Hungarian parliamentarian Balazs Lenhardt torched an Israeli flag at a massive protest this week.

On Sunday Lenhardt was reportedly detained by authorities.
Press TV reported:

Hungarian police have briefly arrested a parliamentarian for torching an Israeli flag during an anti-Zionist protest in the capital Budapest.

The incident took place on Friday when dozens of Hungarians held a demonstration near the Foreign Ministry to protest Israeli’s regime’s atrocities against the Palestinians in the occupied territories.

Budapest police said lawmaker Balazs Lenhardt was released after being questioned Friday night.

Lenhardt is an independent lawmaker, who was formerly a member of the ultra-nationalist Jobbik party.

In a similar incident in October, Jobbik members burned an Israeli flag in front of a major synagogue in the capital Budapest, calling on the government to cut diplomatic and economic ties with the Tel Aviv regime.




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  1. He’ll receive a love letter from Hamas and the Alinsky left.

  2. Sounds like Obama will be opening a new Czarship for this Nazi.

  3. Is this the same anti-semetic nutjob that was reported on about a month ago?

  4. Well…at least they detained him…Norway would have nominated him to higher office.

  5. I’m surprised he wasn’t assassinated right there…
    …that is one of the best opportune times… killing someone in front of about 2000 people
    tends to send a pretty clear messege like what happened with JFK.

    I dun know why israel tolerates so much of the arab bs…. they really should just go with total war until the arabs accept a permanent peace.

  6. A pity unarmed European Jews will once again be defenseless in the coming sh*tstorm of Jew hatred.


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