DHS Confirms: The Fix is In to Deliver Amnesty for Obama’s Uncle Omar

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

GatewayPundit reported on Uncle Omar back in April 16, 2012 and also reported on Obama’s Aunt Zeituni who is already the poster child for the illegal alien corrupt system that has outraged many.  Auntie Zeituni was granted asylum and it looks like Uncle Omar is on the same path.  Dare I state the obvious: Being an illegal alien seems to run in the family.

In September 2010 Barack Obama’s illegal alien Auntie Zeituni told reporters, “I didn’t take advantage of the system – The system took advantage of me.”

CNSnews reports the following:

(CNSNews.com) — The U.S Board of Immigration Appeals has agreed to reopen the immigration case of Onyango Obama, delaying the deportation of the 68-year old Kenyan who violated an order to leave the United States in 1992.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a division of the Department of Homeland Security, confirmed to CNSNews.com on Tuesday that Obama, who is the president’s uncle, was granted a rehearing last week and his case is being re-opened.

The Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) remanded the case back to Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) for reconsideration. It is inappropriate for ICE to offer any further comment on this case,” Brian P. Hale, ICE assistant director for public affairs, said in a statement to CNSNews.com.

The Cleveland, Ohio-based immigration law firm of Margaret Wong and Associates, which is handling Obama’s case, said the delay may allow the Kenyan national to apply to stay in the U.S. permanently.

“We are delighted that the Board of Immigration Appeals has decided to reopen the deportation case of President Obama’s uncle, Obama Onyango,” Wong said in a statement.

Mr. Onyango now has an opportunity to stay in the U.S. and apply for permanent residency,” the statement said. “Mr. Onyango is the brother of the U.S. president’s late father and came to the U.S. in the 1960s on one of the last boat lifts.”

In 1989, an immigration judge ordered Obama, who has been in the U.S. since 1963, to be deported. He appealed and the appeal was dismissed in 1992.

Crystal Williams, executive director of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, said any move to reconsider a case is unusual when there is already an order for removal.

“It isn’t common for the Board to reopen a case when there is an outstanding order of removal, as there is here, particularly with a later DUI arrest. It happens, but not that often,” Williams said in a statement to CNSNews.com.

CNSNews.com reported in July that an ICE internal e-mail obtained by the legal watchdog Judicial Watch had confirmed that ICE had granted Obama a stay of deportation “to seek reopening of his deportation proceedings.”

The e-mail, sent by Hale to ICE Director John Morton on April 1, revealed that ICE had no immediate plans to deport Obama, in spite of a previous ICE order that granted Obama a stay of deportation until June 5, 2012.

“Mr. Onyango is subject to a final order of deportation. ICE had granted him a stay of deportation effective until June 5, 2012,” the e-mail reads.

“The stay was granted to allow him to attend pending criminal proceedings and to seek reopening of his deportation proceedings, which concluded before the Board of Immigration Appeals on January 29, 1992.”

Obama was arrested in Framingham, Mass., for DUI in August 2011. In March of this year, his case was continued for one year and his driver’s license was suspended for 45 days.

According to the Boston Globe, Obama subsequently received a “hardship” license so he could continue working at his job as the manager of a liquor store.

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  • moron

    Trying to get to 3rd tier status as quickly as possible. USA USA USA!

  • Martak

    Honestly, these relatives of his are scum, and I detest Obama beyond imagining, but he is the President of the US. I can’t seem to summon any outrage over this. It seems like a very small perk of office.

  • Amalgamated Cliff Divers, Local 157

    “if an action is not right for everyone to take, it is not right for anyone”—Kant’s Categorical Imperative

    “if everyone did this, could the organization, or society, survive?”(Loudon)

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  • J

    His aunt was kept in the usa because it was” too dangerous” to return home. Same will apply with the uncle who has a record of selling liquor to underage kids (twice)and driving while intoxicated. He kept driving after he was caught because he needed his license (special)to keep going to work in the liquor store WHERE HE TWICE SOLD LIQUOR TO CHILDREN.
    Auntie gets a nice apartment, food, healthcare and welfare while our veterans are roaming the streets homeless. Uncle gets a job that probably some LEGAL citizen could use. The way of the obama is entrenched in MA.

