Lowlife: San Fran Nan Gloats upon DeMint’s Resignation

Guest Post by Mike LaRoche

Rep. Nancy “Stretch” Pelosi (D-Cal.), who nearly three years ago mocked Tea Partiers as she and a host of Congressional Democrats marched to Capitol Hill to give their final approval to Obamacare, again demonstrated her lack of upbringing and class when speaking of Sen. Jim DeMint’s (R-S.C.) decision to resign from the U.S. Senate and assume the presidency of the Heritage Foundation.  The Hill reports:

Pelosi criticized the resigning South Carolina lawmaker and other GOP senators for voting Tuesday against Senate ratification of a United Nations treaty on rights for the disabled.

“For them [DeMint and other treaty opponents] to slap the face of our veterans, of people with disabilities, of families with children with disabilities, that was one of the saddest days,” Pelosi said in the Capitol, taking care to avoid DeMint’s name. “So anyone who was a party to that, well, I wish them well wherever they are going, and hope that we can have more of our values represented [by his replacement].”

Such as your San Francisco values, Nancy?

Once again, Rep. Pelosi proves that ugliness, unlike beauty, is more than skin-deep.

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  • Exile1981

    Don’t laugh too hard Pelosi your day is coming when people will realize home your actions have destroyed this country. Like voting to make her husbands company exempt from minimum wage laws.

  • RealMc

    Who and the heck is the hideous dude in the right side of the picture?!?!?!

  • ★FALCON★

    Pelosi is a truly despicable troglodyte.

  • cavt

    This person is vile to the exteme. She has continually insulted any one she doesn’t agree with. There is no middle ground with these people. Wish we would just split the country and then her dream of wishing them well wherever they are going would become true as we had a our own constitutional country again.

  • ★FALCON★

    #2 December 7, 2012 at 4:03 pm
    RealMc commented:

    Who and the heck is the hideous dude in the right side of the picture?!?!?!

    Ronnie Wood.

  • mg4us

    That old hag, the wicked Witch of the West, ought not laugh too much. .or she’ll need another facelift soon. . plus her BOTOX and Juvederm treatments have restricted her face from showing emotion. . .

    What a Vile and Evil Hag. . .

  • Exile1981

    I’m pretty sure the one on the right is a women. That’s a stock photo from 2009.

  • Sasja

    I suppose it is just a waste of time to point out that this treaty, as are so many from the UN, is not in the best interests of the US nor her disabled.

  • fel

    what is that thing to the right of Pelosi?

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  • laddy

    Rosa DeLauro from CT.

  • bg





  • Tyrconnell

    Sorry, but it is you and those who think as you do that are the slap to this vet’s face.

  • (See you) next Tuesday.

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  • Mad Hatter

    The woman on the right side of the picture is so ugly, she looks like one of the members of the Rolling Stones.

  • All three of these idiots are standing in the Give Obama a BJ for Christmas line, right after he said ” when I tell you you can shut your mouth I’ll tell you, now out with your dentures all of you “…….

  • dwdude

    pelosi is a vile, surgically enhanced gargoyle of the first order. money and class have no correlation in her case

  • Highlander

    And we give these people secret service protection because …. ????

  • bigL

    Go over to zomietime.com and check out Nancy’s electors. It is “Folsom Street”

  • duke5015

    Wow- the thing behind Pelosi is uglier than her- what the heck……….. Birds of a feather

  • bg


    flashback to February 22, 2009

    The Revolt of the Kulaks Has Begun

    [This movement can succeed if it does not stop at protest and includes changes in economic behavior. Obama’s redistributive plans require higher taxation, but higher tax plans (to be announced this week by Obama) are based on the fallacy that the “rich” will not change their economic behavior in reaction to higher tax rates.

    History tells us, however, that economic redistribution plans fail because the producers of society would rather not produce, than have the fruits of their production taken away and given to others. Obama can raise the tax rates on income, but he cannot force people to generate income to be taxed. People may just say “no.” This resistance will not come from evading taxes, but from evading taxable income. In the end, as must all economic redistributors, Obama either will have to resort to repressive measures, or he will have to abandon his redistributive plans.]

    Murder By Communism (by any other
    name, the results are the same) *-(

    [How can we understand all this killing by communists? It is the marriage of an absolutist ideology with the absolute power. Communists believed that they knew the truth, absolutely. They believed that they knew through Marxism what would bring about the greatest human welfare and happiness. And they believed that power, the dictatorship of the proletariat, must be used to tear down the old feudal or capitalist order and rebuild society and culture to realize this utopia. Nothing must stand in the way of its achievement. Government–the Communist Party–was thus above any law. All institutions, cultural norms, traditions, and sentiments were expendable. And the people were as though lumber and bricks, to be used in building the new world.

