Famous Wolf Loved by Environmentalists Now Just a Trophy Head for the Fireplace

832F was an immense wolf and agile hunter. She was a good mother and loved by environmentalists around the world.

Last week she wandered outside of Yellowstone and was shot dead by hunters.
She ought to make a nice trophy for the fireplace.

KSL.com reported, via Free Republic:

She was an alpha female known as 832F to scientists, but lovingly called ” ’06” by local tourists, after the year of her birth. She was the most famous wolf in all of Yellowstone National Park, and led the Lamar Canyon wolf pack.

832F wandered outside of the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park Thursday, where she was shot and killed — legally — by hunters in Wyoming. That was made possible by recently-passed federal and state regulations that allow the killing of wolves as game.

The changes have made headlines and caused controversy, with hunters and ranchers treating wolves as a threat to be eliminated, while conservationists and scientists are alarmed by the hunts that come so soon after wolvers were re-introduced into the area in 1995.

832F is so named because she was a research wolf. Scientists had fastened a $4,000 collar to her neck with GPS tracking technology that allowed them to track her movements and better understand both her habits and the life of the pack.

832F was also popular with tourists because of her immense size and ability as a hunter. Park wildlife experts said that she could take down animals on her own, according to the New York Times. Wolf advocates said that she was a devoted mother to her cubs as well as being leader of a relatively large pack.

She’s the latest in a series of collared research wolves shot by hunters, with four being killed in the last few weeks.

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  • Hugh

    Legal or not–I find it sad, what a loss . . .

  • SturJen

    Herein brings up the code of honor among hunters. We don’t need to always get the ‘trophy buck’ just because we can. If I had an ability to hunt wolves in WY, I think I would have left this one alone, especially if I spied a tracking collar on it.

    There is a town in WI where there is an unwritten rule: Don’t shoot the white deer. There is a population of white deer – not albino but a genetic aberration – near this town. It was agreed upon by all hunters in the area that those deer were off the hunting list. Then some duma$$ went and shot one of the bucks this year. Why? Because he was a duma$$.

    Hunters of the past KNEW they could hunt anything, everywhere but they didn’t. They KNEW BETTER and used their brains to reason out that if they killed every trophy buck, every Alpha wolf, and every odd-colored animal, that there would be no more.

    Unfortunately, Humans have become stupid, greedy and pathetic. They want more and more and lose their ability to think and reason as humans used to. Welcome to the new world.

  • Who’s the big, bad, wolf now? What an awesome trophy head!!!

  • jfap

    It would have been great if Sarah Palin shot it from a helicopter.

  • clay

    Its best to kill them on sight .See how wild and noble they are after they kill someones kid .They are wonderful animals but they should never had been reintroduced When they are spotted in Utah they are killed on sight .

  • Jaimo

    It’s too bad we can’t introduce some of those beautiful creatures into California to weed out some of the undesirables, i.e. liberals. Sad though, it’s not like they’re going to eat the wolf. Don’t believe in shooting anything you don’t plan on slapping on some coals with a nice marinade.

  • sablegsd

    I stand with the wolves. They have been misunderstood and maligned for centuries. How many children are wandering around the wilderness alone in the winter? When was the last time a verifiable kill was noted?

  • Sasja

    How many children have been killed by wolves, clay?

  • Sasja
  • Comrade J

    Wolves/coyotes have been decimating farmers cattle in both Wyoming and Montana ever since they have been re introduced. Before anyone gets an idea, wolves feasting on cattle, who never had to deal with predators, is NOT natural.

    The tree huggers have claimed that the farmers/ranchers losses have not been great, but the ranchers beg to differ.

  • MT Geoff

    Howdy friends
    I have read several times that there are no clearly documented cases of wild wolves killing anyone in North America.
    I live in eastern Montana. Wolves are a touchy subject. Lovers of wilderness, and I’m one, believe the wolves are part of the normal ecosystem and are part of what makes the wild, well, wild. After all, we have bears and cougars too. But if I ran livestock, I’d be a lot less tolerant, I think. Losing a hundred dollars for each sheep or several hundred for each steer would be a real blow. I know our elk hunters believe the wolves are responsible for the diminished elk numbers and they surely play a role.
    Yellowstone National Park has boundaries. It has to stop somewhere and people in the surrounding states get touchy when people who live a long way away want to manage the area around the park as well as the park itself.

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  • Comrade J

    P.S.: just as a side note, environuts keep referring to wolves as “innocent”. Now then, what is the cattle’ offense? or farmers/ranchers?

    Wolves and coyotes frequently would eat some internal organs only and leave the cattle to die like that. So what is the cattle’s offense to deserve such death? And does it sound like truly starving wolves to you

    And ranchers who have to suffer loss? The tree huggers are not compensating the ranchers for these losses.

