State Dept. Says Clintons Are Not Partying in Dominican Republic as Was Reported

(Updated Below)
She’s having a rough time.

Hillary Clinton was too sick to speak with Congress this month about the Benghazi massacre. But, her illness didn’t keep her from celebrating New Year’s Eve at the Punta Cana resort in the Dominican Republic.
Dominican Today reported:

Ex-president Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton are enjoying their year-end vacation in Punta Cana, in the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic.

According to press reports, the Clintons will celebrate New Year’s at the Puntacana Resort & Club and could also attend a fashion show scheduled for December 29, which will be held in honor of famous Dominican designer Oscar de la Renta.

Also expected to attend are American journalist Barbara Walters, Vogue editor Anna Wintour, Spanish actress Mar Flores and her husband Javier Merino, among other international jetsetters.

UPDATE: The State Department wrote to say the story at Dominican Today is not true.

Here are the facts: The Clintons are not in the Dominican Republic. The Clintons are not going to the Dominican Republic. I realize that you are linking to and possibly relying on a posting, and rest assured we have contacted them as well to point out their deceitful reporting. I’m hoping that you have now been apprised of the facts, and that what you are presenting to your readers is entirely inaccurate and based on nothing even remotely true, we sincerely hope you will do the right thing and take all necessary steps to correct this falsehood. We likely disagree on just about everything, but surely we can agree that posting a lie is far different than posting an opinion.

The State Department could use some work on their people skills.

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  • wth

    The only part of this news I can’t believe is that Hillary and Bill will be spending time together.

  • Cheesy

    I hope she gets a particularly loathesome parasitic infection while in DR.
    After all, that’s what the Clintons have been to the American people for far too long, and fair is fair.

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  • Wing_attack_Plan_R

    where else would you find Bill Clinton but in a place called “Punta”

  • asdf

    I want a note from her doctor…

  • Godzilla

    Watch out for the Benghazi trots? Understand they cause concussions and such.

  • Ghost

    when confronted with the repulsive, delinquent behavior of any/all Dems the answer is always the same from lib/Leftists is always the same, “it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter…”

  • SayItIsn’tSo

    Although I respect any man/woman that allows themselves to age gracefully with nothing done to their body/face, at all……Hillary is DISGUSTING. She’s turned into a fat and ugly old hag. With ALL THAT MONEY she and Bill have, you would think she’d take better care of herself, eat right, take care of her skin and her teeth……or, at the very least, offset her fat ahz and prune face and gross teeth w/some maintenance. She sure does give a whole ‘nottha meaning to “letting herself go down hill.”

  • I guess she’s not too sick to Party! sarcasm

  • msmoommist

    Darn, and I thought she was getting a “face lift” or a butt lift.

  • beer is good for concussions.

  • Patty

    We know what a lying b she is. After all she was shot down in Bosnia. And Bill the cheater. Both are no shining examples for America….they make me want to barf.

  • Patty

    These are leaders? the reason we are failing is more like it.

  • Highlander

    That woman is disgusting, and the fact that 50% of this country is ITCHING to make her our President makes me want to puke ….

  • SeniorD

    “What Benghazi? I don’t remember anything about Benghazi! I’ve never been to Bengazi and I’m quite sure I never sent the Ambassador to Benghazi What’s more, I don’t remember any urgent cables begging for more security for Benghazi!” says the next President of the Untied States. “Now, who are you and what are you doing in my bedroom???”

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    But, her illness didn’t keep her from celebrating New Year’s Eve at the Punta Cana resort in the Dominican Republic.

    It’s that media cover again.

    Think any of the Democrat Party propaganda arms are going to ask the relevant tough questions?

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  • rhonda

    I guess she is over the benghazi flu. She is going to blame CIA for everything you betrayed us was busy with all his texting and women.

  • BarbaraS

    Are these grifters staying at barney whoisit’s villa he forgot he had when doing his taxes and declaring his wealth to congress? Or is it just another freebie one of their fans (donors) give them every year?

  • BarbaraS

    Nobody except her horde believed the farce that she was sick. These grifters are as slick as grease. Besides, what use of having her testify? She will “not recall” or “not remember” the answers to any questions that would reflect badly on her. One wonders how she got as far as she has with such a bad memory. Of course, there is always the chance she will lower the boom on obama. One can only hope.