    Constructing this utopia was seen as though a war on poverty, exploitation, imperialism, and inequality. And for the greater good, as in a real war, people are killed. And thus this war for the communist utopia had its necessary enemy casualties, the clergy, bourgeoisie, capitalists, wreckers, counterrevolutionaries, rightists, tyrants, rich, landlords, and noncombatants that unfortunately got caught in the battle. In a war millions may die, but the cause may be well justified, as in the defeat of Hitler and an utterly racist Nazism. And to many communists, the cause of a communist utopia was such as to justify all the deaths. The irony of this is that communism in practice, even after decades of total control, did not improve the lot of the average person, but usually made their living conditions worse than before the revolution. It is not by chance that the greatest famines have occurred within the Soviet Union (about 5,000,000 dead during 1921-23 and 7,000,000 from 1932-3) and communist China (about 27,000,000 dead from 1959-61). In total almost 55,000,000 people died in various communist famines and associated diseases, a little over 10,000,000 of them from democidal famine. This is as though the total population of Turkey, Iran, or Thailand had been completely wiped out. And that something like 35,000,000 people fled communist countries as refugees, as though the countries of Argentina or Columbia had been totally emptied of all their people, was an unparalleled vote against the utopian pretensions of Marxism-Leninism.]

    Secrets of Communism (by any other
    name, the results are the same) *-(


  • Nan – the age spots are showing on your evil face. Are you about 80 years old. Better do something quick. They’re visible.

  • BigRed

    The rumor is she has Alzheimers. So we may be done with her sooner rather than later.

  • bg


    re: #22 December 7, 2012 at 7:22 pm bg

    Obama’s ‘Missing Link’

    [That take was quickly reinforced on Tuesday, when Obama, almost
    chastising his angry left-wing base for not understanding political realities,
    analogized Republicans to “hostage-takers,” holding Obama and America
    and its poor and proletariat ransom to tax cuts for the bloody rich. The
    president bemoaned his moral dilemma, forced as he was to “negotiate”
    with Republicans, who kneel before what Obama described as “their Holy
    Grail”: “tax cuts for the wealthy.” It was a stunning metaphor, and rather
    offensive: That cup overfloweth, apparently, with the real presence of the
    blood of the workers, which Republicans and their loyal factory bosses and
    greedy landlords slurp up from the fruits of the assembly line.

    “These tax cuts for the wealthy — “said a visibly bitter Obama”
    — this is, seems to be, their central economic doctrine.”

    Meeting Young Obama

    [Boss and Obama, however, had a starkly different view. They believed that the economic stresses of the Carter years meant revolution was still imminent. The election of Reagan was simply a minor set-back in terms of the coming revolution. As I recall, Obama repeatedly used the phrase “When the revolution comes….” In my mind, I remember thinking that Obama was blindly sticking to the simple Marxist theory that had characterized my own views while I was an undergraduate at Occidental College. “There’s going to be a revolution,” Obama said, “we need to be organized and grow the movement.” In Obama’s view, our role must be to educate others so that we might usher in more quickly this inevitable revolution.

    I know this may be implausible to some readers, but I distinctly remember Obama surprising me by bringing up Frantz Fanon and colonialism. He impressed me with his knowledge of these two topics, topics which were not among my strong points — or of overwhelming concern to me. Boss and Obama seemed to think their ideological purity was a persuasive argument in predicting that a coming revolution would end capitalism. While I felt I was doing them a favor by providing them with the latest research, I saw I was in danger of being cast as a reactionary who did not grasp the nuances of international Marxist theory.]

    Even Republicans Rejected Info About Obama’s Past

    [What would you do if you knew that the top Democrat
    running for president was lying about his past?

    That is the question I was faced with in 2008. I had met the young Barack
    Obama while he was a sophomore at Occidental College, and I knew that
    his commitment to socialism was deep, genuine, and longstanding. [..]

    I had been a leader of the Marxist students at Occidental College myself,
    starting in 1976 when I founded the precursor of the Democrat Socialist
    Alliance on campus. The young Obama I knew was a Marxist socialist who
    would have been quite comfortable with Communist party members like
    his Hawaii mentor Frank Marshall Davis, retired domestic terrorists like Bill
    Ayers, or active socialist politicians like Illinois State Senator Alice Palmer.

    bit more here and here, in connecting links, and threads..


  • L.E. Liesner

    DeMint will be missed, while Pelosi is painfully tolerated. She is nothing but a mentally sick old woman with a big nasty mouth.

  • Buffalobob

    I watched a Stephen King Movie the other night. I believe Nancy P. played the staring roll. The name of the movie you ask? “Mother’s Day”. The roll was a natural for her, sight mile, passive aggressive, except when she was crossed and had her murderous boys do her dirty work.

  • YourMaster

    ugh… pelosi’s face makes me want to vomit. she is f-ugly
    ….like medusa ugly…

    someone needs to slip some cyanide into her coffee.
    it probably wouldn’t work… since she is clinically already braindead. *l*

  • forreal

    What’s keith richards doin there in the backround

  • Bart Roberts

    Re: DeMint’s resignation
    Why did he resign?

    Is he being BLACKMAILED?

    Keywords for the leftist search engines: Extortion, Blackmail, Coercion

    Bartholomew Roberts