An injured journalist is surrounded by other journalists after the Al Wafd headquarters was attacked by Islamists in Cairo December 15, 2012. Islamists attacked the opposition Wafd party’s newspaper and headquarters today. (Reuters)

Hardliner Islamists torched the liberal Wafd Party headquarters in Cairo today.
Al-Arabiya reported:

The headquarters of Egypt’s Wafd Party in Cairo was torched on Saturday by supporters of Salafi Islamist politician Hazem Salah Abu Ismail, an Al Arabiya correspondent reported.

The liberal party’s deputy chairman Fouad Badrawi was injured in the attack, in which the radical Islamist’s supporters managed to break into the party’s building despite heavy security presence.

El-Said Badawi, head of the Wafd Party, told Al Arabiya in an interview, “Today, the Egyptian state, represented by the ministry of interior, has collapsed. The ministry cannot maintain order, allowing militias to roam freely in the country.”

The when law enforcement falls, the law of the jungle prevails,” Badawi said.

The violence broke out as Egyptians voted in a referendum on a new constitution intended to pull the country out a growing political crisis.

The Wafd party had pulled out from the Constituent Assembly that drafted a controversial constitution that was put to vote on Saturday.

Supporters of Abu Ismail had targeted media offices and liberal opposition groups accusing them of trying to sabotage constitutional referendum.




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  1. Now thats a conservative!! I guess we cant do that here

  2. Isn’t religion so beautiful?


    Thanks for the great article. This is the future of America–if we let these savages in.

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    For proof, see “Talmud Unmasked” by Rev. Pranthis.

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  4. 0bama was celebrating these deaths with chants of death to america and compelling his democrats to try and abolish the US constitution and get sharia law introduced into it.
    ….or at least rewrite the constitution and replace it with the new us constitution with the communist manifesto at it’s core….

    …so that liberals can create and follow their dream of the communist utopia…


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