  • JoyO

    She’s a typical Progressive — screwed up Benghazi and watched in real time as four Americans were murdered by Islamic terrorists and then tells Congress she cannot testify about Benghazi because (1) she is out of the country in Australia and whereafter and weeks later when she returns to the USA she is (2) too sick to testify. She thinks the media will protect her and the President on these Benghazi deaths and the American people are too dumb to figure out that both Hillary and the President screwed up. The sad thing is that she is probably right — at least about the media. Whether she is right about the USA citizens will be determined in the future.

  • Paulyd

    Probably the only place guys might find her somewhat attractive.

  • JenS

    Uh, People … this picture is nearly 4 years old. Fact check your OWN archives, Pundit … you ran it about that long ago, bitching because she was drinking that *same* beer, in that *same* outfit, with that *same* hairstyle … blah-blah-blah. Come on … quit this crap.

  • JenS

    READ the release you included … “will celebrate”. The photo did NOT come with the release — you’ve added it yourselves — from your archives. Certainly adds credibility to your site. And people wonder why I, and others like me, are fed up with the GOP we have supported for years. Ridiculous crap like this is why.

  • itsmeinks

    To bad Punta Cana has a lot of lovely resorts. To bad the beauty will be distroyed by the like of these guests.

  • stuart

    Why be so hard on poor Hillary. From the way you talk you’d think that she was faking an injury or something, just to get out of testifying about…. Where was that embassy again? It’s obvious that her owie got better and now she needs to rest up.
    Being a Grand Poobah is a tough job.

  • Ramped ssom

    Punta means point.
    Puta is the word your looking for

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  • cavt

    Always was a lying hypocrite, still is a lying hypocrite, will always be a lying hypocrite. How and why do so many Americans accept this as a good leadership trait?

  • Conservative Ken

    The administration is waiting for the next media smokescreen so Hillary can testify with minimal attention. Be sure it will be a a CLOSED hearing just like Petraeus.

  • What is it with Liberals and the Dominican Republic?

  • Patty

    They really believe we are a bunch of chumps.

  • hiway280z

    A note from her Dr. would be as phony as she is. She will use the same thing she always does when questioned about her crap, “I don’t recall” Did you have fun in Punta Cana? “I don’t recall. The sad part is there are fools who will vote for her. The other sad part is fraud will put her in even if there arn’t enough fools to.

  • Economan

    Another example of how the left has contempt for the American people. No shame.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Uh, People … this picture is nearly 4 years old.

    Where, exactly, does it say that the picture of Hillary above was taken at the particular resort in the time frame in question (read: NOW)?

  • 10gallonhat

    Appreciate this breaking news including the amusing file photo. Can’t wait to see the new “party pics” next week of Hill and all the elitists who flew to Dominican Republic on their private jets.

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  • But she’s part of the American left elite and therefor is not held accountable for her actions.

  • mg4us

    hillary should be held in contempt of Congress. . .

    Congress should also cut all her funding now!!!!

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  • She is just another politician. All they know is: lie, cheat, steal, lie some more, cheat some more, and steal some more. Until we get off our lazy As**s and vote them OUT of office, along with their pandering, philandering, and cronyism, we are destined to have these albatrosses hung around our necks forever. Politicians do NOT represent the people any more. They represent themselves and each other. It’s just a BUSINESS–the biggest business in the country–which is ironic since they all seem to be so anti-capitalist!

  • ★FALCON★

    And here I was thinking Hillary was cloistered away on some monkey shack getting her vodka-soaked pea-brain drilled with what the NWO wanted her to say in the upcoming Benghazi hearings / Pre-impeachment trial.

  • How many times must the American People be smacked in the face, how long before we say enough is enough? These people in Washington, most all of them, are good for absolutely nothing. THIEVES AND LIARS ‘run’ our Great Nation… and we allow the crooks access to the cookie jar over and over again, while we continue slaving in the kitchen making more cookies.

  • RayNAiken

    This woman had a concussion and is consuming alcohol??????
    I’m no doctor but……….

  • John Stinger

    What? She’s not sick enough for you?

    From your perspective as a medical expert, exactly how long should she be an invalid after a mild concussion? Should she be in the hospital?

    Do you have a copy of her Kenyan birth certificate?

    You guys are so funny.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    …exactly how long should she be an invalid after a mild concussion?

    Apparently, the answer to that is, “Until after a congressional hearing probing the deaths of State Dept members in Benghazi has been held.”

  • paul52

    Stinger…. if Shrillary is no longer an invalid; then she can get her lyin’ a$$ in front of a Congressional committee and TESTIFY, under oath. She’s been dodging this for over two months. If you think we’re funny, go talk with Hill’s old pal Vince Foster. Oh, sorry, he’s dead.