  • Ghost

    Li’l Red Riding Hood called, she says her nana is happy now but Sam the Sham is sad

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  • Joe Bean

    Those things look best on a wall. The liberals who are promoting the wolf re-introduction need to get put back in their place. That’s where dumb liars and cheating liberals come into play. Most of them live so far away from the wolves they don’t really know what a wolf is. The wolves should be released in their neighborhood. Then see if they send their kids to the local bust stop unarmed.

  • clay
  • anti-bho

    No wolves in our locale but coyotes are another story. And if you think they won’t take your small dog or pet cat out for dinner you’re worse than the tree huggers.

  • anti-bho

    Our coyotes are also fond of skunk if nothing else is on the menu, so they aren’t all bad.

  • BurmaShave

    I would say MT Geoff makes the best case; but the enviros generally act like a very big pack of wolves, which is not a good sign.

  • srdem65

    #18, I agree. Coyotes will kill any small animal and a pack will attack a large animal or human.
    People who live in cities far from the wild always think that the animal is afraid of humans…ha!

  • Ruebacca

    We should reintroduce them to Berkley and San Mateo.

  • Legal is legal and hunting is hunting.

    While I would never personally shoot a predator for sport, I would do so to protect a human life.

  • #21 srdem65,

    This is true what you say about coyotes and where I live, they roam. Haven’t had n up close and personal face off with any of them but I go prepared in case it happens one day. A warning shot would first be fired. If they come for me after that I will aim true without hesitation.

  • Mannie

    And someone’s sheep and cattle are just a little safer. Good shooting.

  • myohmy

    One of those story I find it so senseless.

  • Rhonda

    Go to http://www.cryingwolfthemovie.com & see this from a ranchers perspective,( the people that raise the meat that you buy in the grocery store). This is part of agenda 21, wilding project, re-introducing carnivores back into the wild.

  • guido911

    Are we being gleeful over killing the animal just to punk on the left?

  • BarbaraS

    Money down the drain. Why should we care about the mating habits and daily life of predators? Or any other animal for that matter? Why are we going out of our way to save wild animals who not only want to kill us but to eat us? Environmentalists are cold, callous and heartless people who don’t give a rat’s ass about the animals they claim to want to protect. As in all things, look for the money and, in their case, also power. Environmentalist have way too much power to implement their agenda. Why should this small group of people hold so much sway over the lives of the rest of us? I have long opposed the Endangered Species Act. It was nothing but another club to beat us with by the dims.

  • BarbaraS

    All this sobbing about the loss of this wolf is maddening. Evidently she was was quite prolific and had many litters. That just means more wolves, people. Wolves are vermin and very destructive. Witness a pack of wolves tearing another live animal apart and then get back with me with the violins.

  • Flintstone F.

    I’m with the wolf and the rancher on this one. The wolf will survive and the rancher must protect his property. That’s life.

    Also a part of life: The “hunter” without a clue. They’re rare, but every lawful and safety conscious hunter has a story of just standing back and watching a truck load of idiots “hunt,” their way out of the area (“Yes my friend that big “buck” headed off that-a-way…”).

    Obviously in these cases there’s a reason the wolves are encroaching at this time. Nature is so funny.

  • serfer62

    As a rancher I say the kill predators. The kill vicously.

    You tree huggers need to see how they kill but then reality never changed a greenie.

    On the plus side, predators make good vest

  • Norm Mackey

    On the proposed wolf hunt, I don’t understand the motivation. I can understand the need to manage the wolves, as one must manage the homeless pet population of an urban area, but how does what would seem an unfortunate necessity become such a cause for celebration?

    Why hunt one of these big shy dogs to provide yourself with a pelt or a rug to symbolize the grief and loss suffered by the other members of the pack? This has to be the epitome of bad taste – but since it is displayed, is one knowing anything about wolves to ask how the family of wolves are currently doing without the “trophy” that once helped provide the others with food, protection, and companionship? What roles it once served in the pack? Was it the one that always started the play, that play that ceases for weeks when a wolf in a pack is killed? The fur or taxidermy specimen preserves none of that, discards it, destroys it during the taking.

    How should one react to someone presenting this as an achievement, and, absurdly, themselves claiming to have a special respect and understanding of the wolf? While blaringly displaying a total lack of interest and understanding of what would matter most to the animal they killed for the scrap of mounted or tanned fur kept – the pack and its offspring whose welfare all contributed towards?

    A wolf is part of a family of interdependent creatures, its interactions and sharing of experiences and knowledge and kinship, the support it provides and which is to provided to it by its pack-mates for food and common defense, and the play and ritual that hold their society together. When you shoot a wolf, you are not “harvesting” it. You have just destroyed all that it truly meant.