  • Bitter Clinger

    If Bronco Bama can gather up enough of his deadbeat, illegal, criminal relatives, they can start their own union and make further demands on the taxpayers of this country. Bama will have them to the Black House to plot strategy against the rest of us and use MSLSD as its mouthpiece. Works like a charm!

  • Tim Tomlinson

    Wealthy people don’t have relatives deported if they don’t want them deported.

  • Multitude

    “The Sovereign is he who determines the exception.” – German theorist and former Nazi, Carl Schmitt

  • Observer

    In the Obamanation, laws only apply to the little people (who are defined as conservatives, Republicans, bitter-clinging gun owners, etc.).

    Relatives of Obama, as well as friends, cronies, and/or associates for whom The One wishes to bestow a favor (in return for a generous campaign contribution), are above the law.

    Isn’t life grand in the Banana Republic of the United States?

  • sheik yer’mami

    Asylum seekers from Kenya?

    Asylum from what?

    Is there a civil war going on? Why these undesirable Obama parasites in the U.S.?

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  • Chris in N.Va.

    What an utter crock….

    I personally knew an Albanian construction contractor who, with his family, had to flee his home country when he refused to knuckle under to pressure from the Albanian “mafia” and their less-than-subtle threats were made against him and his family. (He even had Albanian and European court judgments in his favor).

    Our own “infinitely compassionate” immigration system refused his requests for asylum, finally deporting him, leaving his wife and children here.

    Too bad he couldn’t prove some long-way-around-the-barn kinship with Ozymandias-on-the-Potomac and his merry band of illegal alien relatives gaming the system.

    I pray my former acquaintance remains safe. I doubt he’ll ever be able to return to the U.S.

    (Not to mention many OTHER friends I have known over the years from other countries who were here LEGALLY on H1 visas and who OBEYED the laws and — often sadly, with tears — returned to their home countries in the hopes of securing a future. LEGAL, H1 path to come back to this “awful, dreadful, oppressive, police-state, economically-abusive country that no one wants to live in….” Riiiiiight….)

  • squeaky

    winners and losers. when the government gets to choose. state funding helps ma get around the federal thing.
    a whole lot of people are looking for their pound of flesh.[ City Council member JoAnn Watson said Tuesday the citizens support of Obama in last month’s election was enough reason for the president to bailout the struggling the city. (Click the video player to listen)]

  • Sasja

    squeaky. Barry better hurry up with that money…..times are hard, ya know and Detroit is such a paradise…


  • donh

    Another issue Romney ordered off the table…I heard chatter about Aunt Zeituni during McCain’s campaign but not one word during 2012.

  • bobdog

    See, the way this works in Chicago, you know somebody at City Hall, you get what you need. Obama comes from Chicago.

    OK. Put it this way. Everybody who thinks this guy would still be around if he wasn’t related to Obama raise your hand. Now put it on your throat and choke yourself with it, because you’re too stupid to live.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    According to the Boston Globe, Obama subsequently received a “hardship” license so he could continue working at his job as the manager of a liquor store.

    Apparently, the nephew isn’t willing to spread his own wealth around to his relatives…

  • bg


    why don’t they move in with Maurice?? /s/

    bit more here and here..


  • brigitte

    Disgusting leeches. They should go back to Kenya and take their nephew with them!

  • Rosemary Woodhouse

    OP wrote, ” Dare I state the obvious: Being an illegal alien seems to run in the family.”


  • Candy

    How does an illegal that sold liquor to teenagers and have DUIs get to go back to a liquor store on HARDSHIP?

    I guess he’ll be losing his legs or planted into a tree soon… runs in the family.

    I just hope he doesn’t take someone else with him.

    Tell me again how our king got his security clearance?