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Like Mother Like Daughter… Malia Obama’s Spring Break Vacation to Mexico Cost U.S. Taxpayers $115,500. reports the following:

Cost to Taxpayers: $115,500.87

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today released records detailing the government funds expended on First Daughter Malia Obama’s March 2012 Spring Break vacation to Mexico. According to the records, obtained from the U.S. Secret Service as a result of a Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed on September 20, 2012, the total cost of the trip amounted to $115,500.87 (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Secret Service (No. 12-cv-01562)).

The following is a breakdown of the costs as detailed in the documents:

Ground transportation: $23,964.81
Lodging: $21,682.92
Airfare: $47,767.34
“Vouchers”: $21,636.14 (not itemized)
Support Charges: $449.66 (travel for one from Mexico City to Oaxaca, not itemized)

Malia Obama’s spring break trip evoked controversy after the Obama White House reportedly ordered the removal of press reports detailing the trip. On March 19,2012, numerous online press outlets reported that the president’s 13-year-old daughter, Malia Obama, was on a Spring Break trip to Mexico accompanied by 25 U.S. Secret Service Agents and as many as 12 of her friends. However, shortly after the press reports surfaced they were quickly removed from the Internet. The trip took place shortly after the Texas Department of Public Safety issued a statement advising students on Spring Break “to avoid Mexico.”

As reported by Politico:

The AFP, the Huffington Post and other websites have scrubbed a report about first daughter Malia Obama’s school trip. On Monday, the AFP reported that Obama’s daughter was on a school trip along with a number of friends and 25 Secret Service agents. The story was picked up by Yahoo, the Huffington Post, and the International Business Times, as well as UK publications like the Daily Mail and the Telegraph and other overseas publications like The Australian. But on Monday night, the story had been removed from those sites.

In an update to this story, Politico published a statement issued by Kristina Schake, Communications Director to the First Lady, indicating that the removal of these news stories was “a White House effort:” …

“In these economic times, with huge public debt and high unemployment, spending $115,000 in taxpayer funds on a Spring Break trip to Mexico is inappropriate. Is this what Americans are being asked to pay higher taxes for?” stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

Judicial Watch has been active in documenting the cost to taxpayers for the Obamas’ personal trips. For example, Judicial previously obtained records from the United States Air Force and the United States Secret Service detailing Michelle Obama’s February 2012 President’s Day weekend ski vacation to Aspen, Colorado, with her two daughters. The records indicate U.S. Secret Service costs, including accommodations at the Fasching Haus deluxe condominium and the Inn at Aspen, were $48,950.38.

Judicial Watch also obtained documents from the United States Air Force and the United States Secret Service detailing costs associated with Michelle Obama’s controversial August 2010 vacation to Spain. According to a Judicial Watch analysis, the records indicate a total combined cost of at least $467,585.

Judicial Watch also obtained documents detailing costs a June 21-27, 2011, trip taken by Michelle Obama, her family and her staff to South Africa and Botswana. Judicial Watch received mission expense records and passenger manifests for the Africa trip that described costs of $424,142 for the flight and crew alone. Other expenses, such as off-flight food, transportation, security, etc. were not included.




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  1. Wow those are some ugly girls.

  2. I don’t know what is normal when it comes to the protection of a US President’s child, but if it is normal I have no problem paying for that protection. Now if we paid for anything else for this vacation I am pissed.

  3. Why was she given 25 Secret Service Agents and Christopher Stevens was given ZERO security?

  4. Wow, slow down the insults. It is a bad photo for one. The issue here is the extravagant trip on the taxpayer’s dime. The fact the trip costs this much is appalling, the fact it was charged to the US is abusive, but after this do not lecture about “fair share”. The emperor has no clothes, he is an elitist that believes normal rules don’t apply to him.

  5. While I agree that this trip was a total waste of taxpayer dollars, and all the other things wrong with it, I do not think that we should be criticizing the appearance of a 13 year old girl. Many girls are awkward at this age.

    We should not stoop to the level of those who criticized the Palin girls or other children of conservatives.

  6. beauty is only skin deep. back in 2009, i remember a black woman [whose daughters attended the obama girls school] talking about the voucher program that allowed her children to attend that private school being discontinued and the prospect of their having to go back to the public school system. i don’t know whatever happened to those girls……

  7. One thing is for sure….. in that photo the girl shows all of the grace and poise of her mother.

  8. Bad picture or not; she’s an ugly duckling.

  9. She is actually not ugly in any way, but she definitely does not look like Barry. Mommy yes, but not daddy. What struck me was all the evil little white girls she attends school with. Guess it is not a public school, huh?

  10. “….the evil little white girls she attends school with. Guess it is not a public school, huh?” which had me wondering about the 2 black girls who were faced with re-entering the public school system after o and the gang came out against the school voucher program that allowed them to attend.

  11. The Obamas are MILLIONAIRES – why don’t they pay for their kids’ vacations out of their own money? Leeches!

  12. They went to Oaxaca. There is no State Department advisory regarding Oaxaca. The northern states of Mexico are dangerous.

    I wonder if the drank any mezcal? I go to Oaxaca every Christmas and mezcal is the best booze on the planet.

    Military people & their families bitch too much. Nobody put a gun to your head to enlist.

  13. Surrounded by white girls?

  14. For someone who isn’t worth 115 cents.

  15. Well, obviously over half of Americans approve of this kind of activity. We are living in the new Amerikka, everyone. Better get used to it, its gonna get worse.

    The only thing– the ONLY thing — that is going to turn this country right-side up is a civil war in which we the people are the winners. It’s sad, but it is the truth.

  16. Dear Campflower, Thank you for your families service to our country.

    To those making negative comments about ‘looks’ please stop. Yes, I know all Republican’s kids have been excoriated by the left, but Conservatives are better than that. Those leaving ugly comments probably are trolls.

    The children of the president deserve protection, but as with so many things associated with the current POS in the WH this trip was unnecessary and excessive. The mooching will continue because the Obama’s believe it’s owed to them; reparations from the rich white slave owners, etc. The fact that they both grew up priviledged get’s tamped-down by the media. Both Barry and Mooch try to spin a different yarn. Liars and Grifters, both of them.

  17. Well, it is important that the 13-year-old daughter of the entitlement queen have a Mexican vacation with taxpayer funded babysitters. What a delightful use of taxpayer money. This proves that the apple does not fall far from the tree. The rest of the proletariat relax, you cannot afford to send your children on a taxpayer funded vacation. Many of you are too busy looking for work but as long as the Obama’s have a 14 million dollar, 20-day vacation in Hawaii and their children spend taxpayer money accordingly, is anything else important? Next time I hear that Michelle shops at Target I’ll vomit. Your tax dollars at work. Some people will fall for anything.

  18. The entire family is CLASSLESS TRASH! Can’t spend it SOMEWHERE in the United States?

  19. I thought all these girls Parents were 1%’ers ??

    Someone needs to tell the Parents of the young lady facing away from the camera that they need to invest in some less revealing shorts for their poor Daughter…..

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