Meet the Press host David Gregory mocked NRA President Wayne LaPierre yesterday for proposing that armed guards be stationed at every school in America. But the liberal NBC host seems to have no problem with sending his kids to a school with armed guards.

Today the NRA mocked Gregory in this tweet:



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  1. A hypocrite of sorts?

    Oh, say it ain’t so!

  2. ++

    then there’s the following, which is really no big deal imho..
    well, that is, not unless he was a Republican anyways.. /s/

    December 23, 2012

    Did NBC’s David Gregory Violate D.C. Gun Law on National TV?


  3. Schools can’t afford to pay teachers. Where are they going to get the money to pay armed security, not to mention the extra insurance to cover guns on school property.

  4. prog montra, for me and not so much for thee.

  5. Those who live in blue states may have a problem with funding. Here we are going to arm our teachers and administrators. If truth be known, most of them probably already have conceal carry permits and if they were in possesion of that permit prior to Nov 1st, they can now open carry although I haven’t seen anyone do so. They will have to be CLEET certified so they will be well-trained which is what you want.

  6. @shadow

    They can REDISTRIBUTE the money from the Administrators and Unions Fees to an armed police officer being paid a salary on campus to protect. It is the same as done in a Court room with a baliff to protect the Judge and all participants. It helps deters nuts and fools understanding that will get some lead pumped in them when they act like Lanza did.

    Just think, if an armed police officer(s) had his & her 9 mm when Adam Lanza came in the principals office, many other students and teachers lives would have been saved.

  7. #6 December 24, 2012 at 3:03 pm
    shadow commented:

    School district administration bureaucrats keep getting raises, so maybe they can forgo their union guaranteed COLA.

    One main reason why school funding is so piss-poor is the agenda the unions force on students, and parents object to the indoctrination by voting. PTA talks get no where, no surprise that bureaucrats ignore the will of the people (parents).

  8. Leftists are hypocrites?


  9. Just like that fat pig Rosie Odumpal. It’s ok for them to have guns, just not us law abiding citizens.

    I have notice the lamestream media is now trying to report any and all gun deaths EXCEPT the rampant murders occuring in Chicago and D.C. by the non cornball brothers.

    Hey Shadow, how about they redistribute some of the money going to the school admin. I know in upstate New York, you have middle school principals making $220k a year and above. That’s why the tax rate is there is so out of control.

  10. We spend more than we need on “education” with the result that fewer children seem to learn anything. I get a kick out of people who, on the one hand, lament the feds involvement in too many aspects of our lives while on the other, thinks the feds (taxpayers) should provide funding for what should be the school districts’ responsibilities. When we start pushing back and decide to no longer accept federal (taxpayer) funds for education especially, disband the unions and re-take what is solely a state’s function, there will never be an improvement.
    Just as with all federal entities, there will never be enough money for them to waste.

  11. This is DC you muddle-headed, taxpaying slobs. How to get a handle on this mess is beyond me, but something has to be done. Perhaps we have awakened too late. Time and forebearance will tell.

  12. Just like Obama and the Clinton’s pushing public school but all their kids went to the same armed school. Hypocrites all!

  13. David Gregory, POS needs a high powered enema – to clean out the bad brains, schooling and teachings.

    Did he go to Harvard like Obama?

  14. Has the left realized these guards would likely be unionized civil servants? That might change their minds. Of course, it could also change mine.

  15. Well its about time somebody started giving a little back to the LSM. Maybe if more people stood up for what they believe instead of just sitting there getting rolled by the media, IE Ted Nugent, the other side of the argument may slip out. I’m not holding my breath waiting for any of our elected officials to say anything, GOD forbid, but one can hope right.

  16. Are all Libs so stupid to think that their stunts aren’t rendered moot when their hyprocrisy is so readily pointed out. It’s a wonder how any of them can walk….since they keep shooting themselves in the foot.

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