Sick. MSNBC Plays Race Card After Susan Rice Bows Out (Video)

Andrea Mitchell at MSNBC couldn’t help it. Mitchell blamed Republican racism and sexism for the reason Susan Rice bowed out as Secretary of State today. It’s not because she was dishonest or ridiculously ignorant on Benghazi. It’s because she was a black woman.
Andrea Mitchell:

“This is not going to help Republicans at all. The fact that a woman and woman of color has been forced out of the confirmation process before she was nominated.”

Via Hannity:

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  • platypus

    Nasty little thing, isn’t she? And not very creative.

  • Rachelle

    They would advertise Race Card Cereal if they could find it. Everything at MSNBC is about race, and that led to their being sued by George Zimmerman. I hope the jury awards him a couple billion dollars.

  • bg


    Tim Scott

    OUR words of substance would drown out THEIR despicable
    sound bites if they only were only propagated half as much..


  • bg


    re: #3 December 13, 2012 at 8:31 pm bg

    OUR words of substance would drown out THEIR despicable
    sound bites if only they were propagated half as much..


  • NeoKong

    What a nasty horrible woman.
    Maybe somebody should dig up a few clips on how MSNBC treated Herman Cain and Allen West…?

  • Economan

    Hey Andrea: You and the rest of the left are way too predictable.

    But you know who the real victims are? The American people for not only do we pay her salary, we have to be insulted by the continual lies that come out of this administration while they stab us in the back.

    And who pays your salary? That’s right.. the White House which pays your network to focus on pro-Democrat stories which in turn is supported by us the taxpayers which further adds insult to injury.

  • Patty


    I agree with Gingrich, we fight fire with the same fire liberals are fighting us. AND NOW IS JUST THE BEGINNING. WE WILL NOT BE KOWTOWED TOO.

    No more, we must start fighting back with the same tactics the left is using. If not we will go now where but on a spiral down. Once we beat them at their own game, we will win.

    And this nation WILL come back.

  • DecentAmerican

    Uh, hello….stupid ignorant racist liberal trash Andrea? You DO realize that the first black female Sec of State in history was a REPUBLICAN, nominated by a REPUBLICAN President? And, stupid liberal skank Andrea, did you call race card when racist white Dems attacked her and voted against her?


    how anyone with an inkling of intelligence can be a liberal is beyond me.

  • Patty

    I cannot understand how long this pretending, stomping of our beliefs, lies, badgering, and attacks can go on. THIS IS NONSENSE and they believe because they are being paid by Soros to say these things they can keep getting away with this.

    I is time to write, call, mail the Liberal networks fight back we are Americans. We aren’t going to allow this to go on. Enough of the racism, who among us isn’t sick of this.

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  • ★FALCON★

    The real racism and misogyny was Obama tossing a black woman under the bus. If a Republican had done what Obama did by sending her out there to take the fall you’d never ever hear the end of it.

    This was a lesson Rice needed to learn, even at her advanced stage of life.

  • bg


    Black Conservative Political Action

    December 13, 2012

    Racialist Writer Seeks to Sack RGIII, Fails

    [On a special on the Comcast SportsNet channel, RGIII acknowledged
    but downplayed the fact that there are fans who admire him for being
    a black quarterback. He told host Chick Hernandez:

    “I don’t play too much into the color game, because I don’t want to be
    the best African American quarterback, I want to be the best quarterback…
    Whoever I can go out every week and motivate to do better and to try to
    go after their dreams, I’m up for that.

    Supporting RGIII and his post-racial play, member of the Project 21 black
    leadership network are speaking out against how Rob Parker is trying to
    reduce D.C.’s football phenomenon to more racial terms.”

    Project 21 member Hughey P. Newsome said:

    “Parker’s comments are extremely
    disheartening, but they do reveal a truth.

    Parker, like so many others, feels that blacks cannot support anything remotely conservative — in this case, the Republican Party. His words reveal that so many can only see life through the lens of race, and that so many do not believe in the diversity of thought in the black community. These are not the ideals for which we fought during the civil rights movement. Worse yet, they are self-inflicted.”

