Injured Marine’s Home Vandalized One Week After Returning Home

Vandals spray painted the home of an injured Marine for Christmas.

The local news wouldn’t show the graffiti but posted this photo.

Lance Corporal Christopher Van Etten lost both of his legs in Afghanistan when two I.E.D.’s went off.
On Christmas Eve morning his family’s home was vandalized.

KSDK reported:

An injured Marine from O’Fallon was home for just a week after losing both his legs during a explosion in Afghanistan got a rude awakening this Christmas.

NewsChannel 5 has been following the story of Lance Cpl. Chris Van Etten since that IED went off last June, and was at Lambert St. Louis International Airport last week, when the 22-year-old and his mother got off the plane from California, where he’s been in rehab since the injury.

What was supposed to be and has been a very happy homecoming took quite a turn Christmas Eve morning when a neighbor knocked on the door to tell the Van Ettens about the derogatory words written on the side of their house as well as the raw eggs splattered on it in several locations.

Lance Cpl. Chris Van Etten said being home for Christmas was the best present.

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  • Ghost

    why? nonsensical.

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    An appropriate punishment for the perpetrator(s) of this would be a Singapore-style caning.

  • Sasja

    This is just heartbreaking. We have some very evil people in this country.

    Merry Christmas and welcome home Marine! God bless you and your family. Our debt to you and to all who sacrifice so much for us can never be repaid.

  • Patty

    Why? Please explain why and then arrest the sorry SOB!!!

  • Judith

    Despicable. But then the man of the year has brought us together, eh?

  • Rose IV

    This is why it’s a good thing to have a large dog that has bonded with the home and the people living therein. Just let wolfie outside when he starts howling….things will get dealt with ASAP.

  • Sandy

    Why Why Why — This marine hero gave 2 legs for his country. And is now being ridiculed by cowards.

  • Sandy

    God bless you Chris Van Etten — we thank you for the sacrifices you made in our names.

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  • platypus

    Maybe it had nothing to do with this guy. Criminals aren’t the brightest bulbs so maybe they got the wrong house. It wouldn’t be the first time.

  • DecentAmerican

    Clearly the work of racist liberals…..again.

    Hate will persist in this country until the KKK founding Dems are thrown out.

  • PineKnot

    I would hope that some of the neighbors find out who did this and visit the perpetrators. A little ballbat session would probably convince them they did a bad thing. . . . .

  • More liberty

    Why would they write that when he is white?

  • suzanne

    Must have been one of the many 2008 & 2012 escapees from Pandora’s Box?

    Thank you Lance Cpl. Chris Van Etten for your service!!!

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  • skooter

    It looks like the vandals are branding the house to imply that someone living there is a racist.

  • redc1c4

    given the frequency with which then-word is used in the genre, maybe they thought a rap star lived there?

    what BS.

  • Campfollower

    So this is the latest way they “label” someone they don’t like?

    When my daughter was in tenth grade, she was a trainer for the boys basketball team, which was largely black (upper middle class suburban school with relatively no racial problems). is a very attractive young lady, well liked but sometimes tries to be edgy (best word I can come up with, but you know the teenage type). She made the mistake one day of using the N word in her own car on a Friday night…but with a gay male member of the student council in the car. He went and spread the word that she was racist and used the N word. Her explanation was that she always heard the guys saying it back and forth and she was really just trying to fit in…it just slipped out…it was just a mistake. She was immediately treated horribly at school, hounded, followed in the halls and threatened in the bathrooms (we are white, forgot to say). After a day or two I found out what was occurring and was about to call the administration. How do you un-say a word when you are 15 years old? How does a group of black kids get to skip class to stand outside my daughter’s math class to intimidate her?

    Then I got a call. The administration had my daughter in the office with a few of the black girls, the black counselor, black assistant principal and one white assistant principal. They subjected her to their thoughts, one by one, on why that word hurt them (they didn’t even hear her say it) and then wanted her to write a confession and apology and sign it. The white administrator called me and told me what was occurring as we spoke. I told her in no uncertain terms to dismiss this baloney “session” and allow my daughter to get back to her class, that I wanted to know why the people threatening her weren’t being talked to. I think what happened is the black kids went to the black administrators who were enjoying putting her on display. Among the kids, her black friends, largely the athletes, realized what was occurring and came to her defense. She was and is not racist, but made a mistake.

    This was just after Obama was elected president in 2008 and the same kids went rampaging through the halls with t-shirts that said, “My president” with Obama’s photo, raising fists and “putting it in the white kids’ faces.”

    Obama has done more to divide this country, he’s done more for gun sales. Why, if you believed all the lib stereotypes, you’d almost think he’s a Republican!!!

  • fozzynok

    Welcome home to a grateful nation…….. this is what America has become.

  • Linda

    Lance Cpl. Chris Van Etten what an Honor and a Privilege to have you back home…we cannot Thank You enough for your all of your Sacrifices!!!

  • Linda

    And to the punk or punks…stay home and grow up!

  • Mannie

    Lance Cpl. Chris Van Etten, Thank you for your service. You’re in my prayers. Semper Fi, Gyrene!

    As for the perps who did this, remember Liberalism is a cult of hate and violence.

  • mg4us

    For those who ask WHY. . let me tell you this simply. . .

    We HAVE ENEMIES on our soil. .both Domestic and foreign. . .

    What the cannot win with an army they seek to destroy from within. .
    Destroy our Culture and all we hold dear. .
    Destroy our economy and dollar
    Destroy our Constitution

    Stand up against them by voting Conservative, joining TEA PARTY Patriots and stop spending at places that support liberal causes like Movies and Concerts and even sporting events.

  • CT


  • Truth Teller

    Agree with your sentiment, #25, but I think we need to go further.

    All patriots in what remains of this nation need to stand up, link arms, and resist these bastards with every ounce of energy you have.

    No backing down!

    No turning the other cheek!

    Steady yourselves, energize with thoughts of love for family and country, and overwhelm the traitors among us. Get in their faces, ridicule them, get on school boards, protest, demonstrate unification, resolve, and strength. Get creative, but for the sake of our nation, don’t sit still.

  • Truth Teller

    As in anything in life…the best defense is a great offense.

  • dunce

    This a prime example of liberal civil discourse.

  • Patrick

    Chris, If you need anything tex me . If I can not help I will find someone who can LOL. PJC USMC 1961-1964 Semper Fi brother .