Gross. Barack Obama Uses Sandy Hook Massacre to Push Tax Hikes (Video)

This was gross.
During his press conference this morning Barack Obama used the masssacre at Sandy Hook School to push Republicans to agree to his tax hikes.

“After what we’ve gone through over the past several months, a devastating hurricane and now one of the worse tragedies in our memory, the country deserves the folks to be willing to compromise for the greater good.”

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  • alan

    Never waste a good opportunity to push your political agenda

  • Dave-0

    “Never waste a crisis” Obama at it again. Not only has he no shame, the concept of shame has never occurred to him.

  • Acted Stupidly

    The man is disgusting. If he really cared about innocent slaughtered Americans, Nadal Hassan wouldn’t still be alive and not on trial 3 plus years after Fort Hood. He could have raised taxes in his first two years but only wants to blame others for his inability to. How many Mexicans have died because of his gun walking. Just when I think he can’t go any lower he sets a new low.

  • yarply

    “Americans cling to their guns and their religion”,

    Once they get our guns then they think they can take our religion. But most have no faith anyhow. Deceived.

    Judgement comes first to the household of God.



  • Judy

    Obama thinks we are all stupid!

  • Tyrone

    This guy would use anyone, dead or alive, to further his agenda. You think he cares about a bunch of kids? Heck, he argued vehemnetly against providing aid and comfort to infants who survived an abortion (murder) attempt when he was in the Illinois Senate.
    Hussein is a cold-blooded narcissistic back-street organizer, nothing more.

  • Re Re

    He is a shameless, disgraceful parasite. How the hell could anyone, anyone with a functioning brain, cast a vote for this creep?

    He is nothing but a destroyer.

  • ktoo

    The saddest thing is that will of the people put him back in office. This is where we are, and there are no plans to go anywhere else. That’s just friggin’ depressing.

    Look at the public outcry to ban “assault weapons” over an incident involving pistols. Look at the demands to make the “rich” pay more, as if they are of another species. Look at the passive acceptance in the face of a massive consolidation of power in the Executive Branch. The evidence is all around us, yet the majority either don’t see, know, or care about it. Or they’re just plain stupid.

    We’re watching something that we’ve seen many times before…the dismantling of a nation. This time, however, it’s ours. What would’ve been unthinkable only 5 years ago, is more than thinkable; it’s happenning!

    For years, we’ve been told America is just another country, no better or worse than any other. Now that it’s finally coming to pass, why would we be any less susceptible to tyranny than Germany, Italy, Russia, etc.? Sadly, we aren’t anymore.

    Bring on the “fundamental transformation”. The public has spoken. Now what?

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  • http://none Harold D. Houfek

    And this clown was deemed ” Man of the Year ” by Time magazine. Obama has done so much to divide our country I do not know how in the world we can return to what we once were. God needs to come back into our schools, public places, and the USA

  • VaMedic

    For the GREATER GOOD of who????

  • Doug Evans

    I’m reading the commentary . . . is anything “not” a conspiracy theory? Many of you need to take an American History or culture class to get in touch with our past. Possibly, some of you wouldn’t be so frightened . . . America and Americans have always been independent . . . but uncommonly tolerant. When the metal is in the fire . . . watch out . . . yet we have no where neared that precipice. Jefferson mated with monkeys, Roosevelt is in bed with Stalin, Eisenhower is a closet communist . . . these fears are nothing unique . . . but now we can demonstrate our beliefs with assault weapons. Folks, mental health, weapons control, jobs, hope for the future for our kids . . . those are the issues to rail and fight for. We will always have guns, that right will never be abolished . . . quit watching T.V., spending time on the internet. it’s time for some reflection, start taking steps will to help your neighbor and community so children grow up strong, proud and hopeful . . . –not fear mongering adults.

  • John_M_B

    Any time Obama or any other Chicago bred politician speaks of compromise, it’s of the other guy going along with his (often illegal) ill conceived plans. He has re-defined the word “compromise”. Webster should change its definition to “See Capitulate”

  • B Dog

    What’s new – Obama takes every chance he can to politicize an event or criticize the conservative position – so long as it’s against his.

  • Ron Styrker

    President Obama using the massacre to push through a tax bill is disgusting.

  • kkbear

    Mr. President (aka el Presidente, Caesar Obominus) – you sir are an arrogant a–!! Politics always comes first with you. May history remember you as the one who divided this great nation!!!

  • hushpuppy

    Obama is an amoral egotist who used up his 15 minutes of fame long ago. Whack his pee- pee!

  • YankeeI

    Every single Obama voter should identified, most would voluntarily admit it, and in the spirit of Bill Engvald, be forced to wear an “I am a dumb ass!” lapel button!