    Demetrius Minor, another Project 21 member, added:

    Rob Parker’s arrogance and racial comments regarding Robert Griffith III continues to show how liberals invoke race at almost all times to elude from a substantive discussion. The fact that the legitimacy of RGIII’s skin tone is being discussed over his athletic ability is quite appalling and offensive. We will continue to condemn this rhetoric and press forward to a time where race is no longer used as a chip on the shoulder.

    And Project 21 member Archbishop Council
    Nedd II, an ardent Redskins fan, noted:

    Rob Parker needs a ticket to the Player
    Haters Ball from the old “Chappelle’s Show.”

    People such as Parker need to get over this crab pot mentality, where blacks seem to continually feel the need to drag down a black American who gains notoriety. The black community is the only group that does this. Remember when Jesse Jackson criticized got caught on a hit mic complaining about Barack Obama “talking down” to the black community?

    If an Italian-American does something of note, that’s when they are
    considered most Italian. When a Jewish person does something of
    note, that when they are most Jewish. But the black community
    seems to be a community of haters. When a black person gains
    some fame, the “community” quickly brands them a sellout.

    RGIII has the potential to be best quarterback the NFL has ever seen. RGIII
    is focused on his job and doing it well. RGIII is not to be faulted for that, but
    rather applauded.

    As for Rob Parker, he needs to stop being
    a hater and focus on his own career.”


  • Remco Kimber

    Susan Rice is a schwartze?

    Who knew?

    She oughta go on Broadway. She pulls off a really, really good blueblood, nose-in-the-air, I’m-a-lot-better-than-the-likes-of-you attitude.

  • Mikey

    Is it too late to mention that she has a man face? FACT

  • Yeha398

    McCain and Graham can now get high fives at the next Klan Meeting. The party of old white men has struck again.

  • tom_06060

    Um, Colin Powell and Condi Rice?

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Mitchell blamed Republican racism and sexism for the reason Susan Rice bowed out as Secretary of State today.

    Message to Mitchell: FOAD, scumbag.

  • Patty

    they are all a part of a much larger plan. George Soros is pulling there strings.

  • L.E. Liesner

    Such a waste! In this country, education is here for the taking and yet stupidity runs rampant.

  • observer

    Angeria Mitchell, Ovomit, and the left are at work 24 7 365 according to the Frankfurt Shool’s playbook of cultural marxism divide, deride, discredit & destroy. The Ffrankfurt School , a plot hatched in Germany by marxist professors and so called intellectuals to destroy western civilizationwas to prepare the way for marxist utopian delusion of the”intellectuals after class war failed in Europe outside of Russia following WW 1. The plot is working and Angeria is one of their tools funded by the nazi boy kapo Gyorgy Schwarz alias George Soros.

  • Gail

    Andrea, you are the racist/sexist! I shake my head in disbelief at the way you liberals lie and lie and lie! You and Obama and others like you have done more to destroy all the progress that has been made in the last 60 yrs. Did I say progress? Would that have anything to do with the word PROGRESSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG Andrea, shame on you!

  • flyover


  • bg



    December 12, 2012

    The Muslim Brotherhood, Not Morsi Is Calling The Shots In Egypt

    [“The Muslim Brotherhood feels that it has reached its goal of finally
    being able to implement the ideals of its founder, Hassan al-Banna.
    They’ve been preparing for this for 84 years,” says Cairo political
    scientist Siad Akl. “That’s why they won’t give up power that quickly.”

    For many Egyptians, the rioting of the last few weeks is proof that it isn’t
    the president but the Brotherhood that is pulling the strings — and that
    it has no scruples about pushing the country to the brink of civil war, if

    and they have certainly been “more awake
    and aware” than we’ve been over here.. 🙁

    right under our noses, eyes wide
    open, but alas & alack i digress..



