Hannity: My Source at White House Meeting Today Is Convinced Obama Wants to Go Over Cliff (Video)

Sean Hannity told viewers tonight that he had a source who met with Barack Obama at the White House today. Hannity said his source is convinced Barack Obama wants to go over the fiscal cliff. Barack Obama has not budged at all from his original position of raising taxes on those making over $250,000 a year since the process started.

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  • bg


    it’s mind-boggling how they can pretend not
    to know this, even more-so if they don’t.. 😯


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  • bg


    we do not listen..

    he coming collapse of the U.S. dollar is a done deal.

    ergo, we suffer the consequences..


  • bg


    re: #3 December 28, 2012 at 9:11 pm bg

    he = The


  • Gail

    I think we should start calling them out one by one by name and ask them to resign. Mostly all are totally useless! NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD MEN TO COME TO THE AID OF THEIR COUNTRY!!!!!!!

  • Golly Sean, you’re almost as smart as Bill O’Reilly.

  • suzanne

    Agreed bg #3….it’s a done deal.

  • RealMc

    “Obama Wants to Go Over Cliff ”

    um…….. DUH!!!!

  • Sal Goldstein

    I would not want to be a politician or in the media when the SHTF. They will be the first rounded-up by angry patriots.

  • No need for sources Hannity, some of us here been saying this for last four years the game plan of this regime from the beginning is to completely destroy this Great Nation..

  • Chippy

    We are already “over the cliff” and into the socialist bath tub.

  • DomesticGoddess

    How about a No Confidence vote to remove Obama?

  • Of course Obama wants to go over the cliff, that is the whole point of his Cloward-Piven spending the last four years.

  • Highlander

    #10 – My thoughts exactly. I don’t need a “source in the White House” to tell me what is staring me right in the face every day. The good news is that when the hammer falls, Obama and his minions are going to own the resulting misery. I hope they realize that …

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  • BurmaShave

    If “Never let a crisis go to waste” were your philosophy, creating crises would be your philosophy also.

  • OxyCon

    The “Fiscal Cliff” is the wet dream Obama has been having since his radical days at Occidental. He gets to decapitate the military; punish successful people and demonize Republicans. It’s the win-win trifecta of a well concealed far-Left ideologue. Politically and ideologically, Obama must be so satisfied that he is achieving all of his goals.

  • BS61

    Jim – He also said Boehner is going to let some Republican’s vote No so they don’t get primaried by the Tea Party!

  • Woody

    Think of it as a fiscal carnival ride; once it’s over we’ll stand in line to ride it again. Welcome to the age of endless crises.

  • luke duke

    Freaking ridiculous that our budgeting and fiscal processes have become a reality show – all the elements are there: good guys, bad guys, phony deadlines, etc. Such Drama! So exciting!

    There is a process that is codified in law to handle the fiscal affairs of the nation. Sen Jeff Sessions calls this out in a great WSJ op ed.

    But the MSM wants the Drama!, so that’s what they deliver.

    In the end, it doesn’t matter. Let It Burn. Tax hikes are a wild guess as to revenue raised. Spending cuts are money certain that is saved. Tell me why we’re having any discussion of tax rates at all?

  • Of course he does. He has no problem raising everyone’s taxes especially if irrespective of what the truth his mindless minions in the press will blame the Republicans and his dull witted supporters will believe it.

  • bg
  • bg
  • AmericaWILL

    This isn’t news to me. A community organizer does just this type of thing.

  • Dale in Atlanta

    So why doesn’t someone post video of Obama saying in the second or third debate with Romney, that the “Fiscal Cliff” would NOT happen! I remember him saying it well; another LIE of his that he will never be held accountable for:


  • Time

    Geez, don’t act so surprised. Not like we been yelling at all you zombies for five years almost. Why the heck you think he just wrote his newest executive order giving his vice president elect a raise and all in congress ? Hmm, It does not take a rocket scientist to get this figured out.. Job well done. They are being rewarded for their over the cliff we go, high ho, high ho.. Now here goes the dollar, how low can we go, this low…..CRASHHHHHHHHHH….It’s their way or the highway… Welcome to the New World Disorder…

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  • bigL

    Tom Marr in for Levin said that after the Meeting with Boehner et al Obie went baci tot he office and signed an executive order lifing the ban on pay raises for federal employees. so biden gets $6,000 more a year and the Congresers, the Senators, Supremes all get raises.Nice huh.
    Boy he really wants to set off some “bitter clingers”

  • bigL

    sorry, didn’t see 26 by TIME

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  • rolling thunder

    The politicians are convinced that they contain the damage of going over the cliff. Perhaps. Perhaps not. Regardless, it seems an utterly insane position with the well-being of the standard of living of three hundred million Americans. Things just might go slightly off script , you know?

