Islamic winter.
Islamists attacked the opposition Wafd party’s newspaper offices in central Cairo with petrol bombs and birdshot on Saturday, security sources said.

On Saturday Islamists chanting “Sharia is Lifestyle” ransacked several Cairo cafes.
The UPI reported, via Jihad Watch:

Members of the Hazemoun and Ahrar movements attacked people at cafes in Cairo, chanting “Sharia is lifestyle,” witnesses said.

Several people were injured during Saturday’s attack, including political activists known for frequenting the cafes, witnesses told al-Shorouk newspaper. They said the attackers fired birdshot and launched fireworks.

Hazemoun is comprised of former presidential candidate Hazem Salah Abu Ismail’s supporters, and Ahrar is a self-styled vigilante youth group that promotes public virtue, Egypt Independent reported.




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  1. Cheering at the White House? Still sending these Islamists advanced weapons so Hussein Obama must approve of this bit of religious cleansing

  2. Muslims seem pretty adept at destroying things like lives, windshields, and other cultures.

    As to creating anything worthwhile, not so good.

    Islam is good for nothing.

  3. Is there a single square mile of our globe that Obama hasn’t screwed up? One? Damn lucky for him that he’s black or he might be held accountable for some of this.

  4. It took a bloody Civil War to change the Constitutional right to own human beings. How many bloody school rooms will it take to change the Constitutional right to own the means of massacring human beings?

  5. Don’t you just love it when the savages who worship the demonic entity called “allah” are busy killing each other and blowing each other’s stuff up and burning each other’s buildings down? Gives me such a warm feeling, sometimes I can hardly stand it.

  6. None of our business

  7. That ought to finish Egyptian tourism off if it’s not already completely dead yet.

  8. Oh SHARIaaaIAAA …. don’t LIKE it ? …. Rock the Casbah…. Throw Rock the Casbah…>

  9. I dunno why so many people insist on pretending that pisslam is a tolerant and moderate religion of peace. Or why people who dare to say otherwide are in for some good ol’ Hillary Clinton sponsored public shaming… Muslimes are the only people in the world who consistently act in this way. That’s because pisslam is inherently fanatical, violent, oppressive, barbaric and aggressive. These people are so nuts that they’re literally willing to hijack civilian airliners and fly them into civilian buildings. You simply can’t say that about any other religion or group of people…

    When will humanity wake up and join forces to eradicate this evil and disgusting religion before they enslave or kill us all?

  10. another of obama’s legacy disasters

  11. #10 December 17, 2012 at 10:00 pm
    Marsh626 ——— In case you forgot Obama says we must respect these savages. Well he didn’t use the term savages, but those of us who are sane know what Islam is all about.

  12. Anyone that continues to visit Egypt as a tourist, as I have done many times being a huge history buff, is now an idiot,

  13. Smart Diplomacy.

    We’re in the very best of hands.

  14. OT

    #myjihad: Horrific footage shows Obama-supported ‘Syrian rebels’ forcing boy to behead captive with sword WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT #savages


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