shootings are a form of entertainment for you Americans.

  • donh


  • DomesticGoddess

    Nice try Code Pink, er Pink Tie. UGH, these paid Obama trolls are everywhere!

  • BigRed

    “Shootings are a form of entertainment for you Americans.”

    If you think this is entertaining for us then please stay in whatever rathole of a country you’re currently living in. You obviously know nothing about us beyond the garbage the pinkos at CNN shove down your throat every day. So do us a favor and get a clue! There’s always a first time, right?

  • Druid

    Shooter should have cut out the middle men and just took out itself… and maybe Maria Dubăsari, whatever s/he/it is.

  • mark1973

    I’m going to catch Heck for saying this but i’m going to anyway’s,What a “Coincidence”…Not! I believe this was a “False Flag” attack by some group inspired by or connected in some way to the Obama Administration,to drum up supprt for the Banning of Firearms. And before anyone comes down on me just remember ‘Fast and Furious” was a program designed to eliminate our God Given Second Ammendment Right’s,by having Firearms that could be directly traced back to American Firearms stores cause death’s in mexico. This ATFE program,resulted in the deliberate Mureder of at least 300 mexican citizens and two American Border Patrol Agents. They encouraged this slaughter so don’t think a massacre in a Shopping Mall would cause them to lose any sleep. Especially since the Politicians and Banksters can’t enslave and then murder us untill they get our Firearms.

    Expect a sudden and strange uptick of these events,to give Obama a reason to push for a new Assault Weapons Ban and as a pre-planned reason for Boehner and the repubs to cave to Obama on this. Remember,both Parties feel threatened by our access to Firearms. Expect the usual quick resolution with the pre-packaged right wing lone gun nut Bio,then the quick disappearance of any mention of him. Just like Wisconsin.

  • Sam Stone
  • donh

    #16 conspiracies abound, a muslim, a fast & furious operation, a mayan 12/21/12 doomsdayer, a Jarred Loughner zietgister, a black Friday hater of mall ” zombies ” , and the former default motives of disgruntled fired employee or guy that broke up with a girlfriend.

    Used to be when the government held back the identity of the shooter…that was sure sign of muslim terrorist….now the identity is guarded for hours so the government can scrub the internet identity of the shooter so we don’t find their connections to leftist entities….They may even plant some back dated photo shopped images of the shooter and comments to facebook to make the person look like a lone wolf crazy.

    Interesting how this Mall has a very similar neon light marquee sign like the Aurora Theatre, and it was another masked man.

    Clackamas mall…>×217.jpg

    Aurora theatre…>

    After Aurora …I claimed we did not get anywhere near the truth on that
    massacre…that it was cult related…possibly even premeditated by a Scientologist or a communist university professor psychotherapist through deep sleep hypnosis. Communists are big on their Pavlov dog training of psycho killers to do the dirty work …using people like disposable puppets to push the bigger agenda while they sit high and away in their ivory towers.

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  • Joanne

    mark1973 – I wouldn’t put ANYTHING past Obama and his thugs. Any means justify the end for these communists.