It’s an Obama World… Officials With Salvation Army Say They Are Seeing Record Number of Needy Families This Year

Officials with the Salvation Army say they are seeing a record number of needy families this year.

CBS Local

Officials with the Salvation Army say they’re seeing a record number of families asking for help this holiday season.

Nearly 18,000 families have registered for Christmas assistance in the last month. That number has grown by 2,500 since last year, breaking the 2009 record.

Registered families will get free toys, money for food and other donated items at up to six Salvation Army locations as well as other partnered agencies. If you’d like to donate, contact the Salvation Army at (651) 746-3595.

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  • Ghost

    “…it doesn’t matter… it doesn’t matter”

  • Kate

    And every one of them voted for Obama.

  • Ben

    The Salvation Army mostly helps out Obama voters. Please choose a children’s charity instead or a charity that helps people overseas.

    Obama voters don’t deserve your help.

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  • dnb03

    Could be the truly needy, or could be just more of the 47% gaming the system?

  • mg4us

    #3 Ben

    I fully agree. . . let the WON work his wonders as he is the Welfare King. . .with free phones too for those irresponsible in life.

    It is one thing to help someone in need going through a transition. . it is another thing to support those who choose to live in need for life.

    For me Charity begins at home with friends and family, many affected by unemployment or illness.

    Time for liberals to see what happens when the money train says NO MORE!!!

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  • Highlander

    I agree … the 47% can bite me. My help will go to the people who I know actually want to work ….

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  • Libtards Lie

    How can this be with all the postive economic numbers coming out and the economy back on track, heck, we added 145k jobs last month, all high paying (lmao).

    Like most, I will not donate to this or any other charity that just hands it out to those that ask with no real check in place to show actual need. Truth is, I know people that game the system and all the while, the real needy suffer because they are just lazy, stupid . . . . pigs.

    No, I will help friends and family that have been severly impacted by this woeful economy as I know that they are trying to right the ship and get back on their feet.

    Never had a problem helping the “helpless” and “needy”, but sick of helping “lazy” and “ignorant”.

    Happy holidays folks.

  • Jawkneemusic

    But, but, Romney wanted to ban tampons or something….

  • Limousine Barry

    What’s wrong?

    This is a good thing!

    A poor hungry worker is a is an easily intimidated 0bama worker! He/she is a perfect food stamp person… who I can cut-off – if he/she doesn’t become a mindless tool for me!

    This also shows that my job killing policies are forcing the poor smucks to become dependent on the government for food. If they don’t get on the bus and protest for higher taxes – I will cut-off their WIC and Food Stamps. Ha-ha!

    My limousine is guzzling $4.16 per gallon premium gas and Ed Assner and Barney Frank are in the back seat. Ed is going to give Barney Frank a golden shower before he shafts him! It’s a perfect photo op! I cannot answer any of your questions. Good day.

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  • Inquisition

    How dare these nonprofits steal customers from the government. Instead of jobs, food and shelter, folks could be getting ObamaPhones and Sandra Fluke Condoms.

    May someone high up issue the memo to take down these Salvation Army scumbags. There can be only one!

  • onbe

    Really ?
    This surprises you how?

  • onbe

    After the election I quit giving donations to the charities.It has been made clear by the election that such things are the responsibility of the federal government.So ingrained is the entitlement mentality that folks who lived in the path of storm Sandy had to have matches handed out to them by the government.It is totally shocking that folks living in an area who should reasonably expect to have such events happen from time to time( not to mention this was forecast days in advance) did not have the foresight to have the most basic needs of life on hand.It was at this point I decided to jump off the charity ship.Most of the people affected by the storm overwhelmingly support the bigger government bigger brother lifestyle.Now the should live by it.
    I still do donate but rather to organizations that will hopefully break the mentality of the dependence state.That isn’t to say that I have quit entirely -I do help out locally with the pantry ,temporary assistance and the Santa programs.

  • J

    Up here in MA, St. Vincent de Paul and the Salvation Army are so mobbed, you can’t park in their parking lot. Everyday. Same with our public library. And our food pantry. But the liberals in this state assure me we are in the very best of hands.

  • Centra

    Give to the military charities. Stop supporting the lazy Obama voter.

  • squeaky

    charities will be a thing of the past if obama has his ways. in with the lazy obama voter are a lot of victims of the obama voter candidate of choice. in their zeal to take it to the greedy rich they also take down the biggest contributors to those very same charities.

