Bill O’Reilly gave loudmouth liberal Bob Beckel a verbal beatdown today on The Five. O’Reilly wasn’t going to buy Beckel’s line of crap that the Obama Administration was acting to get chained US Marine Jon Hammar out of Mexican prison for Christmas.

“You know, you assume a lot!… So leadership is not saying anything and allowing the people to assume we are doing something while two individuals rot in prison. That’s Bob Beckel’s leadership. Let’s hear it for him.”



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  1. If this war veteran and devil dog had been gay or black you can bet there would be a national movement. But he’s just some cracker.

  2. I’ve said this since it became news, if the marine were black he would have been released already because of race baiters Jackson & Sharpton…because he’s white, crickets

  3. After Barry, Beckel is the person I would most like to punch in the mouth.

  4. Thank God that every once in a while someone on our side(thank you Bill) stands up to these leftist. This is what conservatives have few of(and the GOP none)–visible warriors that aren’t afraid to take on these leftist liars. Our side is too ‘polite.’ They have absolutely no problem treating us, and talking to us like s____.
    Started watching the Benghazi senate hearings today but couldn’t take it after a few minutes. State underlings not answering questions and talking in circles. Maybe a GOPer pinned them down but I doubt it.

  5. I have now switch channels when Alan Colmes is on the air, and no longer watch the 5 because of Beckel.

  6. Hammar brought in a legal gun to go hunting for animals, legally disclosed to the Mexican border authorities as directed by U.S. immigration officers who work for Barack Obama’s executive branch. Nobody was hurt other than Hammar, who has been unjustly imprisoned.

    Holder dumped thousands of illegal guns into the hands of narco-terrorists so he could go hunting for incidents to take down the Second Amendment, lied to Mexican and American officials repeatedly, as directed by Barack Obama’s executive branch. Thousands were hurt and killed.

    It appears Mexico has the wrong guy. It’s time to negotiate a prisoner exchange.

  7. ++

    great responses everyone!!

    December 20, 2012

    State Department official suggests Libya warnings went to the top

    unless you want to work up an ulcer, i wouldn’t bother reading
    what the next SOUNS = Mr. John “i served in Vietnam” Forbes
    Kerry has to say, i mean, it’s nothing we haven’t heard before..

    bottom line, they continue to scold about funding on
    the one hand, while robbing US blind with the other..


  8. bg: Of course they went to the top. We’ve known since August that Hillary got the urgent plea for protection and file-13’ed it. We know that Barack knew all hell was breaking loose, that men were fighting for their lives as shown on real-time drone TV, yawned and went to bed.

    This comes down to the “What are you gonna do about it” issue. The media doesn’t care – they work for the progressive party. 51% of the people don’t care because they think they’re getting free loot. The 1% elites don’t care because they’re assured that Obama will keep order when it all collapses (shortly) – that shooting was rather convenient in that it accomplish what stupid Holder couldn’t do in Fast & Furious: Make pretty little white dead bodies for the low-information voters to embrace more fascism.


  9. ++

    Multitude #11 December 20, 2012 at 5:54 pm

    albeit a few years too late..



  10. Only leadership that tub of lard knows is leading the way to the all you can eat buffet bar.

  11. I really liked The Five when it started but have stopped watching because of Beckel. He has neither the intellectual capacity nor the entertainment qualities of the others.

  12. May Beckel get run over by Santa for Christmas…. that tub of liberal goo (Beckel)!

  13. Doesn’t pay to pi$$ obama off.
    Tapper is paying for dissing him at a White House presser yesterday…. goes to work for CNN….

    ABC News Announces New Correspondent Assignments in Washington D.C. Bureau – ABC News

  14. Goodness, I guess ole Bill has finally woken up and taken off his Obama glasses. Who’d a thought that would ever happen? Too bad Bill didn’t see Obama for what he was 4 years ago. It was evident to most of us. One only had to inform oneself.

  15. You have to give “The Five” credit tor putting up with Bob.

  16. I so agree with Paul #4. I’d love to punch Oblamo, Beckel, and Alan Combes in the mouth.
    I stopped watching The Five too for awhile, but I do like the others so now when the unintelligent, windbag speaks, I mute the TV. I also do this for Oblamo. Life is much better not listening to these 2 losers.
    Beckel didn’t win to even sit near Bill. Hs body language said it all. Beckel sat so far back in his chair, he could have fallen backwards. Beckel researches nothing, but offers nonsensical opinions on things he knows nothing about. He too lazy to do any work before he speaks. I’m surprised Fox has kept him on. They have much smarter, less grating Libs who could be on instead. And I don’t mean the Oblamo lover Williams. No matter what Oblamo does, Juan is ready to offer some lame defense of him. Often he just spouts the liberal dribble.
    I’m glad this little exchange was on here because I mutated it today as I watched the show.

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