  • JenBee

    Until that ignorant Honey Boo Boo voter feels the pain in his pocket, he’ll remain ignorant.

    Let that single mother making $24,000 a year feel the pain. Watch her cry as she sees her taxes go up 50%, as her current 10% tax bracket goes up to 15%. Watch her cry as her $1,000 per child tax credit falls to $500 per child. Only then might a light bulb go off in her head as she realizes that those Bush tax cuts DID help her, oh lordy, they weren’t just for those eeevil rich folks!

    Of course, she’ll be told by the Democratic Media Complex that the reason her taxes are going up is cause of those eeevil Republicans, who are sacrificing the low and middle class holding out for tax cuts for the eeevil rich. And she’ll watch as The Precious uses his bully pulpit twice in January – once for the Inauguration speech, again for the SOTU speech – to blame those eeevil Republicans, and she’ll believe every word he says, cause he lies oh so well.

    I’ve said it a million times: Until we do something about this media embargo the Dems have secured, we’ll continue to lose because no matter how factually correct and morally superior our message is, it will be distorted by the media. Period.

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  • Patty

    Obama hates the republican party. PERIOD. And now this nation is going to hell in a hand-basket.

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  • Ghost


  • airon-later

    I’m going to call BS on Hannity’s “source” at the White House. This is not a new tactic employed by Hannity or Fox”News” for that matter. Can’t this and other sources that Fox claims to have be vetted? In reality, no, as Hannity and his fellow misinformers don’t have to reveal their sources from a strict legal perspective. This allows Fox to continually diseminate blatant falsehoods by insisting “some people say” or “our sources inform us”.

    The “tell” that Sean has that makes even a casual viewer of Fox know that he is lying is that his talking point of “Obama wants to go over cliff for political reasons so tax cuts will look like his idea” has been parroted on various shows prior to this episode of Hannity.

    There is no source. Period.

    Moreover, why would Obama even want to claim that Bush era tax cuts as part of his economic legacy, seeing as how they didn’t work?

  • airon-later

    And another blatant lie from Hannity in this clip is easily exposed………


  • JenBee

    lol @ airon-later and the Bush tax cuts didn’t work.

    You need to look up federal tax receipts for the year before the Bush tax cuts, and the following 5-6 years — they went up. Furthermore, the deficit went down, shrinking to a low of something like $250 billion (I forget the exact year that was; 2005 perhaps?). Then comes 2006-2007, when Democrats took over both houses of Congress and started spending like mad (and Bush signed all their spending bills, so he was complicit), and then the deficit climbs (to about $650 billion), but federal tax receipts were still increasing. In case you don’t understand the terms I’m using, what this means is that by bringing the tax rate for EVERYONE down, the federal government took in MORE money each year (provable, like I said, LOOK IT UP if you don’t believe me), and the deficit went DOWN (again, provable, LOOK IT UP).

    Didn’t work, huh? Typical Lib, just throwing Democratic talking points out there without knowing what the hell you’re talking about, hoping that if you repeat them enough everyone will believe you.

  • JenBee

    Did the work for you, airon-later, since I knew you wouldn’t…

    WH: Federal Revenue Hit All-Time High of $2.57T—In 2007 Under Bush

  • Tom

    The POTUS ran and won by a wide margin on raising taxes on people making over250000 why should he give in to the losers. Democracy people!

  • airon-later
  • Injunjoe

    #25 and that surprises you how?

  • David

    Hannity is right. It was planned from the start in the week after the election and I know it for a fact. Next will be tax cuts in Jan for 98pct and then a discussion about debt ceiling in feb

    The media all know it and are planning to make Obama look like a hero

  • #20 has it right.
    #25 – do you really think the liberal media would call out dear leader and be punished again with no press conferences for 6 months?

  • “obama wants to raise taxes on people earning over $250,000 a year. at what point does the american worker say to the politican you have confiscated enough of our income? why do leftists like arion want to concentrate more wealth in the hands of the few hundred politicans that have more money they everyone else put together.

