In 2007 parents of some 24,000 children in Pakistan refused to give their children immunizations after a radical Muslim clergy opposed the local polio vaccine plan.

Also in 2007, a Pakistani health official in charge of the campaign to inoculate children against polio was killed in a bomb blast, following rumors the vaccination was a US plot to sterilize them.(AFP/File/Ali Arif)

Thanks to regional paranoia to vaccinations, each year 400,000 new cases of TB are reported in Pakistan.

Now this…
Five female health workers involved in administering the polio vaccine were murdered in Pakistan this week.
CS Monitor reported:

Five female health workers involved in Pakistan’s polio eradication efforts were gunned down Tuesday in two of the country’s main cities amid militant resistance to immunization campaigns.

Unidentified gunmen killed four of the women in Karachi and a fifth in Peshawar. Two male volunteers were also injured in Tuesday’s attacks, according to Sindh’s health department. As a result, an ongoing polio vaccination campaign has been suspended throughout Sindh Province, according to the department.

Tuesday’s violence highlights a new trend of deadly attacks targeting women, who had previously been avoided unless they were members of religious minorities, says Jameel Yusuf, the former head of Karachi’s Citizens-Police Liaison Committee.

Earlier this year the Taliban shot a UN Polio doctor and his driver in Karachi.




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  1. Come on! Every muslim knows that Mohammed cured polio by ordering his followers to chew a mixture of camel urine, beetle dung, and toe jam.

  2. Sounds like Ayman al-Zawahiri is in the area. But after what happened to the last doctor, I doubt anyone will work with us again.

  3. Oh we’ll. Their own backward religion is their worse enemy. Maybe they should help a sane country next.

  4. Islam= stuck on stupid (and in the 8th century).

  5. Do you think it’s the guns or the crazy bastards pulling the triggers?

  6. Easy….don’t immunize them for anything. Problem solved. When they start dying the populace will only have hardcore Islamists to blame.

  7. You are indeed a good person Latin2. Some would think along the lines of dropping the real thing… so they could tell the difference.


    Just don’t tell them about those who treat the water, spray their farms and… nevermind.

  8. Such pathetic ignorance is sick. If they can’t join the modern world, let them rot.

  9. As a result, an ongoing polio vaccination campaign has been suspended throughout Sindh Province, according to the department.

    Here’s what to do: Stop sending them any more of the vaccine. Evacuate any non-Muslims left, quarantine the joint for however long it takes (years, if necessary) and wait until they all die off.

    I’d be inclined to just vacate the area entirely, but the polio virus is unlikely to voluntarily stay put within the confines of a Pakistan with unguarded borders.

  10. The truth Big Pharm does’nt want you to know;

  11. That’s what happens when the local preachers claim those people with the vaccines are trying to kill the children.

  12. They kill Christians, they kill women. and now they enable their children to get Polio.

    The U.S. gave $20.7 billion in military and economic development aid to Pakistan from fiscal 2002 through fiscal 2011. (Read more:

    This year we gave Pakistan over a billion dollars.

    If we stopped giving aid to other countries, we would be financially solvent.

  13. the kind of people that shot these women are being brought to the united states by the democrats. i wonder if its to fight that republican war on women?

    #13anti…you seem to be againist everything big execpt government.


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