  • bigL

    where I live we are seein a lot of ‘gas-station grifters’ I call
    ’em. I don;t give them a dime. I tell them Obama has spent all the money now. there is nothing left for most people. Sign up for a program-you’ll get as much as $450 a week from the govt for as many as 99 weeks!
    That is the unemployment amount lately being pd out. It is crazy to have Obama spending and expect the local workers to continue to support the beggars.
    Remember, It would take a human, counting as in 1…2…3, thirty-two thousand years (32,000) to count to a trillion.

  • NoResolution

    Don’t worry they’ll have birth control pills and Foodstamps for them. It’ll be alright.

  • Tim Tomlinson

    That’s the Christmas spirit!

  • Sasja

    Let us not get Grinchy. I can understand your feelings particularly when witnessing the “poor” using food stamps for allowed items and then pulling out a wad of cash to pay for their beer and other items not covered. We have stopped most charitable giving because we simply cannot afford to be as generous as we had been.

    Although there are alot of people without work, it apparently is not important to them since they get all types of handouts from the taxpayers and voted for O because he’s ObamaClaus.

  • Sasja

    bigL. ‘Gas station grifters’…..


  • squeaky

    […said charitable officials contacted them with concerns after the White House meeting. The implication was clear: either support Mr. Obama’s tax hike on the rich or donations to your charity may no longer be tax deductible.]

  • Exile1981

    The small town (350ish people) I Live in is on the side of a major highway half way between two cities. We were becoming swamped with people begging in the downtown. On any given day we had to 20-30 people from outside the community begging downtown, sleeping on park benches etc. We could not figure out why there numbers grew every day until we realized that one of the cities was buying the worst panhandlers (the violent won’t take no types) bus tickets out of town and since we where 60 miles away we were where they sent them.

    It’s only going to get worse.

  • Highlander

    And Obama and his cronies in Washington are talking about closing the charitable deduction “loophole” … LOL! If the results weren’t going to be so tragic, it would almost be laughable…..

    The poor keep voting for these traitors in huge numbers, yet they’ve been getting the shaft from them for decades. The Democrats’ misguided social programs are destroying families and communities, and the rampant graft and corruption in Washington is bleeding our economy dry, killing jobs, and resigning the poor to a life of dependency. Their lives are being ruined, but they just can’t seem to see that despite our attempts to educate them and expose the liberal ideology for what it is.

    I suppose if these people were any brighter they probably wouldn’t be poor, so it kinda makes sense, but at some point, you’d think they would finally wise up. How many times do you have to be lied to before you finally give up on the people who keep screwing you, and try something different?

  • donh

    Increase in need or a moral collapse in pride as more people become comfortable with the life of a mooching taker. How many undignified people grub around from the welfare line, to the food pantry line, to the soup kitchen line, to the Good Will line, to the Salvation Army line….. then scan obituaries to attend funerals of people they never knew to scarf down a free banquet meal. …but these low lifes always have enough cash to stand in line for powerball tickets.

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  • mountainwilliam

    Folks, please have a heart! I’ts Christmas time and if not for the Salvation Army and other organizations like it, there will be children with nothing for Christmas. I am a die hard republican and grew up in the appalachia region. There were 6 of us children and a handicapped mother and alcoholic father who couldn’t and wouldn’t keep a job. There were several Christmases at our house that we kids would have nothing if not for the Salvation Army. I have worked hard all my life and thank God my children have had wonderful Christmases all their lives. But I still cannot walk past one of those red kettles without putting something in it. I do understan where you’re coming from, but I am so glad there were people who thought about children like me when I was a child. Please do something from the heart this Christmas to help someone who needs it as me and my brothers and sisters did. God bless everyone of you and have a Merry Christmas.

  • Ben

    mountainwilliam: No.

    No help for people who hire politicians to steal for them. No aid and comfort for the enemy.

  • mountainwilliam

    Ben, no love for the children? Just at least give it some thought.

  • squeaky
  • Ben

    When The Salvation Army stops helping adults and starts helping only children, then I’ll donate. Until then, no. I donate to children’s hospitals. Children didn’t vote for Obama.

    Obama voters don’t deserve help. I won’t give aid and comfort to the enemy.

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  • BurmaShave

    Hey, so long as Obama is President, he can bring all of his nonexistent executive/leadership/management skills to bear on any and all problems. That is all that matters.