ABC’s Jake Tapper blasted Barack Obama today at his press conference announcing a new gun control committee. Tapper pointed out that this wasn’t the first mass slaughter under his watch,

“This Is not the first incident of horrific gun violence of your four years – Where’ve you been?


President Obama did not appreciate the question.




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  1. Ofcourse Obama deflects.

    ANSWER the DAMN question.

    Good job to Tapper – asking the questions when no one else has the balls.

  2. the Alinsky rule must be in full play now. Select the narrative, force your agenda. I find it amazing that Mr. Fast and Furious is now the Gun Control Poster Boy.

  3. As J.E.B. Stuart would say: “Keep up the skeer!”

  4. So Obama will start with tasking rapid-fire assault guns from law-abiding Americans, but what about the criminals? How is he going to get them to give their guns up? Hah. He won’t and he can’t; therefore, law-abiding Americans will be helpless. If Obama wants a civilian force as well equipped as the military, then the American people need to be as well equipped as the civilian force to stop the government from taking away all their rights and their lives. Perilous times.

  5. As a matter of fact, he HAS been on vacation and golfing.

  6. How much you wanna bet that the Repubics don’t bring up that most Obvious Point? Maybe one or two off-hand remarks from Gohmert or Gowdy but they’ll just wither unattended.

    Both parties are heading the same direction. It’s a Good Cop / Bad Cop scam.

  7. Gee. Don’t upset the so-called prez. He’s been soooooooo busy destroying the USA.

  8. golf course, eating my waffle, why do you ask?

  9. Well, MSM left-winger or not, Tapper just made somebody’s black list.

    What’s the over/under on his having an accident or ‘commiting suicide’ in the near future?

  10. #11 – I had the same thought.

  11. Several stories out about a second (or even more) shooters…
    Things don’t add up here.. why did Lanza destroy his computer? Why did he go to that svhool? (No cameras)
    Why did CBS and a kid interviewed say there was a second suspect?

    Too many whys… from the man who gave machine guns to Mexican drug cartels to influence the voter’s opinion about gun control..from the man who gave arms to terrorists thru Turkey.. then “let die”.. the ambassador who knew the details (Benghazi)

    Is this another gun control influence scheme?

    Not a conspiracy guy.. but now we have a truly evil government..

  12. “I don’t think I’ve been in vacation.” said Obama. Priceless! I seem to recall that he’s been on vacation QUITE a lot.

  13. Careful Jake, ABC doesn’t want you asking *real* questions. Just FYI.

  14. We’re buying shrimp guys. Come on.

  15. He has been busy destroying america and partying with clebs in hollywood.

  16. Mr Tapper, he and Eric Holder have been busy covering up Fast and Furious where those 2 were acting as International Firearm Dealers.

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