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  • lIZ

    He wants it obviously, and over the cliff we go since Obama is driving the USSA wreck. He wants to shed the dollar, and I think he wants a new currency with his face on it. He’s that type.

  • Dudette

    I suspected from almost the beginning, that this fiscal cliff business was nothing but another Obama con game. No matter what the Republicans offer, Obama will not sign. Obama wants taxes to go up on everyone including the middle class that he claims to protect.

    Obama is an evil man, a chronic liar who cannot be trusted.

    He is always playing some kind of con game, sticking it to the American people.

  • oldlineconservative.com

    This is no revealtion. We have known this for some time now.

    If we go over the cliff Obama gets what he really wants—a tax hike on the richest Americans. Also, he gets to blame the tax hike on middle calss families on the GOP.

  • Highlander

    Airon, there are as many “experts” defending the Bush era tax cuts as there are attacking them. So, who should we believe? We should believe Obama, who said himself that raising taxes on the American people during a recession was a bad idea …. but that was back when he was still eligible for re-election and economic failure would have consequences. Now that he’s in his final term, and he has “more latitude” to impose his progressive Socialist agenda on us without consequence, he’s suddenly in favor of raising taxes. You partisan hacks are really pathetic … you’ll say or do ANYTHING to benefit yourselves. The concept of doing what’s fair, just, and GOOD FOR THE COUNTRY is completely foreign to you isn’t it?

  • oldlineconservative.com

    This is no revelation. We have always known this.

    If we go over the cliff the richest Americans face a tax hike. This is what Obama really and truly wants. He possesses a visceral hatred of the rich. The tax hike on the middle class [FICA etc.] will be blamed on the GOP. He wins all around. He may be uncultured but he is a sly fox.

  • Time

    People that are saying, believe that Mr Ojingles really, just wants to tax the rich, starting at $250 and up are very misguided. His intention is nothing of that. He knows well that anyone making $250, $300k, small business has no where near the write offs needed to keep them afloat. They are Ma and Pa businesses. They are NOT large corporations bringing, raking in millions, if not billions that have loop holes, tax cuts built into tax codes, designed specifically for them, corporations who employ hundreds, thousands of workers. Take for example G.E. their taxes. What did they pay in taxes ? Hmm, I’ll let you figure it out or you can google it. But, it is plain as your nose on your face.

    This is to garner and rape the middle to upper middle class. That is where the real sustainable wealth is, majority is, many more in populous fall in this bracket. This is why he refuses to budge on the $250k income. He knows millions in this country fall into that bracket, especially Ma and Pa stores. They will bring in a fortune the first few years in revenue unless people refuse, stop paying their taxes. It will then fall on the large corporations payments, but their contributions are drastically reduced because of loop holes, and their off shore manufacturing that they have reduced a lot of their taxes. Why do you think so many large companies build smaller plants in other countries and build their products there, ship from other countries,? It is to avoid steep taxes.

    This will ruin the middle/ upper middle class. It will throw this nation into a spiral downward, out of control, tail spin. It will force millions of once prosperous people into border line poverty. Losing all they worked for.

  • airon-later

    “….You partisan hacks are really pathetic … you’ll say or do ANYTHING to benefit yourselves. The concept of doing what’s fair, just, and GOOD FOR THE COUNTRY is completely foreign to you isn’t it?”

    Physician, heal thyself

  • Look-Out

    He wants to TAX and SPEND this country into bankruptcy. It’s been the plan all along. “How to Destroy a Nation 101”.

    He’ll do it however he can. He’s not stupid. He’s not insane. He was raised and shaped by sick, twisted people for this very evil intent. He’s just doing what’s been expected of him from Day One.

    What individual or family unit that wants to thrive would ever BORROW and SPEND as much as he? WE’RE GOING TO CRASH AND BURN. That’s his GOAL. He has no interest in stopping the insanity. WHAT SERIOUS SPENDING CUTS HAS HE OFFERED? He only wants to TAX more so he can SPEND more.

    Ever MANFACTURING the CRISIS that he/they can exploit.

