Bikers Turn Out to Protect Newtown Mourners from Left-Wing Westboro Cult

Bikers descended on the town of Newtown yesterday and linked arms blocking the hate group protesters of Westboro Baptist Church from disrupting the funerals. (Free Republic)

Conservative bikers turned out yesterday to protect Newtown mourners from Democrat Fred Phelps and his Westboro cult from protesting.
The Cochrane Times reported:

Bikers seem to have thwarted attempts by the Westboro Baptist Church to protest the funeral of Newtown, Conn., shooting victim Principal Dawn Hochsprung.

The vocal right-wing Christian group, whose website is, produced a video called “God Sent the Shooter,” and has blamed the massacre on gay marriage. It put Hochsprung’s funeral on its online “picket schedule.”

But there was no sign of the church group, as local newspaper the Newtown Patch live-blogged throughout the day with updates, and reported that people had arrived from as far away as Massachusetts to protect the mourners — just in case.

Bikers from New York formed a formidable-looking wall of motorcyles.

Late in the day the Patch wrote: “Applause erupted in the crowd … as it was announced that members of the Westboro Baptist Church were not coming to protest at the wake.”

(GP Correction: Fred Phelps is not a “rightwinger”, he’s a Democrat. And the Westboro Church is not a Christian group – It is a sick cult.)

It is well known that Fred Phelps has run for office as a Democrat several times.
Shame on the Cochrane Times for labeling him rightwing!

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  • CO2HOG™

    On the 6th day, God sent the bikers and saw that it was good.

  • MikeO

    The Patriot Guard riders have been doing this duty for many years all over the country, primarily for funerals of our fallen from the wars.

  • Obamatopia

    It’s funny that libs find it so impossible for a group of crazy people to be Democrat.

  • shadow

    Conservative bikers … ROFLMAO … Of course, conservative bikers.

  • gastorgrab

    “Fred Phelps is not a “rightwinger”, he’s a Democrat.”


    Fred Phelps has connections to Al Gore.

  • shadow

    So calling one’s self a Democrat makes one representative of the entire party?

  • dmacleo

    fred phelps calls himself a marxist.
    yup thats not left wing or anything….
    Algore has campaigned for him but thats not left wing or anything…

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  • Bob

    Go Bikers! As much as I hate to say it, the Westboro group has rights under the 1st Amendment, as disgusting as their speech is. I’m really glad that this group got between Westboro and the folks at Sandy Hook

  • TommyO

    To #4 Locustpuss.
    Biker is a wide ranging title. My Dad rode with a WELL KNOWN club. I have been riding since i’ve been old enough to walk. If you do alittle research, even the police have motorcycle clubs.
    With very few exceptions, we keep our activities to ourselves but when it comes to helping those who are in need, we give all we have and will go without so others have a chance. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is more precious to us then our country, our freedom, our families, children, and brothers. A long line of my family, including myself and my two sons have served our country. Overseas and combat duty for most of us.
    If you read this and give it any kind of thought, you will think twice (hopefully) about making the assumption that the label “Biker” is a bad thing. Have a good day.

  • Linda

    Yes Westboro has rights under the First Amendment, (and they forget who God used to preserve those rights) they can protest all week for that matter, but they DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO INFLICT PAIN UPON GRIEVING FAMILIES DURING FUNERALS!!!

    The sin of homosexuality is not the only sin of America, but for some reason Phelps seems to be obsessed with the sin of homosexuality.

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    its amazing how liberal democrats refuse to take responsibility for the actions of other democrats but they are always willing to smear all conservative for the actions of an individual.

  • bg


    [#24 December 20, 2012 at 4:56 pm
    shadow commented:

    Conservative bikers … ROFLMAO … Of course, conservative bikers.]

    i agree that sounds laughable, also like Obama’s trying to pit blacks
    against whites, poor against rich, etc, you know, par his course, but
    alas i digress to logs in eyes and all that stuff..

    but still, i wonder how many LIBERAL BIKERS showed?? 😯


  • bg


    correction re: #33 December 20, 2012 at 7:43 pm bg

    but still, i wonder how many PROG-DEM-LIB BIKERS showed?? 😯


  • Ladee Diane

    THANK YOU FOR PROTECTING THESE FAMILIES! I am the wife of a Biker and we thank you from our hearts. ALL Bikers are Conservative. LOL. We are not Phelps bleeding heart right wing lib trash

  • Ladee DIane

    From the wife of a biker I thank you. You are wonderful.
    Keep them liberal bleeding hearts in their place

  • Teddy

    Finally – I read some clarification on Fred Phelps and Westboro. Left-wingers. Figures.

  • shadow

    Algore has campaigned for him but thats not left wing or anything…

    I’m sure you can prove that.

  • Mark

    I am not sure what article is sayingoing but really warms my heart and makes feel bad that perhaps I miss judged this group

  • ConTard-Crusher

    Are you seriously trying to claim that the vehemently anti-gay, pro-big religion West-bro Baptist Church which endorsed Rick Santorum for president is actually a Liberal Group ?? oh thats rich no wonder no one takes the right seriously anymore..

    30 years ago Phelps supported a democrat because of that democrats anti-gay position, so what does that have to do with today .. Using that simpleton logic Ronald Reagen must be a liberal Democrat after all he ran for office as a democrat multiple times.