  • YourMaster

    susan rice just didn’t want to work for a gay-marxist …that should just be repeated 24/7

  • Time

    It’s time to start collecting those race cards. Like baseball cards. Their valuable and can be traded for many door prizes. Soon Kellogg’s , cereal will be including one in each box of cereal as an added prize to boost their lack luster sales. Get your race card, out of trouble card, free with purchase of any cereal choice from Kellogg’s . Some are worth more then others, some are ranked higher in points and will give you more race then others. Try your best at getting the Grand Wizard, race card, that is worth the most of all the race cards. The Wizard is the jackpot hit and it entitles the bearer the choice of three race cards and a race baiting card to boot. $4.99 shipping and handling and 7% tax when turning in your cards for redemption. I sure as heck could use a few of these cards…You never know in these times when you need an out of trouble race card ASAP ..Maybe it’s time to start stock piling these cards for the future. These bad boys too will come in handy down the road where we are destined to travel…

  • bg


    things will really be sped up now..

    December 13, 2012

    Texas teaching ‘Allah is the Almighty God’

    go back to sleep, i mean, it’s more important to know what some other
    jackass commie has to say than what’s going on in schools, institutions,
    etc, or the government that’s sold US out for that matter.. /sincere sarc/


  • dallasdan

    Mitchell is a whore dog sucking on bo’s peen. No news here.

  • American Woman

    Andrea Mitchell a/k/a MRS Allan Greenspan needs to remove herself from public viewing.

    She is a has-been that never was and needs to call it a day; she has never been anything more than a Progressive fascist mudslinger.

  • RoadKill

    Obama gave his usual comments:

  • Sam Stone

    I bet that bitch could not name the last white male SoS!

    Lets see. Bush appointed a black man and a black woman but as we see in the sports world neither were “black enough” to qualify as black in the world of progressives.

    That is why that bitch Mitchell went all racist on the air. Those 2 were not black to her.

  • crackermike

    Andrea Mitchell, Chris Matthews, Maddow et al should be stripped of their MSNBC positions and sent to fend for themselves as punishment for their participation in and benefiting from the white power establishment. These people suppress minorities all the while professing to support them. Tax their ASSETS, not just income, at 99%. Institute the policies they espouse, starting with them. Dispose of these white power, oppressive, anglos and bring on the Prolitariat they “support”. These “white devils” must be dealt with. There, see how wise they are for pushing Socialism and “Social Justice”? Give it to them NOW. Give it to them FULLY.

  • Yeah, because we all know how badly the GOP treated the last ‘woman of color’ nominated for Secretary of State….. Oh, wait.

  • Sparky2

    I guess Andrea and MSNBC forgot that Republicans confirmed Candice Rice as Secretary of State, black and a female, and ok’d Hillary. Not to mention that Colin Powell, black, was also confirmed as Sec of State by Republicans…and some democrats objected. Funny how the liberal media spins things…problem, is a lot of people believe it!

  • Rigs

    She actually doesn’t say it’s because she black woman, she says she is a black woman and the perception will be bad. She didn’t say “republicans did this because she’s a black woman” big difference. You can still disagree and I do, but you’re twisting what she’s saying.

  • John Medina

    Cries of racism are the latest and most venomous form of intellectual sloth.

  • kelly

    Because we all know the republicans would never tolerate a black femail secratary of state name Rice. Wait…

  • Perplexed

    Race baiting—the last refuge for a scoundrel! Using race to ‘manipulate’ a conversation is a common technique used today by leftists. It allows them to take other issues off of the table and substitute for those issues an accusation that can not be supported.

  • Frank Cotton

    From the way she looked and sounded on TV, I honestly didn’t realize that Susan Rice was black until the media told me- and I’ll bet there are a lot of people out there that didn’t know either. That alone proves that the specter of ‘racism’ was intentionally injected into this matter by the media.

  • shawn

    What bothers me is the low-info American public that buys into this nonsensical diatribe…everyone has a cell phone that makes them pancakes & gives them a rub, and it’s really impeding the ability to think for yourself.

