Nutty Professor Kerrilee Ann Crosby threatened a “murderous rampage” after a conservative group exposed massive spending at a secret green junk science lab. reported:

A woman angered by a Watchdog investigation into the government lab where she works retaliated by threatening mass murder against this news organization in several Twitter posts.

“Have you ever felt like going on a murderous rampage? Start at @WatchdogCO ‘s offices. They perpetuate lies like this,” Kerrilee Ann Crosby tweeted last month while working at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

Crosby, 34, was responding to a Watchdog story detailing massive spending at the secret government lab, a Jimmy Carter initiative to push green energy. NREL and the two companies that manage its activities have received more than $1 billion from taxpayers since 2010 alone. Top executives at the lab earn well into six figures. NREL’s top manager, Dan Arvizu, makes close to $1 million per year. His two top lieutenants rake in more than$500,000 each and nine others make more than $350,000 a year.




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  1. A woman angered by a Watchdog investigation into the government lab where she works retaliated by threatening mass murder against this news organization in several Twitter posts.

    The gravy train is in jeopardy…

  2. when does the targeting of these a$$holes begin and where do i sign up? there is going to be another revolution with most of the military standing down…

  3. #13 they are still trying to figure out how to charge raise the prices of cheap energy 5 times so they can make it the same cost as fake green energy that can’t compete. Takes tons of money to push that fraud as cheaper and better.

  4. Ella #18… in agreement, AMEN

  5. ++

    Ella #18 December 12, 2012 at 10:10 pm

    passed it on, thank you..


  6. Typical. Typical disdain. Bite the hand that feeds you.

  7. just protecting her phony baloney job…….

  8. Junk Science Queen?

  9. So many rice bowls to break. So little time.

  10. the famous liberal civility.

  11. This is the problem when government gets involved in research and development. Opportunists who run it subdivided the loot among themselves. Reward themselves with exuberant salaries for nothing useful for majority of us.

    Government grants become just another money making business for nothing.

  12. She’s pretty cute for a whackjob.

  13. And those loons claimed the Tea Party was hateful.

  14. Isn’t she the same idiot who advocated throwing global warming doubters into “re-education” camps? If she isn’t then she is wearing the same ugly glasses.

    There is an element within the enviro-jihad movement who really yearn to wield totalitalian powers. We must do everything possible to make sure they fail in this.


    office_phone: 303-384-7378
    fax: 303-275-3040
    admin_asst_num: 303-275-3735

    Woooo — she’s got an Administrative Assistant. Must be a honcho to some degree if she’s that inundated.

    She looks SEXY….damn SEXY.
    I just think she needs to be F**KED really good and hard.
    Most likely she is sexually frustrated.
    I would take a class from her any damn day of the week !!
    I would even drink her bathwater.

  17. Do they need a janitor? Should be worth $150k at that payroll.

  18. I can tell you people exactly what’s happened to Kerrilee Ann Crosby’s mind. She has been exposed to a previously undetected by product of the ultra secret research project going on in the lab there. The “green” thing is just a cover for the real research project. Using this formula: C169 723H270 464N45 688O52 243S912, the Federal scientists at that lab are about to make a major breakthrough in the production of a modern day version of the drug “Soma”, first conceived by George Orwell in his 1932 epic work, Brave New World.
    Ms. Kerrilee Ann Crosby has been employed at the lab for many years as a Class 1 Lab Bunny in the human trial division. All Class 1 Lab Bunny candidates are recruited from state run mental health facilities. Ms. Kerrilee Ann Crosby caught the attention of recruiters from the NREL when they visited the hospital where she was ” staying”. Rumor has it that, when the NREL recruiters stepped off the elevator on the floor where Kerrilee Ann resided, they were immediately confronted by the sight of Ms. Kerrilee Ann Crosby doing “The Thorazine Shuffle” to the tune of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”, completely nude. Needless to say, Kerrilee stood out from the crowd and was hired immediately. It’s sad to say that Ms. Kerrilee Ann Crosby has lost her verve for life and has forgotten the joy of her version of The Thorazine Shuffle. She is one of the small group of research bunnies that exhibit toxic effects from New Soma. The actual mission of the NREL is PPPR in government speak. Those letters stand for Postpartum Population Pacification Research. In Ms. Kerrilee Ann Crosby’s case, New Soma hasn’t worked at all and because she has been denied Thorazine during her stay at NREL due to the fact that it could affect her reaction to New Soma, she has reverted to the state of mind that she had before admittance to her previous “home”. She has become Persephone, wife of Hades.

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