  • ★FALCON★

    #46 December 29, 2012 at 4:13 pm
    Blacque Jacques Shellacque commented:

    Apparently, the answer to that is, “Until after a congressional hearing probing the deaths of State Dept members in Benghazi has been held.”

    Rotten Crotch was confirmed by the Senate – which to me means that she was deemed an acceptable choice for the position. I disagreed that she was acceptable after her history of out-right lying and malfeasance, however, I didn’t cast a vote for her Bilderberger lard-ass.

    If she is no longer acceptable – the Congress should publicly rebuke her, cut her funding and launch a criminal probe targeting her specifically, targeting all of her inner-agency internet emails, intranet correspondence and funding appropriations, since we know that won’t be coming from the Democrat “Controlled” Senate.

    And additionally, check with Julian Assange for damning cables.

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  • im1096
  • Lim Lynn

    @tommy mc donnell
    Too much alcohol cause intoxication and liver damage. Alcohol might contribute to stroke in several ways: induction of cardiac arrhythmias and cardiac wall motion abnormalities.

  • Jimmy

    Looks like she is gonna doa monica to Bill when she finnishes the beer

  • SeniorD

    I’d also be looking for evidence she had another ‘job’ done. Looks for missing wrinkles, waddles and the odd tightness around the eyes.

    Hey, a gal’s got to look good when she goes up against Sasquatch in 2016!

  • kathy

    She is a bs liar just like the rest of congress. Time to take them out of office permanently!!

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  • Betty Jenkum

    She’s an alcoholic. Many of us have been there. Terrible skin, belly flop, sick out, and still available for a party. No need to rehab if your 24/7 entourage will cover for you. It will cost her many sad and tragic years she could have spent enjoying her and Webb’s grandchild.

  • Dennis Habern

    Believe me, we sane Americans do not have to wait until the future. What happened in

    the elections of 2008 and the re-election in 2012 of this Moronic Muslim usurper, indicates

    to me that there cannot be any doubt in anyone’s mind concerning the stupid Americans

    whom relected this closet Muslim. The Supreme Court let the American people down, and

    now, the American people have let our country down because of the selfish maneurvers

    of the Blacks, the Hispanics, and all of the Minorities that rely on “FREE STUFF” from the

    government. The rest of we sane Americans, detest the POTUS votes, with a passion, if

    you follow. You are as bad as this lying closet, un-American Muslim, but hopefully, this

    Moron will be arrested, tried and convicted for his cowardly act in Benghazi, where he

    permitted 4 Americans to die, while he fiddled, if you follow. Another crazy NERO, watching

    Rome/Benghazi burn. This Moron needs to be held accountable, for once, otherwise, our

    system of justice will be the laughing stock, globally, which will tend to embolden our


  • Wow, quite an update Jim… so you have readers in the State Department, interesting. And the photo… who cares that you used an old stock photo, this article is NOT about a ‘party pic’, but I know there are some people, ie TROLLS who lack critical comprehension skills.

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  • BigRed

    “…but surely we can agree that posting a lie is far different than posting an opinion.”

    You mean like blaming a video for the deaths of four Americans?

  • Julie

    come on people, the State Dept. said “it is not so, the Clintons are not in or going to the Dominican Republic “- now, who does not take their word as gospel ? Would / could they possibly be another part of government that lies to its citizens ? Nah, how could I even think such a thing. It is rather difficult lately to figure out, from the Head Man on down the line who tells the biggest lies.

  • wtd

    #30 Big Red

    “…but surely we can agree that posting a lie is far different than posting an opinion.”

    You mean like blaming a video for the deaths of four Americans?


  • Joanc

    I am so sick of Bubba and Hilliary, I can’t understand how they get away with so many questionable actions, and still remain in good standing with their party and the media. Most people would be ashamed to show their faces after being exposed, not the Clintons, who are in sync with all the lying politicians in Washington DC. Ethics, is a forgotten word, but maybe they never had any to begin with! Talk about a snake pit, and you have the right name for our nations capitol leaders, shame on them. Their sneaky actions hurt US citizens who end up paying end, while the Pols benefit. Rules, are not for them, Oh- No, they only apply to the peons. It is time for a change, and an insistence on Term Limits, and also backgound checks just as evey person applying for a menial job has to undergo. I don’t mean to paint all of the DC pols with a dirty brush, for there are some with the right intentions, but are unable to act because of the “BMOC” jerks who are entrenched and are able to stop anything they don’t like from getting on the calendar.

  • I suppose we’ll have to wait and see if there are any photos as proof – will any paparazzi have the guts to go to the Dominican to find out?

