Andrea Mitchell at MSNBC couldn’t help it. Mitchell blamed Republican racism and sexism for the reason Susan Rice bowed out as Secretary of State today. It’s not because she was dishonest or ridiculously ignorant on Benghazi. It’s because she was a black woman.
Andrea Mitchell:

“This is not going to help Republicans at all. The fact that a woman and woman of color has been forced out of the confirmation process before she was nominated.”

Via Hannity:



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  1. Andrea, you are the racist/sexist! I shake my head in disbelief at the way you liberals lie and lie and lie! You and Obama and others like you have done more to destroy all the progress that has been made in the last 60 yrs. Did I say progress? Would that have anything to do with the word PROGRESSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG Andrea, shame on you!

  2. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. ++


    December 12, 2012

    The Muslim Brotherhood, Not Morsi Is Calling The Shots In Egypt

    ["The Muslim Brotherhood feels that it has reached its goal of finally
    being able to implement the ideals of its founder, Hassan al-Banna.
    They've been preparing for this for 84 years," says Cairo political
    scientist Siad Akl. "That's why they won't give up power that quickly."

    For many Egyptians, the rioting of the last few weeks is proof that it isn't
    the president but the Brotherhood that is pulling the strings -- and that
    it has no scruples about pushing the country to the brink of civil war, if

    and they have certainly been “more awake
    and aware” than we’ve been over here.. :-(

    right under our noses, eyes wide
    open, but alas & alack i digress..



  4. susan rice just didn’t want to work for a gay-marxist …that should just be repeated 24/7

  5. It’s time to start collecting those race cards. Like baseball cards. Their valuable and can be traded for many door prizes. Soon Kellogg’s , cereal will be including one in each box of cereal as an added prize to boost their lack luster sales. Get your race card, out of trouble card, free with purchase of any cereal choice from Kellogg’s . Some are worth more then others, some are ranked higher in points and will give you more race then others. Try your best at getting the Grand Wizard, race card, that is worth the most of all the race cards. The Wizard is the jackpot hit and it entitles the bearer the choice of three race cards and a race baiting card to boot. $4.99 shipping and handling and 7% tax when turning in your cards for redemption. I sure as heck could use a few of these cards…You never know in these times when you need an out of trouble race card ASAP ..Maybe it’s time to start stock piling these cards for the future. These bad boys too will come in handy down the road where we are destined to travel…

  6. ++

    things will really be sped up now..

    December 13, 2012

    Texas teaching ‘Allah is the Almighty God’

    go back to sleep, i mean, it’s more important to know what some other
    jackass commie has to say than what’s going on in schools, institutions,
    etc, or the government that’s sold US out for that matter.. /sincere sarc/


  7. Mitchell is a whore dog sucking on bo’s peen. No news here.

  8. Andrea Mitchell a/k/a MRS Allan Greenspan needs to remove herself from public viewing.

    She is a has-been that never was and needs to call it a day; she has never been anything more than a Progressive fascist mudslinger.

  9. Obama gave his usual comments:

  10. I bet that bitch could not name the last white male SoS!

    Lets see. Bush appointed a black man and a black woman but as we see in the sports world neither were “black enough” to qualify as black in the world of progressives.

    That is why that bitch Mitchell went all racist on the air. Those 2 were not black to her.

  11. Andrea Mitchell, Chris Matthews, Maddow et al should be stripped of their MSNBC positions and sent to fend for themselves as punishment for their participation in and benefiting from the white power establishment. These people suppress minorities all the while professing to support them. Tax their ASSETS, not just income, at 99%. Institute the policies they espouse, starting with them. Dispose of these white power, oppressive, anglos and bring on the Prolitariat they “support”. These “white devils” must be dealt with. There, see how wise they are for pushing Socialism and “Social Justice”? Give it to them NOW. Give it to them FULLY.

  12. Yeah, because we all know how badly the GOP treated the last ‘woman of color’ nominated for Secretary of State….. Oh, wait.

  13. I guess Andrea and MSNBC forgot that Republicans confirmed Candice Rice as Secretary of State, black and a female, and ok’d Hillary. Not to mention that Colin Powell, black, was also confirmed as Sec of State by Republicans…and some democrats objected. Funny how the liberal media spins things…problem, is a lot of people believe it!

  14. She actually doesn’t say it’s because she black woman, she says she is a black woman and the perception will be bad. She didn’t say “republicans did this because she’s a black woman” big difference. You can still disagree and I do, but you’re twisting what she’s saying.

  15. Cries of racism are the latest and most venomous form of intellectual sloth.

  16. Because we all know the republicans would never tolerate a black femail secratary of state name Rice. Wait…

  17. Race baiting—the last refuge for a scoundrel! Using race to ‘manipulate’ a conversation is a common technique used today by leftists. It allows them to take other issues off of the table and substitute for those issues an accusation that can not be supported.

  18. From the way she looked and sounded on TV, I honestly didn’t realize that Susan Rice was black until the media told me- and I’ll bet there are a lot of people out there that didn’t know either. That alone proves that the specter of ‘racism’ was intentionally injected into this matter by the media.

  19. What bothers me is the low-info American public that buys into this nonsensical diatribe…everyone has a cell phone that makes them pancakes & gives them a rub, and it’s really impeding the ability to think for yourself.

  20. You know MSNBC does not need a “dog whistle” as stated by Chris Matthews, they have this bozo of a woman to put out the racist comment on demand! What a waste of air.
    Go back to your humble beginnings in the Nazi party, Andrea !

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