Indonesian Muslims hurled rotten eggs, cow dung and pi$$ bags at Christians during Christmas mass this week.

It’s not the first time the congregation has been attacked.
Earlier this year Muslims threw sewage, rotten eggs and garbage at praying Christians.

Eurasia News reported, via Religion of Peace:

About 200 Protestants from the Batak Society Christian Church (HKBP) Philadelphia in West Java were attacked by Muslims as they gathered to attend a Christmas Eve service on Monday.

Church members, who are involved in a dispute with local officials after being denied a permit to build a place of worship in Bekasi district, had gathered for the service on land where they hope to build their church.

“Hundreds of Muslims threw rotten eggs, dung and plastic bags full of urine at us,” Reverend Palti Panjaitan, a leader of the Protestants, told yesterday.

He said the congregation was forced to flee and hold its service in the compound of a police station.



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  1. Sick basturds…. At some point we are going to have to fight back and show these animals its not ok to act like animals. Let them feel the wrath of people with more than sh*t for brains who are tired of them and their ways of life.

    I cant help that if people dont stand up to these thugs then they will only get bolder and bolder

  2. Put a hand grenade in the bags and toss them back.

  3. Well, after all, it’s common knowledge that Dictator barry hussein soetoro saebarkah (alias obama) is an INDONESIAN CITIZEN given that he immigrated there and returned on a foreign student visa then over-stayed just like the H-1B replacement workers do!!!

    So surely Muslim usurper dictator hussein saebarkah must be extremely PROUD of his fellow Indonesian terrorists!

    Bartholomew Roberts

  4. The spawn of satan strikes again.

  5. Exactly, Bart @#4.
    Don’t think for a minute that the usurper wants to pull this great nation down to that level.

  6. General John J. Pershing would behead and sew muzzie terrorists in a pig skin. Attacks stopped very soon after.

  7. >Gack<
    I meant: Don’t think for a minute that the usurper doesn't want to pull this great nation down to that level.

  8. And then they went home and ate a dog, cooked Soetoro style.

  9. Did 0bama lead them in a turban and call for Karl Marx’s communist utopia to be created?

  10. The free world needs to declare Islam a cult rather than a religion and declare all out war against it.

  11. Christians need to pack pork sausage launchers for these bastards. Next time I hear someone say Islam is a peaceful religion, I’m gonna stick a Bible in their hands and book a trip for them to Nigeria.

  12. A libtard friend of a friend just got in an argument with me a couple days ago about how islam is a tolerant religion of peace that’s just been hijacked by a tiny, tiny minority of extremists in Saudi Arabia.

    He pointed to Indonesia as proof that 99.9% of the muslims in the world are good, tolerant people and that islam is peaceful and moderate.

    I told him to go Google “Jihad Watch Indonesia” when he got a chance to see the long list of reports coming out of that country of fundamentalist muslims acting like complete barbarians.

    He responded by telling me that that site is horribly biased and inaccurate and that “racist” “islamophobes” like Robert Spender who runs that site are getting rich off spreading lies, hate and fear.

    And he claimed that he used to live in Indonesia in the 1990s and so he supposedly knows for a fact that only a small minority of “conservative” “right-wing” muslims in Indonesia are Salafists who do terrible things.

    And he claimed that he still has lots of Christian friends in Indonesia who tell him how supposedly great it is there for them.

    What perfect irony that while we were having this argument, hordes of Indonesian muslims were attacking Christians…

    I’m going to try to link him this story but I’m 100% sure that it will have absolutely zero impact on his views. Libtards and muslims are pathological liars and reality deniers. They always come up with some kind of way to deny the obvious and lay the blame on the victims…

  13. “…tolerant religion of peace that’s just been hijacked by a tiny, tiny minority of extremists in Saudi Arabia.” you know what they say about the one rotten apple spoiling the barrel. it’s when the extremists find their way into power……

  14. The Crusades were fun right? Every muslim is an infidel, hail Jesus Christ may he save us from these Islama-liberal-socialist-jihadists. It is common knowledge that roughly 5 times a day at almost the same times Obama goes”missing” from the white house, we all know its because he hears the call to prayer and uses the closest compass to find Mecca. Why couldn’t we elect a good Mormon Christian like Mitt Romney, now he’s a man I could follow into a Holy War. Ironic how religion is supposed to be a belief system designed to aid humanity in the quest for enlightenment and moral existence. Death to the infidels, hail Christ our lord and saviour.

  15. If these muslims want war against the Christians, we should give it to them tout suite. Anywhere in the world including the USA

  16. these stories aren’t on NPR so they don’t exist.
    Also Diane Sawyer doesn’t cover them so my retired friends know nothing of them. They like the blonde liar.

  17. Islam is Satan’s church. The end days will be the war between God’s people and Muslims.

  18. TheGoon: Your lack of understanding of the Crusades is laughable. The Crusades were defensive against an aggressive Islam, which was wiping out Christianity. Try learning history.

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