  • John Stinger

    Thanks for the laughs. All the hatred, vitriol, lies, and distortions directed at the Clintons, and they’re not even going to the D.R.

    “Alcoholics, partying, one frickin’ beer will cause stroke and cardiac arfythmia, Muslim, … ad infinitum.”

    Listening to deranged people making what they think is intelligent commentary is extremely entertaining.

  • John Stinger

    You guys could learn something from this public display of dimwitted lunacy . . . but you won’t.

    You’ll be back tomorrow posting the same old stupidity.

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    YOU credit that AP photo as from May 25, 2008. WHY are you being dishonest?

    I’ll ask again: Where was it said that the photo was supposed to be of Hillary at the resort in question?

  • Sox The Cat

    No word on what they ARE going to be doing NOW mind you… But sounds like the kibosh has now been put on the plans for Punta Cana. Assuming we can believe the State Department. (Cough-BENGAZI-Cough) Because they have such credibility, you know.

  • Gail

    I’m sorry some of you are so jealous but I really don’t think Hilliary looks that bad in this picture. I don’t care for her and I would never vote for her but as one woman to another, I would never bully her or harass another woman like this.

  • Bart Roberts


    Who the hell gives a rat’s ass where hillary is?

    But, since you brought up the subject, Phillippe, you remember, back when Hillary was co-President, when she went to Pyongyang and visited The Dear Leader, and the main stream media hushed it up nice and tidy?

    So, does hillary plan to return to Communist nK, to call upon [and grovel to] the new Dear Leader, [and fellow Commie] Kim Jong Un?

    Bartholomew Roberts

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  • DANEgerus

    Some LibRule condemned me for tweeting this claiming the ‘story’ had been retracted… as if Hillary’s fake concussion excuse is defensible.

  • CeeDee

    Really, Jim, they are supposed to be the department of diplomats?!

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Isn’t it rather interesting that the story on the Dominican Today website, if it’s untrue, hasn’t been retracted yet as of this posting?

  • Highlander

    “Listening to deranged people making what they think is intelligent commentary is extremely entertaining….”

    Yes, John, it is. We’re anxiously awaiting your next comment ….

  • Seron

    The photo is an old one. PIAPS looks much older and fatter these days.

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  • So much unsupported information. Although I hate the worthless Clintons with a passion, I would like some verification. The country would be much better had the draft dodger stayed in one of the places where he committed treason and if worthless # 2 had never been heard of.

  • jagars

    I just lucked upon this site, but I will now bookmark it. You guys, on both sides are Hillaryous.

  • Morton Friedman

    Denial by the State Department. But not a word about where ther actually are. Actions speak louder than words, have the Clintons address the public, in person, and it should be at a venue in the United Sates. Mere words from either the Clintons, or the State Department, are meaningless.

  • David S. McQueen

    The US Department of State is pretty snarky when it comes to chastising the opposition but it’s apparently OK to evade questioning by the representatives of the American people. The US Government is showing its true colors: it exists only to keep ideological fellow travelers in office, not for the welfare of the American people. The US government is no longer legitimate.

  • Kissmygrits

    Can’t accuse the liars of lying, now can we? The response said they would not be in the DR but didn’t say where they would be spending new years eve. You have to use an archive photo if the source doesn’t provide one. Wintour would have freaked out anyway at the sight of a photographer.

  • Joel Heath

    This screams “obstruction of justice” to me, or at least its closest political cousin, why is her lying butt not dragged off to jail for this kind of crap?

  • This is an old picture of her. All you have to do is click on the two posts to see this is the same picture that was taken in 2008 or 2009. She has gotten even more ugly since then. That being said, Hillary is a worthless piece of crap, just like Obama & 90% of the members of congress. They get into politics, not because they care for the USA & it’s citizens, but because of the power, the money, & all of the perks. Politicians are attracted to politics, which offers these things, because they have no morals, no conscious, & are natural born liars. This country is in deep trouble because of these traitors. (Both Parties)

  • Steven Hicks

    The probably took Jane Fonda with them to the resort. After all, what could be more appropriate than she and Jane Fonda vacationing together. They have a lot in common. They both are good at stabbing the American people in the back.

  • John

    Congress need s quit dancing around and hold her in Contempt on Congress until she testify and if she refuses, issue a warrant, arrest her and drag her to court or throw her butt in jail

  • Farleyagain

    It wasn’t Hillary’s call to abandon the ambassador; and it wasn’t the CIA’s either. We all know where the blame lies. Panetta and Hillary launched the OBL attack, got him and then quickly told the story to Mr. O. He never could get it right as we saw in the announcements. The situation room pictures tell the story. Biden was called in because, unlike Obama, he was at work that day. Whittle is right, Obama has to read everything because he doesn’t understand it, doesn’t believe it, and is just enjoying the perks from standing there saying it. The height of his hubris was the beer summit and his gifts to Queen Elizabeth.

