Islamist militants destroy an ancient shrine in Timbuktu. Mali Islamists occupying the city of Timbuktu, north-west of Mali, are destroying more mausoleums announced an Islamist chief in the city on Dec.23, 2012. (AFP)

Islamists with guns and pick axes destroyed several historic tombs in Timbuktu on Sunday.
Reuters reported, via Free Republic:

Islamist gunmen destroyed several tombs in Timbuktu on Sunday, residents said, days after the United Nations authorised African states to ready a force to take on al Qaeda-linked groups in Mali’s northern desert zones.

“Since 0800 (GMT) this morning, the Islamists have been destroying tombs again,” Youssouf Toure, a resident of the ancient trading town, told Reuters by telephone.

“(They are) targeting new ones and the ones they destroyed several months ago,” he added.

Residents said the attacks on traditional Sufi Islamic shrines were being carried out by about 15 heavily-armed fighters, some weilding pick axes. At least two previously untouched tombs in Timbuktu, a UNESCO world heritage site, were destroyed on Sunday, residents said.

A mix of Islamists with links to al Qaeda have occupied Mali’s north since April.




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  1. All Islam knows is destruction.

  2. I’m sure the UNESCO World Heritage Elites are drafting another harshly timidly worded letter begging the Islamists for forgiveness and understanding that those shrines should have been destroyed but they lacked the funding.

  3. Just imagine the fuss that would be made if these were mosques. . . .

  4. Oh well. I guess that’s why we have archaeologists.

    Raging against dirt seems like something you do when you’re really, really bored.

  5. Islam is a cancer on human civilization. And unless it is completely eradicated right down to the very last cell, it will grow back and eventually kill its host.

  6. I agree with Granny. It is so easy to destroy, difficult to build. Stupid people destroy, enlightened people create.

  7. So let me get this straight…. islamic militants are destroying sufi islamic shrines/tombs? Considering that islam was written to justify pedophilia, wife beating, gang rape of other religeous and non indigenous people, and honor killing, where am I supposed to feel sorry when they destroy their own sites?

  8. ilikai, i think it exhibits the hypocrisy of the moslems.

  9. If jug-ears had sons…..

  10. The antiquities of Egypt will be next! Pyramids, mummies, the Sphinx are all in danger! Libby is right, all the do is destroy!

    Maybe if we encouraged an assault weapons ban or a pick ax ban in Mali, this could be prevented! Certainly, without the tools of death and destruction, this would stop!

  11. Rampaging mobs of outraged muslims, like those which were shrieking for blood over cartoons of their “prophet”, in, …

    …oh, the deafening silence.

    The Religion of Highly Selective Outrage!

  12. Residents said the attacks on traditional Sufi Islamic shrines were being carried out by about 15 heavily-armed fighters, some weilding pick axes.

    The solution is simple: Figure out where they’re going to strike next, then lay an ambush and make sure every single one of them is shot dead. The UN certainly isn’t going to do the dirty work.

  13. @ ilikai #10: Because it’s part of world history, just as the Sphynx and Great Pyramids, also built to honor and praise false gods, are a part of world history. They don’t belong to the Islamists or to us. Unless the time comes that that (or those) particular piece of land is needed to build something useful, the shrines should be left for historians, present and future.

  14. muslims, say after me-muslims

    M U S L I M S

    the only place an ‘islamist’ exists, is in the delusion of the useful idiots who have been deluded into thinking these is something called ‘moderate’ islam

    where people of ALL RELIGIONS have equal rights

    and jihad means improving oneself


  15. Islamists are the destroyers.


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