    Maybe someone can be intimidated or for politeness refrain from mentioning the fact, but no one has the right to demand others share an ignorance. Should children in school be excused from being taught of wolves so they don’t think badly of their own parents’ opinions? Should they be excused from learning simple logic so they can learn wolves control a territory that excludes other wolves and that they tend towards a single litter, and at the same time believe the contradiction that wolves can’t (rather than won’t or don’t) control their own numbers, so it should never be tested if they do or how much?

    Perhaps someone can explain it to me, inflicting this on a pack of wolves. It doesn’t matter how clean and painless the kill might have been, knowing the continuing loss and despair they are starting and enjoying the process nevertheless. Surely they don’t mean to be presenting themselves as evil? If not, how can they do this? If so, why is society not trying to help these people instead of enabling them?

  • Bubba

    Gateway/Jim Hoft, whatever the f*ck your name is…you cornholing glory hole lover. Stick your snide comments up your @ss. Wait…you’d probably like that a little too much. It’s time like this I’m glad as hell Barry won and is going to destroy America. Seriously…suck it long, and suck it hard.

  • UpChuck.Liberals

    #6 Your wish has been granted. Wolves are now on, or soon to be, the endangered species list in the PRK. I can hardly wait for some @#$# greenie liberal to start whining when their pet Chihuahua becomes a snack for one. Not that I’d mourn that loss.

  • carrier pigeon

    That’s total BULLSH*T.

    Some weak puke got his rocks off shooting an animal that was collared?

    What a pathetic loser — a murderer who eliminated something magnificent from this world. He will have to pay for that — now or in the world to come.

    I’m from a hunting family and I call foul. The hunter would have known full well he had no business hunting that animal.

  • carrier pigeon

    I agree with # 33.

    My dad was a wildlife biologist as well, and he would NEVER have approved of this.

    And–he was the one primarily responsible for saving the Anerican Bald Eagle from extinction, testifying to Congress about the food chain harm of DDT on the eagle population back in the 70’s.

    Whoever killed this particular wolf is an idiot and gives all hunters a bad name.

  • J. Knight

    These wolves are not native to this area, and they’ve brought a destructive parasite called Hydatid Disease Tapeworms to many areas in the West. The jerks who brought these things into Yellowstone and the surrounding areas are responsible. All these wolves need to be eliminated ASAP.

  • carrier pigeon

    J. Knight– we’re the wolves from Alaska or where? I’m surprised they would introduce non-native wolves into the ecosystem. Thanks in advance.

  • carrier pigeon

    we’re… (sp)

  • Highlander

    Clean up on aisle 34 …..

  • Highlander

    Personally, I’ve never enjoyed killing an animal, nor do I think anyone should. However, I’m also not naive enough to think that hunting isn’t a necessary and natural part of life. There will always be hunters, and there will always be the hunted. As long as things are kept in balance, and the harvest is humane and disciplined, all of God’s species can coexist just fine.

    That being said, trophy killing, gloating, or making a political issue out of something like this is completely senseless. It does nothing to advance the cause of Conservatism, and it only serves to unite our adversaries against us …

  • Hugh #1

    I agree. I have four dogs and I would be very sad were one to wander a few feet or miles off my property and get shot. If I saw a wolf a little off it’s land I would not shoot it except it were a danger. I am willing to let free men and free wolves that mean me no harm to go their way in peace.

  • Marsh626

    Kill them all.

    Wolves are a threat to human safety and their pets.

    Wolves killed thousands of people in Europe. But thankfully, wolves – along with every other dangerous predator – were hunted to near extinction so now people can enjoy Europe’s beautiful landscapes without the threat of being eaten alive.

    The same was true for huge areas of America that were once plagued by moutain lions, bears, etc, before they too were nearly hunted to extinction.

    But thanks to the misanthropic, animal safetly above human safety, environ-mental movement; wolves, mountain lions, bears and other dangerous species are taking over one neighborhood after the next.

    Peoples’ pets, their children and even adults are now on the food chain again in America…

    Screw all of you mindless idiots who have been brainwashed by the “Greens”.

    The next time you see in the news that someone was killed by a wild animal, just remember that that innocent blood is on YOUR hands…

  • noway

    Roy Rogers commented:

    Who’s the big, bad, wolf now? What an awesome trophy head

    stupidest comment i have seen today

  • I see both sides of the argument here. I’m against hunting for sport, but most states have “culling” programs for deer. What did the deer to anyone? Oh, besides running across freeways and killing people by causing car accidents.

    So no, trophy hunting is bad. Managing wild populations? Necessary.

