State police say Adam Lanza forced his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School and was not let in voluntarily into the school.

FOX News reported:

Connecticut State Police say a gunman who massacred 26 children and adults at an elementary school before committing suicide forced his way into the building.

Lt. Paul Vance said Saturday morning that the suspect was not voluntarily let into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton.

Investigators were trying to learn more about the gunman, Adam Lanza, and questioned his older brother, who is not believed to have been involved in the rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary. Police shed no light on the motive for the nation’s second-deadliest school shooting.

Lanza shot his mother, Nancy Lanza, drove to the school in her car with at least three guns, including a high-powered rifle that he apparently left in the back of the vehicle, and shot up two classrooms around 9:30 a.m. Friday, law enforcement officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity.



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  1. Just wait a while. This “fact” will change as well.

  2. What may describe the anomaly of Adam Lanza’s situation is the fact that he lived a type of idyllic well to do luxury existence (that so many of us aspire to) albeit one that must have been forfeited by a sense of deceit and self disgust. But the bigger question might be was his sense of disgust and dismay in the end directed not necessarily at himself but the privileged society and well to do surroundings that ran so ominously false in the tortured young man’s mind? Or was his sense of disillusionment and disgust morbidly directed at something that had no real correlation in the real world which he was so maladjusted for? Or even more perversely was his conflict directed at his mother who he couldn’t please given her reputation for high standards he was constantly reminded he never measured up to….?

  3. Why is this news?!!?! He “forced” himself into the building….as if…as if….WHAT!?!??!?
    Does this make the murders more terrible? Does this make the perp more evil? Does this let the school officials OFF THE HOOK!?!?!
    Did some school official greet the perp at the door and allowed him access to the entry way? Did the school official open the door and then couldn’t hold back the perp….and now the school official is horrified with their action?!?!?!
    Why is this singular item so important?


  4. Highly suspect…Schools in CT have doors with keypad locks . You have to call the intercom… state your name for the door to open….somebody is in CYA mode.

  5. His “demanding mother”?

    I’m still finding it difficult to piece together a profile of the Mother who was both “demanding”, but who also felt the need to arm herself with a Bushmaster AR15, and Glock, a SigSauer, and a tactical vest that just so happened to fit the son nicely.

    Was the mother an avid shooter? When was the last time she went to the gun range?

  6. Ya know what I think?

    I think this was originally a domestic dispute, but that once Adam Lanzo killed his mother, he really snapped. The murder of the mother was the fuse that ignited the school rampage.

    He had passed the point of no return.

  7. Apparently the mother was a gun owner, too.

    Lesson: own guns, learn to use them, carry them loaded around the house, and be faster on the draw than your son.

  8. The classic Oedipus complex is to murder your father and then go have sex with your mother….but in today’s culture where so many mamma boys are goaded into homo metrosexuality …the Oedipus tragedy may have perverted into one of killing your mother and then raping children. ..>

  9. Connecting the dots is all one needs to do.. All profiles of these mass killers are from upper class. All killers are young, in their early twenties. All killers parents are somehow connected to government facilities, policy somehow. All scenes of attacks are in areas of moderate to low crime where strict gun control is law and CCP is not permitted. Strange, that hurricane Sandy devastation just weeks ago, killing many, Sandy Hook elemantery massacre, killing many too. Killers mothers name , Nancy, hmm, connection ? Ronald Reagan is looked upon as American hero, his wifes name, Nancy. Masks used in these killings, yet these murderers are crazy ? But not crazy enough to care about their faces ? Covering ones face would be the last thing any insane person would care about if they were to go on a rampage, in a moment of anger shooting spree. They would NOT take a mask along for the ride. They would not pack other things for their split second decision to go out and murder people. They would grab what it is they planned to use to carry out their crime and that would be it.They were not robbing banks, we’re they ? They are irrational, crazy not well planned or are they ? Do any of you think this man after having an heated argument with his mother, thought out what to take with him , a mask to cover up his face and go shoot kids ? I find that extremely hard to believe. He would take the weapon he used to kill her with and possibly another as back up and that would be it. Never thinking under duress to bring anything else. There are too many connections, too many inconsistencies, and so many unanswered questions.

  10. overup in progress

  11. Steve, because it feeds the beast.

  12. The mother grew up around guns, according to the mother’s aunt, and since she was divorced (alone) she felt the need to keep guns in the house. What’s so strange about that? Liberal female’s keep guns too.

    The only conspiracy here is that she was more fearful of what was on the outside of the house and didnt pay attention to what was happening in her own family.

    Neither did the father.

  13. I wish someone would explain to me the influence in the minds of young people particularly
    those with handicaps and illnesses of violent video games , where killing is perform endlessly.
    I wish the industry could find it possible to make money without all the shooting at human beings etc that pops up and instead contribute to positive goals.
    I wish parents should recognize this threat and somehow fight back.

  14. Many of you may or may nor know of the story of Kyron Horman. Seems some want to point the finger at his step-mother, yet she hasn’t been charged with any crime. I believe a pedophile got into the school and took Kyron. There was a science fair at the school that day and was advertised on the school marquee for quite awhile before the event.

    Now, what does this have to do with this school in Connecticut?

    The school where Kyron vanished from went into massive cover-your-ass mode after the crime. Hell, they didn’t want to be suited for millions and millions of dollars.

    Same thing is happening here – have you ever tried to get into a school these days? I’d like to see you try it. It’s not going to happen, especially in a district that has the money for security. I used to work with a company that did alot of work with school districts – it was about 50 percent of our business. I was in this line before and after 9-11 and saw many changes over the years. These changes are rather universal. Most schools look like mini-prisons with the amount of security.

    Claiming Lanza shot his way in placates the parents, but that will only be monetarily.

  15. The force these schools to have Plain clothes cops at every door. These were little kindergarten children.

    And America needs to wake up. Guns aren’t the problem our system is.

  16. Where is the proof that he shot his mother?

  17. If the mother was a demanding sort of person, and her influence alone was responsible for producing a ‘mad man’, shouldn’t the older brother be messed up as well?

  18. We live in an instant info world, so we learn about all the horrific crimes our fellow man, in his desire to do evil, immediately after. We think in terms of here and now and yet this is not new to the world and it will continue as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow.

    I read one where mother said they had moved there because it was where they thought they would be safe. No one is safe from Evil. It doesn’t matter where one lives; Evil seeks the weak and has legions to do it’s bidding; from heads of state to those who may live next door to you.

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