It’s Come to This… Dems Push to Place Wild Chickens on Endangered Species List

Remember this: They want you to live in mud huts.
Some lib group wants the prairie chicken put on an endangered list in New Mexico.

PJ Media reported:

The Obama administration wants to make sure that one certain free-range chicken has an easier time crossing the road.

But opponents gearing up for yet another fight with the environmental lobby see yet another proposal from this Interior Department to foul up the economy and kill jobs — forged in a closed-door agreement.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced today that it is initiating the process to consider listing the lesser prairie-chicken as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act.

“We are encouraged by current multi-state efforts to conserve the lesser prairie-chicken and its habitat, but more work needs to be done to reverse its decline,” said Dan Ashe, director of Fish and Wildlife. “Similar to what state and federal partners in this region accomplished when the dunes sagebrush lizard was proposed, we must redouble our important work to identify solutions that provide for the long-term conservation of the species and also help working families remain on the land they have stewarded for generations.”

In announcing the move, Fish and Wildlife said it would make the determination “on the best available science,” though the proposal is open for a 90-day public comment period.

Rep. Steve Pearce (R-N.M.) had a succinct reaction: “Here we go again.”

“Unfortunately, our jobs and our way of life in southern New Mexico continue to come under assault,” said Pearce. “The prairie chicken is yet another example that federal species regulation is not based on science, but rather driven by lawyers for extreme interest groups, like Santa Fe-based WildEarth Guardians, who filed the lawsuit in this case. These groups have filed hundreds of job-killing petitions, often at taxpayer expense, while never having to live with the consequences to the local communities.”

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  • srdem65

    There are humans without shelter, food, health care, children being exploited or abused, humans degraded by drugs, wars without end, so we don’t give a fat rat’s patootie about some stupid chicken, you idiots.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Glad I won’t live long enough to walk on an energy board for the treasonous progressives once they control all the land in this country. Buck the Fushes and all the Agenda 21 traitors

  • Lady Mondegreen

    First, the environmentalist movement started with Teddy Roosevelt and was a Republican cause until about 20 years ago.

    Second, srdm65 (post #1), I don’t see you caring all that much about any of the humans you mention, either.

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  • Sasja

    Ole Teddy may have been a republican but he was no conservative. One can find progressives in both parties; it’s just that more gravitated to the dhims. We conservatives are working to limit the influence, or just rid ourselves once and for all, of the RINOs.

  • Sasja

    Lady Moonbat. You usually don’t have a clue which explains your comment directed at srdem65.
    You psychic?

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    Just plow Detroit and its sister ghetto cities under, plenty of wide open space.

  • bman

    Here in the panhandle of Oklahoma we have wind energy vs. the lesser prarrie chicken.

  • More liberty

    We can always rely on Jim Hoft to use misleading headlines. This isn’t about agricultural chickens, this is about a wild species.

  • journeyman

    Residents of New Mexico – You have no one to blame but yourselves. You voted overwhelmingly for the Socialist-in-Chief and his environmental-whacko’s policies.

  • anti-bho

    Oh, they have slain the Earl of Moray and Lady Mondegreen

    The misheard lyric that was the source of the generic term for misheard lyrics – mondegreens.

    This line was coined inadvertently by the American writer Sylvia Wright. Following her mishearing of the words of the Scottish ballad The Bonny Earl of Moray, she wrote an essay entitles The Death of Lady Mondegreen. This was published in Harper’s Magazine in November 1954:

    “When I was a child, my mother used to read aloud to me from Percy’s Reliques. One of my favorite poems began, as I remember:

    Ye Highlands and ye Lowlands,
    Oh, where hae ye been?
    They hae slain the Earl Amurray,
    And Lady Mondegreen.”

    The actual words of the ballad are:

    Ye Highlands and Ye Lowlands,
    O where hae ye been?
    They hae slain the Earl of Moray,
    And hae laid him on the green

    Wright did us all a service by giving a name to these mishearings – which must always have been with us in the language.

  • SeniorD

    More Liberty must be the designated “Troll du jour”

  • Look-Out

    Aaah, and my favorite:

    …we must redouble our important work…

    you funny fellow, you!

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  • Patty

    Blow my mind and left scratching my head. But when one or two are upset or offended and the lawyer up, they manage to change the way we live, our entire livelihood is changed.

    These radicals swoop out as quietly as the swoop in. NOT EVEN A SCRATCH ON THEM.


  • jharp

    What do you know about prairie chicken populations in New Mexico? Just as I thought. Nothing.

    You jackasses sit up at night thinking about what your next whinefest is going to be and this is the best you can come up with?

    Get a job. And quit whining. No once cares what you losers think.

  • Patty

    The Fish and Wildlife Service has opened a 90-day comment period on the lesser prairie-chicken and is seeking input from the public and from the scientific community before making its final decision. Four public hearings will be held in February.

    In the meantime, a number of state and federal agencies are working on a voluntary conservation planning effort to conserve the bird’s habitat.

    “Regardless of whether the lesser prairie-chicken ultimately requires protection under the ESA, its decline is a signal that our native grasslands are in trouble,” said Benjamin Tuggle, Regional Director for the Service’s Southwest Region.

    “We know that these grasslands support not only dozens of native migratory bird and wildlife species, but also farmers, ranchers and local communities across the region,” Tuggle said.

    Lesser prairie chickens are considered “vulnerable,” a step short of endangered, by the UK-based International Union for Conservation of Nature, whose “red list” tracks the conservation status of various species worldwide.–finance.html

    “seeking input from the public and from the scientific community before making its final decision. Four public hearings will be held in February.

    Public needs to get involved.

  • Patty

    Environmentalists Oppose Every
    Practical Source of Energy

    Why do left-wing environmentalists oppose energy? That’s easy. Leftists can’t stand it when capitalism, industry and “big business” succeed. When that happens, it takes power away from big government. When liberal activists speak about solar and wind power, they claim they want the U.S. to achieve energy independence, but these are the same people who oppose oil drilling in Alaska. The stated concern for plant and animal life is primarily a cover story, although there are people who genuinely believe that animals have rights equal to those of humans.


  • Flintstone F.

    Relax. Soon all of this will come to an end. Poor societies can’t afford to worry about the environment. Rather than going to extremes to “save” species, I think there will be a contraction and a depression of their efforts.

    Prairie dogs have subsidized public housing and free showers. I wouldn’t be surprised if they steal those funds from the needy (and brave) P. dog, to pay for every “endangered” species.

    (Do Coyotes eat prairie chickens?)


    And yet you bothered to post. What do you know?

  • Patty


    United States of Chicago: Middle Class Net-Worth Collapses to 1969 Levels