  • Mr. Conservative

    You know MSNBC does not need a “dog whistle” as stated by Chris Matthews, they have this bozo of a woman to put out the racist comment on demand! What a waste of air.
    Go back to your humble beginnings in the Nazi party, Andrea !

  • Ridgerunner

    What’d Harry Belafonte call Condaleeza?

  • Mark Matis

    Ms. Rice is JAN, like many others in government today.

  • Connon

    This liberal media is what’s bringing back hatred and racism to our country and ruining it. Claiming racism for everything!

  • NY

    Ironic, isn’t it that Andrea Mitchell is proof that even incompetent women retain jobs longer than they deserve.

  • robert123

    Mitchell was married to a black.

  • Republiker

    It couldn’t be because Rice lied several times to help influence the Obama election. No, the Democrat agenda is to cry racism. It’s a tired, old, outdated attempt to manipulate the public. It’s common knowledge now that racism spans all races and it’s use is diluted against Whites. Nobody hears it anymore and it’s sad that MSDNC still uses it to divide us. Their lack of ratings is proof.

  • Jim

    I guess the Republicans were racist when Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell were selected as Secretary of State also. If Andrea Mitchell knew her history and had any brains at, she wouldn’t have made those incredibly stupid statements.

  • Upland Bob

    The problem lies with the white people who take the racist propaganda. Take a look at almost every commercial on television where a white male is seen, he’s either an idiot or incapable of the simplest tasks.

  • SofaKingCool

    If Hannity hadn’t played this, only Mitchell’s 12 viewers would have even known she said this.


    Liberals, the true race baiters. They are the ones always bringing up race. And they always play the race card and Republican together. They never talk about WHY someone disagrees. If they did they would lose every argument – and they know it. I wonder what they call us when we rant and rave against a white liberal – I’m sure they will eventually come up with some derogatory terminology so they can continue to evade the debate.




    Jim (Comment #47) – Yes even knowing this I believe she would have. When there is an agenda in place there is no shame! A lie, if it advances a cause, can be acceptable in certain ideologies.

  • baltimore aureole

    so if republican opposition to susan rice proves “republican racism”, then logically democratic opposition to bush’s black secretary of state condi rice (no relation) then proves that democrats are racist, right?

    maybe it just proves andrea mitchell is an idiot?

  • Garr Obo

    No one seems to remember that during the BushII administration the prez and his minions were fed a bunch of faulty intelligence from the British intelligence people about WMD’s in Iraq. BushII and his people have been called liars since then. Rice is in the same boat. Tit for tit.

  • RichR

    Condoleezza Rice didn’t have any significant problems based upon race, so Suzan Rice wouldn’t have those problems either. Confirmation hearings would bring up what/when she knew about Benghazi, which the administration may not want. (Brings up a question of if her dropping out was her own idea.)

  • Mike

    Racism. Always the last (and sometimes the first) resort for liberals. Man, Democrats are truly weird people.

  • Listen Crater Face, if you think for one minute that Benghazi is going away ’cause this colored female pulled out, you are sadly mistaken!

  • Oscar

    Andrea….what a partisan hack. Perfect fit with all the other racist morons at MSNBC.

  • J Kent

    Get off her back. She’s doing the best she can. Afterall, Andrea has never been seriously considered a real journalist. My goodness, she works for MSNBC afterall. They are the easy bake oven of appliances.

  • Andrea Mitchell is nothing more than a racist wiggerbitch.

  • GW

    Hey! I just had a revelation! I think our president is black!

    Memo to Andrea… didn’t we have a Black Female Sec of state? She didn’t lie and got the job!

  • Jasper2

    Andrea Mitchell evidently has a memory as long as her pinky. She can’t remember who the secretary of state was in the previous Republican administration of George Bush: Her name, coincidentally, was ALSO Rice! Condaleeza Rice! She can’t remember that the first civil rights law was passed by a Republican House and Senate over the objections of Democrats! She can’t remember what party Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln belonged to: REPUBLICAN! She can’t remember the name of a former Grand Kliegel of the KKK: The DEMOCRAT Senator from South Carolina, Robert Byrd!

