Hannity: My Source at White House Meeting Today Is Convinced Obama Wants to Go Over Cliff (Video)

Sean Hannity told viewers tonight that he had a source who met with Barack Obama at the White House today. Hannity said his source is convinced Barack Obama wants to go over the fiscal cliff. Barack Obama has not budged at all from his original position of raising taxes on those making over $250,000 a year since the process started.

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  • http://iopian.blogspot.com IOpian

    Of course he does. He has no problem raising everyone’s taxes especially if irrespective of what the truth his mindless minions in the press will blame the Republicans and his dull witted supporters will believe it.

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  • AmericaWILL

    This isn’t news to me. A community organizer does just this type of thing.

  • Dale in Atlanta

    So why doesn’t someone post video of Obama saying in the second or third debate with Romney, that the “Fiscal Cliff” would NOT happen! I remember him saying it well; another LIE of his that he will never be held accountable for:


  • Time

    Geez, don’t act so surprised. Not like we been yelling at all you zombies for five years almost. Why the heck you think he just wrote his newest executive order giving his vice president elect a raise and all in congress ? Hmm, It does not take a rocket scientist to get this figured out.. Job well done. They are being rewarded for their over the cliff we go, high ho, high ho.. Now here goes the dollar, how low can we go, this low…..CRASHHHHHHHHHH….It’s their way or the highway… Welcome to the New World Disorder…

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  • bigL

    Tom Marr in for Levin said that after the Meeting with Boehner et al Obie went baci tot he office and signed an executive order lifing the ban on pay raises for federal employees. so biden gets $6,000 more a year and the Congresers, the Senators, Supremes all get raises.Nice huh.
    Boy he really wants to set off some “bitter clingers”

  • bigL

    sorry, didn’t see 26 by TIME

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  • rolling thunder

    The politicians are convinced that they contain the damage of going over the cliff. Perhaps. Perhaps not. Regardless, it seems an utterly insane position with the well-being of the standard of living of three hundred million Americans. Things just might go slightly off script , you know?

  • JenBee

    Until that ignorant Honey Boo Boo voter feels the pain in his pocket, he’ll remain ignorant.

    Let that single mother making $24,000 a year feel the pain. Watch her cry as she sees her taxes go up 50%, as her current 10% tax bracket goes up to 15%. Watch her cry as her $1,000 per child tax credit falls to $500 per child. Only then might a light bulb go off in her head as she realizes that those Bush tax cuts DID help her, oh lordy, they weren’t just for those eeevil rich folks!

    Of course, she’ll be told by the Democratic Media Complex that the reason her taxes are going up is cause of those eeevil Republicans, who are sacrificing the low and middle class holding out for tax cuts for the eeevil rich. And she’ll watch as The Precious uses his bully pulpit twice in January – once for the Inauguration speech, again for the SOTU speech – to blame those eeevil Republicans, and she’ll believe every word he says, cause he lies oh so well.

    I’ve said it a million times: Until we do something about this media embargo the Dems have secured, we’ll continue to lose because no matter how factually correct and morally superior our message is, it will be distorted by the media. Period.

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  • Patty

    Obama hates the republican party. PERIOD. And now this nation is going to hell in a hand-basket.

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  • Ghost


  • airon-later

    I’m going to call BS on Hannity’s “source” at the White House. This is not a new tactic employed by Hannity or Fox”News” for that matter. Can’t this and other sources that Fox claims to have be vetted? In reality, no, as Hannity and his fellow misinformers don’t have to reveal their sources from a strict legal perspective. This allows Fox to continually diseminate blatant falsehoods by insisting “some people say” or “our sources inform us”.

    The “tell” that Sean has that makes even a casual viewer of Fox know that he is lying is that his talking point of “Obama wants to go over cliff for political reasons so tax cuts will look like his idea” has been parroted on various shows prior to this episode of Hannity.

    There is no source. Period.

    Moreover, why would Obama even want to claim that Bush era tax cuts as part of his economic legacy, seeing as how they didn’t work?

  • airon-later

    And another blatant lie from Hannity in this clip is easily exposed………