Egyptian Christian Women Banned From Voting in Yesterday’s Election

The Muslim women could vote.

Azza Mursi (2nd R), sister of Egypt’s President Mohamed Mursi, waits in line outside a polling centre to vote in a referendum on Egypt’s new constitution, in Mursi’s hometown of al-Adwa village. (Reuters)

Islamic winter.
An Egyptian judge banned Christian women from voting in yesterday’s election.
Al-Arabiya reported:

A group of Egypt’s Christian women voters were banned on Saturday in Cairo’s Nasr City from casting their ballot in a disputed constitutional referendum, an Al Arabiya correspondent and AFP reported.

Nasr City was the scene of mass rallies last night as Islamists who support President Mohammed Mursi took to the streets.

Details of banning Coptic Christians from voting are not immediately available, but earlier the opposition National Salvation Front was quoted by AFP as saying that a judge in Nasr City forbade Christians from casting their vote.

On November 30, the draft constitution was passed by an assembly composed mostly of Islamists, in a marathon session, despite a walkout by secular activists and Christians from the 100-member panel.

If the constitution is approved by a simple majority of voters, the Islamists who gripped powered after Mubarak’s ouster would gain even more clout in the country. The current upper house of parliament, which is dominated by the Islamists, will be given legislative authority until a new parliament is elected.

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  • Maudie N Mandeville

    Would’a voted for Romney.

  • Joe Blow

    Gee, where is Michelle Obama shouting about voter suppression? How do the idiot liberal women back Islamic groups when all they do is crush the women, not to mention Christian women.

  • and NOW nods in approval.

  • What life is really like for Christian women in the “new ” “free” Egypt.

    or any non Muslims for that matter!

    Thanks AGAIN O voters!

  • flyover

    The REAL war on women.

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  • Faye

    And the socialist dems and their socialist msm cheerleaders agree and are currently thinking of how they can prevent Christian women from voting here.

  • xkaydet65

    The owner of our local superette was an Egyptian. One evening while buying some milk I wished him a good Ramadan. He politely told me he was a Christian. i said you are a Copt? They’re the oldest Christians in the world. We continued talking. He came to America in the 80s, He was fluent in English and Italian, and his business gave him a working knowledge of Spanish and a bit of Korean. He was a bright educated guy. He told me he had been a platoon leader in the Egyptian Army. During the Yom Kippur War his unit was one of the first to cross the Canal. He was extremely proud of his and his unit’s performance against the Israelis. He was awarded several citations for bravery. He came to America for a better life, but he loved Egypt. He sold the business about five years ago, but i wonder how he would feel today about Egypt and its people. He’d been an honored warrior and now his people cannot vote and look to a future of persecution.

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  • iconoclast

    Sad to see even the few bits of tolerance remaining in Egypt to go away. I wish our government would see Islamists as the evil they are.

  • Ray

    8-Kind of like the German Jews who had fought in WW1.

  • Ella

    Has Moochelle Obama addressed this item yet as she was talking about voter suppression the other day? Didn’t think so.

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  • Noura

    Again as much as I despise the Muslim Brotherhood’s party, organization and government, people need NOT associate Islam with such a group. This group makes Egypt bad for ALL EGYPTIANS. NOT JUST NON MUSLIMS. Muslim women will suffer under such a group, low income families will suffer, the youth and children will suffer. Not to mention opposition groups which are comprised of Muslims such as El Dostour party lead by Mohamed El baradaei… a secular party, which was mocked by western media for speaking out against the Muslim Brotherhood’s undemocratic constitution. I know many who believe in the Muslim Brotherhood ideology, which i personally disagree with, who find that the actions and the beliefs of the Muslim Brotherhood organization, party and government go against the initial Muslim Brotherhood ideologies. That is why many have been pulling out of the organization… so it is not a question of religion, it’s a question of politics, power and corruption.
    and I definitely agree that our American governments need to stop supporting such a group, in all forms! But then again, our governments supported Mubarak, and the army while they suppressed their population. We need to write to our MPs and our media to stop this unethical support. AND I CAN’T BELIEVE WE’RE GIVING THESE GUYS WEAPONS!