    She is not only ugly, but stupid. God, what a skank!

  • Matt

    Does she understand that she’s a cliche??? Probably, she’s just following orders.

  • RickO

    So in all this brouhaha the main question is who gave her the talking points? And why did they ask the military to stand down?

  • DJH

    Yeah, because a mindless, unethical, integrity challenged, moronic skank says so!
    I wonder if this silly twit is aware of the fact that she gets far more exposure for the stupidity of the things she says than for her ‘skill’ portraying a journalist? Probably not, when you consider she’s best know for making catastrophically ignorant comments.

    Yet another one who obviously won her position on her back.

  • Matt

    Oh, and to the point she’s trying to make…….even if her point was valid (which it is not), how exactly would that hurt Republicans??? Would they lose all of the black women that voted for them in the last election??? All 1% of those black women???

  • john

    Is Andrea Mitchell paid to be a stupid C*nt?? MSNBC is such a joke.. as proven in their ratings. ranting a raving like a mental paitent doesnt make you a good commentator and that is what all of those douchbags do on EVERY show.

  • msnbcblows

    Wow. What a surprise. Who watches these jerks? Andrea and Chrissy Boy… the new arbiters or racism. They are going to put Jesse Jackson out of business.

  • Matt

    Remember, she’s on NBC (National Belafonte Corp)……that means that only the most radical left wing socialists are watching.

  • Walt

    She is one of the reasons MSNBC epitomizes the behavior of the extreme left. It’s nice to be reminded how crazy these people are……

  • American Eagle

    And to think we used to be held hostage by these bozos on network TV. Thank you Internet!!! KEEP IT FREE…

  • Andrea has just proven she is just a pretty face with an empty suit !

    Andrea, where was the GOP racism when they nominated and accepted C. Rice as secretary of state under Bush ?
    Andrea, you represent “dumb and dumber ” !

  • Jim

    What?!!! I’m shocked she said it’s racism. Excuse me while I get up from the floor after falling out of my chair from shock. To steal a phrase from Nancy P. “This is getting boring”.

  • Jews that moved here because of Hitler and Communism .
    Have for many years shown their Hatred for White Christians .
    Plus most are Closet European Marxist .The largest thing they left Russia and eastern and western Europe over .
    They say they are Conservative Financially but Liberal Socially ? Who VOTE 78 % far left .
    While their largest crimes are tax evasion , money laundering and Stock Frauds .
    George Soros and Ms Michael only show what 3 Million Jews believe .
    Their GOAL is to see White Christians as the Minority .That is why 90 % of JEWS are for
    “Open Boarders “and America being unimportant in the world except for Monies they can in fact Hoard .

  • Hamburger_Hurter

    We already have 3 affirmative action/welfare/White guilt posers in offices: the kenyan, his criminal AG and the “wise latina” taking up a real judge’s space on the Court.

  • I guess the wench forgot about Colin Powell and Condoleesa Rice. What is my response to AndreASS Mitchell? C. U. N. T. At MSLSD.

  • BEA

    this lady went the path of Couric. married a rich guy and became a shrew. once respected now reviled.

  • Rick A Roo

    Rice lied to the nation – that alone should have her fired – anyone who all ready knows what is correct – and then goes out and fabricates is a LIAR PERIOD. What is truly amazing is how elected liars ie congress can lie without being held accountable but yet when you go before them somehow you’re not allowed to lie? Am I missing something?

  • MSLSD = c. u. n. t.

  • HMPhobe

    So, the Republicans confirmed Condoleeza Rice as Secretary of State – what did Andrea say about that? That tells me that the Republicans base requirements on COMPETENCY.

  • Bruce Gregory

    Are the fools at MSNBC paid bonuses based on just how ridiculous they can be? If Andrea is ever assaulted by a black person, I hope she doesn’t do anything racist like filing a complaint with the police. Just suck it up lady and pay for your evil whiteness. In fact, why don’t you just off yourself in some sign of solidarity.