    He and those he surrounds himself with hate America. He’s the very leader our founders knew would destroy us. But don’t fool yourselves into thinking the majority of Americans wanted him reelected and voted for him. Where were all the happy people when he won another 4 years? NOT EVEN IN DEEP BLUE STATES WAS THERE A TRACE OF JOY OR CELEBRATION. Stunned SILENCE instead. A growing, nagging FEAR that the WORST may actually be TRUE. Every outward indication was that Romney would win…

    The commies know how to lie and cheat. It’s their area of expertise. We’re in the grip of that evil.

    To you idiots who actually did vote for him….ever wonder how the Germans could have been so stupid? Well, take a look in the mirror. What you see is that very face of stupid. Let the self-loathing begin. You earned it. Then dry your eyes and REPENT. There’s work to be done: start DEMANDING the SPENDING BE DRASTICALLY CUT. AND DENY THE DIRTY DEMS ANYTHING THEY WANT. Fight them every step of the way. Let’s hope it’s not too late to save a great nation.

  • bg


    airon-later #44 December 29, 2012 at 7:59 am

    excuse me.. they wee no longer the “Bush Era Tax
    Cuts” once Obama added to and extended them..

    Bush-Era Tax Cuts

    Updated: Dec. 5, 2012

    [In 2010, President Obama and Republican leaders struck a
    deal that extended them for two more years as part of a
    broader package meant to support the still-fragile economy.]


    In the years that followed, Democrats vowed to let the Bush
    administration’s tax cuts for the wealthiest taxpayers expire as
    scheduled after 2010. In the 2008 campaign, Mr. Obama called
    for repealing the tax cuts for the rich in 2010, a year before they
    would otherwise expire. But once in office, he quietly set aside
    that promise because of the recession, proposing to let them
    lapse at the start of 2011 as the original law provided.


    In 2008, Barack Obama campaigned on a promise to roll back the
    high-end cuts, but a Democratic Senate balked at muscling through
    that change. After making huge gains in the November 2010 midterm
    elections, Republicans announced they would block all legislation in
    the lame-duck session that followed until all the cuts were extended.

    In December 2010, Mr. Obama reached a deal with Republicans that
    extended the tax cuts at all income levels through the end of 2012
    (they expire Jan. 1, 2013) as part of a package that would also keep
    benefits flowing to the long-term unemployed, cut payroll taxes for
    all workers for a year and take other steps to bolster the economy.
    It also continued tax breaks on dividends and capital gains, and
    lowered the estate tax.

    In September 2011, Mr. Obama again proposed ending the tax
    breaks for taxable income above $250,000 per household as
    part of a $3 trillion deficit reduction plan.

    In 2012, the issue took on new urgency as economists warned that
    inaction would put the nation over a “fiscal cliff,’’ if the tax cuts and
    other stimulative measures were allowed to expire on Jan. 1, 2013
    just as tough spending cuts were set to kick in, a combination that
    could damage the fragile economic recovery.

    Mr. Obama called for a one-year extention of the cuts on household
    income below $250,000. Senate Democrats put together a bill to
    do that while raising income, capital gains and estate tax rates to
    rise on income above that level; in addition, the bill extended tax
    breaks for lower-income families that were passed as part of the
    2009 stimulus bill.

    In July, Senate Republicans unexpectedly dropped a planned filibuster
    and the Senate passed the Democratic plan. A Republican plan to
    extend all the Bush-era cuts while ending the 2009 tax breaks was
    defeated 54 to 45.]

    sorry, but for ill or good, Obama &
    the Dems own their own tax era..


  • bg


    re: #58 December 29, 2012 at 3:03 pm bg

    bottom line:

    both sides and presidents are to blame, as
    we the people are just pawns in their game..

    disclaimer: i do not believe Bush is evil (nor innocent), Obama on the
    other hand, what he is has been made quite clear, he is the one the
    elites have groomed to transition US into the NOWO, hence, who he
    truly is, is anyone guess..


  • Highlander

    I’m no partisan airon … I firmly believe that the leadership of both parties are our enemies. There’s no question that there are plenty of people in the GOP who have been just as destructive as the left has been when it comes to spending and corruption, so I support the principles of the Tea Party, and any politician who can prove to me that they will adhere to them. Basically, I believe in the CONSTITUTION, and the rule of law, and far too many people have abandoned both lately …

  • bg


    Highlander #60 December 29, 2012 at 4:41 pm


    re: #59 December 29, 2012 at 3:39 pm bg

    anyone – anyone’s


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