  • Chester
  • sbeitman

    I am amazed that she could even walk with the total lack of a spine. Concussion yup that’s why I’m not in school today. the American public should wake up!

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  • Usmale

    WHO CARES….WOW you would think there’s more important things going on…

  • SayItIsn’tSo commented accurately but missed two points. One, that in addition to being the most stupid lying looting mass-murdering co-serial-rapist “woman” in all of time to have ever taken a dump between two shoes, Missus Billy-Bubbah’s a drunk and like all drunks is ending up sleeping in her own waste.

    And the other is that try as they may, they simply can not make strawberry jam from pig poop!

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Well whaddya know, the article was finally updated, and it seems that the same person that Mr Hoft indicated contacted him also made contact with the DT media.

    What I find amusing about this whole episode is Mr Philippe’s little insinuation about a “falsehood”, and that “posting a lie is far different than posting an opinion” bull$h!t, almost as if Mr Hoft was responsible for the dustup, when it was a DT article that commentary was being made on.

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  • R. McKenney

    She is looking like she is, a fat old Communist. I hope she has dreams/nightmares of Vince Foster, China Gate, and all the selfish damage she and Oxford Bill have done to this country. What does Vernon Jordan say now?

  • Truth

    You are all scum

  • Are you all complete idiots or are
    you just unable to read! The Clintons are NOT in the Dominican. You are obviously all Republicans, you’re all stupid and have NO tact!!

  • Pingback: Clinton’s clot, Krauthammer’s shame « The Reality-Based Community()

  • Mark Kleiman

    … and Gateway Pundit could use some work on its truth-telling skills.

  • If you click on the image the following caption is below it reads as follows:

    Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., hoists a “Presidente” beer at Sabor Latino Restaurant & Bar in San Juan, Puerto Rico Sunday, May 25, 2008. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

    The story is false…

  • Suchenmann

    You people are disgusting. Hillary is in the hospital with a blood clot in the brain. Shame on all of you. No wonder conservatives are loathed.

  • Timb

    Yeah, they should have known you don’t have a problem posting a lie

  • Jimbo

    Whadda buncha chit.

  • Pingback: Hillary NOT Healed!! reportedly in New York hospital with blood clot | Walid Shoebat()

  • Docmo

    Whatever happened in the past/will happen in the future, it is George W. Bush Jrs fault. (with sarcasm).

  • Emerson Gravely

    “The State Department could use some work on their people skills.”

    What a pathetic avoidance of personal responsibility. You screw up and try to blame someone else.

    I think someone could work on their journalism skills . . . do a little investigative reporting.

  • John Stinger

    What an asinine fool. Printing a lie is bad enough, but trying to make it seem like someone else’s fault is purely pathetic.

    This writer obviously has no integrity or credibility, journalistic or otherwise.

    So why do people read his column? Because they wish to be misinformed.

    What’s the most dangerous place in the world. Anywhere between a wingnut and his Kool Aid.

    I really enjoyed the show.

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  • smariel

    Wow – you people need to get a life. What is with all the venom? Some of these comments are disgusting. And now you all must be aware you were completely wrong: she’s in the hospital with a blood clot. Care to apologize?

  • Ihatelibs

    I guess the blood clot came from the drunk that tried to fu*k her on the bar.

  • fuster

    as the State department is correct and your “reporting” FOS, people it’s yourself lacking in skill.

  • Jeff Horton

    I think we should get her the in the best health care system in the world Cuba. After all if it is good enough for Hugo Chavez it should be good enough for the democrats.

  • Pingback: Hillary Clinton Hospitalized With Blood Clot | Wikisis()

  • Carol

    I am Canadian so am not affliated with any party, I have read your blogs and watched Fox News. Do you realize that Hillary was a First Lady, Senator and a darn good Secretary of State. I dont know how anyone can say she is not testifying because she was faking an illness. I have never seen anywhere where Hillary Clinton has ever not stood up for herself and explain herself. I cant believe there are people in your country who actually believe stuff like this many of which have been on TV for five minutes this is character assination of the worst kind. Can you honestly wonder what other countries are thinking when they hear this nonsense. Please America start working together to get your house in order.

  • steve kruger

    Bengazi looks more like a mosad hit than a terror atack.

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