  • gloryia

    This is why you do not put blacks into any position of power. If they do something wrong or unethical and you have to deal with them they scream racism. America will still be in a recession or maybe in a depression in 2016 because of this so called black man who is a zebra with many stripes including Muslim Islamic stripes.

  • John Poland

    Has anyone watched Rice give the OBama talking points on Benghazi?? She looks So uncomfortable just reading the script ..Anyone can tell she knows it is false ..but wanting to get the propaganda out for the Presidentshe did it..And now it has come back to bite her on the ..Andrea Mitchelle ..shall I say !!!

  • poor susan she is a victim not the people she lied to.

    lying is a virtue at MSNBC.

  • Miner49er

    What about the little matter of the baldfaced lies that Rice told on five Sunday TV-talk shows?

  • Don Of Pensacola

    Seems the “Race Card” trumps “Truth and Reality” everytime in a liberal’s mind. I find that the majority that pulls the race card are the real racist.

  • CraigB

    I have one name for you “Condi Rice”…Would love to see how this Andrea Mitchell would have to twist herself in a pretzel to explain why Condi Rice was our Sec of State in a Republican administration!

  • Moreno331

    So I guess Condoleeza Rice was really an old, blond-haired, blue-eyed, rich white man from the South then? We were just fooled, through the magic of TV, to always see an African American woman instead? This is ridiculous. “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder”.

  • Chuck

    She’s talking so much like Chris Mathews I’m starting to think they’re having an affair.

  • pokey

    Andrea! Andrea! Wake up! Just because someone is not supported does NOT mean it is because of race. Republicans leave that stupid gesture to you liberals who have no trouble using it.
    Read your history books. The Republican party is the party that has helped blacks and yet although the Democrats fought them every step of the way, the liberals still call Republicans racist because they are LIARS and it works for them.
    I can never figure out why blacks are so attached to Democrats because they have done the least for them. Good old brainwashing by the Democrats.

  • Angus

    Those terrible republicans are so racist! Why it only seems like yesterday when Colin Powell and Condi Rice were Secretary of State doesn’t it Andrea????

  • dooky

    If a turd were able to spew words….Mitchell is what it would look like.

  • p3orion

    “MSNBC Plays Race Card”

    In other news, the sky remains blue, Nancy Pelosi is an idiot, and Generalisimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

  • gloryia

    If the media keeps attacking white America every time a black person has a shadow cast upon them, white America will be afraid to put blacks into positions of power. So keep up the great work Andrea. You are saving America one racist broadcast at a time.

  • zeusarrow

    She’s too short for the job…

  • wake up


    You are just another one of the many ignorant white people out there and in the media and entertainment business

  • AmVet

    Andrea, get a life. This Benghazi cover-up, of which Rice is a major player, makes Watergate look like a Mickey Mouse cartoon. Stop being so one sided and do your job! You are more bias and intolerant than those you claim are so!!!

  • gloryia

    Obama used Rice politically. She was disposable to him yet this twit reporter calls the republicans racist? Obama had little regard for her or her future so he sent her out there to take his heat.

  • And who takes PineApple Face seriously – Even AFTER she had her face scraped? That Leftist Lunatic is an embarrassment to ALL women, especially the educated.
    But itty bitty squinty Alan Greenspan must have seen something in her worth … Naaaaaa

  • xfiler93

    Andrea, the race baiter failed to mention we haven’ had a “WHITE” Sec.of State since Engleberger in the early 90’s. Blacks since then, yeah those racists!!! What an outrage.

  • Mark Carlton

    As usual, the biggest racist is the first one to cry “racism.”

  • Jojo Johnson

    who cares what dat ho’ say, she be an ugly ho and she bitter about it.

  • Wyrd

    Two words:: Condolezza Rice

  • Obamasucks69

    Mrs. greenspan you are a piece if work. you suck as a reporter and a person. if not for msnbc you’d be out of a job. nobody would hire you.

