It figures.
Barack Obama honored the 57th Anniversary of the day Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus…
By posting a photo of himself on a bus.
Via FOX Nation:

Are you really surprised?




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  1. A EMPTY BUS FOR AN EMPTY president

  2. That’s gotta be killing you losers.

    You lost that one too. You fought like hell to keep black people at the back of bus but justice prevailed.

    Just like it will for gay people soon enough.

    Haters always lose.

  3. He so wants to relive those days of civil rights battles because he never had to struggle for anything. Self loathing a-hole.

  4. @jharp:

    Last time I checked it was Ds who wrote Jim Crow laws and founded the kkk. Nice try, read some history,get educated rather than repeating OFA and msnbc talking points.

  5. Why isn’t the tick turd in the back of the bus?

  6. Keep black people off the bus? Jharp, pick up a history book sometime. Your beloved Democrats started the KKK. Heck, the longest serving Senator was Robery Byrd who was a Democrat and a previous member of the Klan.

    Wanting all races to stand up and work for a living does not make a person racist. Quite the contrary. It is a clear indication that we believe all races are equally capable and shouldn’t hide behind the color of their skin.

  7. Watch Sacha Baron Cohen’s The Dictator. Best line with an apropos twist: “Oppressed at last. Oppressed at last. Thanks to O b a m a we’re oppressed at last!”

  8. It is always about the O…..

  9. #4 #6

    Conservatives you dumbasses. Conservatives.

  10. what a joke

  11. What a f-cking putz!

    It has always been about the O!, even when it’s not.

  12. Why are Ds incapable of taking the responsibility for their failings?

  13. Jharp…I know a lot of conservatives, some black, some gay – none i know have issues with black or gay equality.

    All take issue with laziness and handouts.

  14. Truth Teller commented:

    “Jharp…I know a lot of conservatives, some black, some gay – none i know have issues with black or gay equality.”

    So now conservatives favor marriage equality die gay people?

    Complete and utter nonsense. Conservatives campaign on denying gays equal rights. And pass laws designed to deny black people an equal opportunity to vote.

    How has that been working out for you?


  15. jharp,

    That was people like Al Gores dad that voted against the Civil Rights Act. Get to know the facts before you run off your public education system mouth.

  16. Truth Teller commented:

    Jharp…I know a lot of conservatives, some black, some gay – none i know have issues with black or gay equality.

    And Stromm Thurmond was a liberal, right?

    God you people are stupid.

    Please though, by all means. Keep it up. We really like your helping yourselves to losing elections.

  17. What an ass.

  18. Jharp is such a libtard. . The Southern Dixie Dems were the ones keeping Blacks segregated. . .
    heck many were in the Klan. .Like Senator Robert Byrd of West virginia. . .

    And Obama. . unlike Rosa Parks, tries to keep them on da bus of da Gubment. . . borke and BUS-ted. . family and finances. .

    Boy These people are stupid with 98% of dem votin for a man because of color and not character like Rev King said. .hey Jharp. .

  19. Portraying himself as what he is, a mediocre self centered man with no abilities other than rabble rousing and wasting the people’s hard earned money. IOW a fumb duck who belongs on a bus not Air Force One.

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