Iranian Regime: All Data of Captured US RQ-170 Drone Has Been Decoded

Despite repeated warnings from the Pentagon, Barack Obama rejected three plans to recover or destroy the US drone that was intercepted over Iranian territory.
FOX News reported on this earlier this year.

Today a senior Iranian commander announced that the regime has extracted all the information from the downed drone.
Fars News reported:

A senior Iranian commander announced that the country has extracted all the data and information existing in the intelligence gathering systems of the United States’ highly advanced RQ-170 Sentinel stealth aircraft which was captured by Iran last year.

“All the intelligence existing in this drone has been completely decoded and extracted and we know each and every step it has taken (during its missions),” Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh told reporters here in Tehran on Monday.

The stealth drone was downed by Iran last December through a sophisticated cyber attack.

The commander further revealed some of the data taken from the aircraft’s intelligence system, and added, “The US President (Barack Obama) had told the Israeli officials that the drone was tasked with spying on Iran’s nuclear program, but our experts found after decoding the drone that it had not performed even a single nuclear mission over Iran.”

“And this reveals that Americans are treating the nuclear issue (of Iran) as an excuse” to conduct hostile moves, including spying operations, against Iran.

The unmanned surveillance plane lost by the United States in Iran was a stealth aircraft being used for secret missions by the CIA.

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  • Undertheinfluence

    It was no accident our drone fell into Iran’s hands. Pray for our children. Pray for our country.

  • Ghost

    “gutsy call”

  • anti-bho

    Obama’s gift to Achmadenijad (sp?, but who gives a sh*t how you spell it)

  • mn jim

    Just another in the growing list of treasonous acts obama has committed and the gutless congress will never investigate or hold him accountable for. Sigh…

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  • Billy

    Did they also find the password to the drone’s Facebook and Twitter pages?

    If they really found the data they claim they got, publish it so experts can see if it real or faked.

  • progress

    Barack, the AWOL president. Old Yellow Stains Obama hides under his desk when faced with crisis.

    “Barack cried. People died.”

  • jorgen

    Why was Obama even asked?

  • Adirondack Patriot

    We’ve already re-dialed everything, Iran. You’re reading last year’s mail.

  • tj

    Obie did not go after the drone because the Muzzie Bro’hood did not give him permission…

  • Patty

    Who among us didn’t see this happening.

  • Tom Doniphon

    I blame Haliburton and the obstructionist Republicans in the Congress for this mess! They have determined not to work with this Black President and this is what you get! I mean really, the debt ceiling was never an issue before!

  • Marmo

    It’s all part of Bammy’s redistribution scheme.

  • wtd

    With any luck, engineers who designed the drones software ‘allegedly’ downloaded by the Iranian regime, is already infecting their systems with Stuxnet’s siblings.

  • Bitter Clinger

    This is how Bronco wants it. Make America vulnerable and weak. It’s transformative!

  • Sasja

    Adirondack, you’re assuming a re-dial we have no way of knowing really happened. Any info coming from this regime is automatically suspect since they lie at every opportunity.


    True? If so, this should result in condemnation from this regime. Shouldn’t it?

  • Rightdawg

    It’s George Bush’s fault!


    The greatest president the communists ever had.

  • Scott Wornstaff

    I’m Just Surprised He Didn’t Apologize For It….Or Send Them Some Money….