  • David

    another zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Rikicad

    Yes i’m glad she quit i don’t like Blacks and they don’t like white so what’s the news Andrea BTW use a bag on your face

  • Richard

    Mitchell is so bias it’s sickening to even look at her. I thought journalist were to be non bias and report, shut-up and do your job, or does this statement make me a racist now. What is wrong with everyone. I so made at the democrats for making me vote republican, and Mitchell, your part of whats wrong.

  • Gilligan

    I think we all know who the racist is. It’s obviously that hatchet-faced propagandist who knew it was Bin Laden while the towers were still standing. Go away, demon liar. Your credibility is gone.

  • m1kael

    libs have nothing else to play but the race and gender cards…they surpress all negative news affecting liberal agendas, the president, unions, whatever. And, everything out of a conservative or independents mouth is racist or gender baiting.

    This sorry excuse for a “commentator” better hope she can find a job once MSMBC goes down the tubes and finally declares banckruptcy

  • mike scott

    MItchell is a 5th rate political shill and barely a word that comes out of her loud mouth is remotely believable.
    Rice was canned because she is not liked in dc, especially in the west wing and everyone in dc knows it.
    she was loud, rude, incompetent, arrogant and unpleasant to be around, and if you prefer not to believe this,
    dig deep into those that work in the white house. if benghazi never happened, rice would NEVER have been sos. why? she’s an arrogant, whiny, conceited, loud mouthed snot.

  • Ron

    Is MSNBC still on the air? My cable system allows me to uncheck and hide channels I prefer not to view. Seems that MSNBC has been unchecked for months, and I don’t miss them, or their sponsors, at all.

  • F sennott

    Why would anyone listen to Andrea.She is a fair weather liberal .I noticed that as long as Pres.
    Bush was Her husband”bos,s he had little negative to say about Bush.As soon As Obeyme
    was enthroned, the landslide against Bush ,all Republicans Or consetrvatives.Take a look at her and her husband and tell me how they can be part of the beautiful people .Liberals have no taste along with no sense.

  • snoop

    Mitchell is a gold digging, no talent assclown!

  • June

    Is anyone REALLY surprised? MSNBC can’t seem to come up with any valid arguments so invariably count on everything being racist or sexist (or both). What a bunch of losers! I guess you can tell that by their ratings.

  • itsy_bitsy

    Mitchell must be one of the dumbest creatures on earth! So Republicans are racists who won’t allow “a black woman” to be Secretary of State! Oh really! Well you stupid female I don’t know what hole in the ground you had your head in from 2001 to 2009 but for your edification I will tell you what took place! Republicans had the FIRST BLACK FEMALE SECRETARY OF STATE!!!! Prior to that Republicans had the FIRST BLACK MALE SECRETARY OF STATE!!! This woman, Andrea Mitchell, has no business reporting or analyzing on any channel! She is nothing less than a moron!!

  • June

    Ron, my cable company doesn’t let me uncheck MSNBC so I do occasionally flip over just to get a laugh. I don’t think I’ve ever clicked on it when the subject isn’t “those terrrible Republicans.” They never seem to have a story about something wonderful the Democrats have done. Hmmm, wonder why that is.

    They may have a different subject occasionally but I’ve never seen it. They should change their call letters to TTR

  • jon

    Funny how they placed the reverse race card when Condi and Colin were the nominees isn’t it

  • robster

    I’m surprised Mitchell would stoop to such intellectual cowardice.

  • jkinne

    Andrea Mitchell has never been anything more than a useless twit/talking head. She is typically brash in her interviews and stuningly ignorant of most subject matter on which she feels compelled to drone about. NBC would be better served if she was given the boot and they replaced her with someone who would be less opinionated on-air and could drum up a mental acuity to maintain viewer interest.

  • JG1965

    This whole “race card” issue the Liberal media keep throwing out there is nothing more than a diversion tactic for the American people to toss around and argue amongst themselves, while this Administration continues their real agenda for Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood… This holds the truth about Benghazi. Rice had to take herself out of the picture so the Benghazi incident would not be forefront.