    Perhaps a wolf – deer balance could be achieved again in N.America – but that means all you people have to move elsewhere. Greenies would be happy with that plan, eh…

  • jaxson

    wolf attacks are common where i live, they are brazen and come into town and kill and eat peoples pets. but i still rather live with the real wolves, bears and cougars than the “human wolves” in the city. you city dwellers are much more scarey!

  • Will

    @#33 and others. Yours is the perfect illustration of the Bambi-izing of nature, where all creatures get together for community powwows and enjoy the company of each other. Such tripe was exemplified on that inane tv program “Grizzly Adams” where Mr. Hawk and Ms. Rabbit looked out for each other, played with Mr. Bear, and all cared for each other. PUKE!

    Nature has been turned into an idol, where white deer are somehow sacred, and alpha wolf 832F is some divine incarnation. Good Grief! Where does such nonsense come from? Wished we had the same sentiment toward the unborn, but hey, they’re a dime a dozen!

    As for me, I will shoot every coyote I come across because I know the damage they do, and I also know they are impossible to eradicate. Wolves are worse. Just a few too many and the local deer herds and elk populations get hit very hard, not to mention rancher’s cattle.

    My sister-in-law is one such nature freak whose idyllic view is mindblowing. She believes nature should be left alone….until a certain groundhog kept ripping up her garden and tearing through her fences to get at her garden. Out of the blue she called me one day to bring my gun over. The cute cuddly groundhog suddenly was public enemy number one. My, how reality can crash our stupid idealism and hairbrained notion of nature as divine!

    Ding dong the wolf is dead! …. and life will go on!

  • Two small points

    1. “Super wolf” apparently couldn’t read a map. Oh well. If she was a famed hunter her leaving the area meant she was on a hunt. Which is not allowed outside the park.

    Further we tend to humanize animals, which is a mistake. Outside Fluffy you favorite pet poddle, it would be best to remember that animals are animals, especially predator animals. While you are thinking “I bet that wolf is worrying about her kids and trying to communicate with me because she knows I mean her no harm.”, she is thinking “liberal eco-nutjob steaks on the barbie!”

    Coyotes around where I hunt have decimated the small game population and attacked the deer does and fawns, bringing their numbers down. I don’t worry what Wile E Coyote is thinking, I just send a round through his noggin when I see one.

    Back to humanizing wolves and other predators. Let’s take that to its logical end here.

    2. If you think about this for a second, superwolf was known as a skilled hunter- which is a liberal eco-nutjob euphemism for killer of prey. This prey includes young deer/elk/sheep/cattle etc. It is what wolves do. They don’t think “Gee, I killed two calves off of rancher John’s spread last week, so I’ll lay off and work the elk population.” Nope. They are animals.

    If we applied this to people, a whole different kind of rule would apply. Say we have Demetrius from the ‘hood’ who has slung dope and shot and killed competitors and others better than any other dope slinger out there. So, suddenly ol’ D decides he wants to go hunting in new pastures, so to speak, and ends up in a neighborhood not as willing to allow the violence as the last one was. So Demetrius, on his killing jaunt, gets nicked by a local and is taken out of the- as the Lion King calls it- cirlce of life.

    Who would complain?

    Outside the African American community’s eco-nutjob Al Sharpton I mean?

    Just saying…

  • I consider myself as radically conservative as anyone. If I had the time I would hunt for food. I raise a cattle herd for food and I eat my own cattle, and those I don’t keep or eat I sell at auction/market. My understanding is that eventually the sold cattle go for food.

    So, given this I choose to say … spare the wolf. Screw the *ssh*le who shot her.

    I have taught my grandsons this: “eat what you kill and kill only what you are willing to eat”.

    What honor is there is killing a wolf for a wall trophy? None.

  • stuart

    I have lots of friends in the Yellowstone area, some of whom are ranchers. As a man who admires the wild and actually admires the wolf as an apex predator, I am a little sad at its demise. Yet I know on how close a margin most ranches are run. The loss of one cow might make the difference between a viable operation and bankruptcy.
    The wolf had to go, but it’s nothing to gloat about.

  • Marsh626 #44

    re Kill them all.

    Wolves are a threat to human safety and their pets.

    Is that a fact moron? With all the high powered weaponry you stupid leftist fascists use to destroy the world over and over you prove what a lunatic you are to accuse an unarmed free animal meaning you no harm a menace to your pathetic skin. You are nucking futs. I personally will eradicate any leftist I see harming a canine, wolf or dog makes no difference. Shooting either for straying off it’s alloted range makes us no different than the fascists in Escape from L.A. who shot anybody who tried to escape. That’s you nucking futs, wanting to shoot any one and anything freer than you.