  • Nathan

    How can they claim racism or sexism when we’ve had a female secretary of state so often? Condoleeza Rice was the best Secretary of State we’ve ever had and she was black and affirmed by basically the same people in the senate.

  • RDub

    The previous President, a Republican, nominated a Black Male Secretary of State and then a Black Female Secretary of State, both of which were appointed. And mitchell says the republicans are sexist & racist?

    I love that you know they have absolutely no argument when they use tabloid accusations.

  • Vince

    Sure Andrea. Since you’re obviously too dumb to think of any other possible reason to oppose the selection of Susan Rice, it’s totally understandable that you would think it’s because of her race. Just ignore the appointments of Colin Powell and Condolezza Rice. Ok Andrea, run along now, take your medication, and take a nap.

  • George

    Andrea Mitchell is a pumpkin head on a stickman. Betcha she just lays there like a corpse.

  • sebastianwoof

    Andrea Mitchell is a Whore-rendous person.

  • whodat1

    Andrea Mitchell is as bad as that guy on their network. What’s his name? Ricky Maddow?

  • alpha1six

    Don’t blame Mitchell, she’s dumb as a box of rocks. She only reads what Mr. Ed or Larry O’Donnel write for her.

  • Brenda

    Susan Rice was forced out of the confirmation process for Sec. of State by Republicans because she was black? Really? Apparently Mitchell conveniently dismisses the 66th Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice. GRRR!!!

  • dandeman

    OK, your secret is out now Andrea Mitchell at MSNBC. We all know you are a compulsive “wish I was black” female. You must hate your parents for being soooooo white. Remind us again how you became a person of journalism? Please give us your report card on how well you did in school.. Were you one of the “no kids left behind” group or did you just cheat-your-way through?
    Thank your lucky behind that Republicans continue to fight for your freedom to say stupid things. If the people you defend ever take completely over.. you, my dear would be toast and you would certainly not be in a position to be a newscaster.

  • AMcA

    If you’re going to make a scarlet letter kind of charge like racism or sexism, you’d better have more evidence than that a member of a minority group or a woman didn’t get what he or she wanted. Evidence – like statements indicating racist or sexist intent. And maybe you don’t want to make that charge where there’s a perfect counter-example in Condoleeza Rice.

  • H8Unions

    Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, Allen West…the list of Black Republicans “leaving the plantation” and getting scorched for it, is long and distinguished. Libtards see no hypocrisy in that.

  • Brodave

    Andrea Mitchell is a paid radical Liberal propagandist. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Testicules

    Yes, I believe I am seeing a pattern of racism here…

    Condi Rice-

    Supported by conservatives because of her tremendous expertise, intelligence, and stellar track record of professional achievement.

    Viciously attacked by liberals calling her a “house n-word”, “Aunt Jemima”, and a major left leaning newspaper even ran racist cartoons of her.

    Susan Rice-

    Criticized by conservatives for her decades long track record of incompetence and poor judgement, and lying to the American People as a co-conspirator in a partisan political coverup of a disaster in which government officials were killed.

    Supported by the liberals because she is a black woman supported by a black president…

  • Testicules

    IF MSLSD were a legitimate news organization, Mitchell would lose her job for that disgusting hate filled slander.

  • Gary

    By “color” I assume she means non-white.

    Why is the world suddenly divided into white and non-white?
    Why isn’t it black and non-black, or hispanic and non-hispanic, etc.?
    BTW, she’s at least half white.

  • Street Cred

    All this talk about wanting to cut his chestnuts off is just trash talk, or does Jesse Jackson have another opinion?

  • Street Cred

    Susan may not be competent, but at least she knows Whites make good husbands.

  • Brian

    Ms. Mitchell, must be forgetting that the last two Sec. of States under a Republican president were Colin Powell and Condeleezza Rice? Or did she just forget that they were black?