On December 3, 2012, President Barack Obama warned Syria that the use of chemical weapons would be “totally unacceptable.” It was a red line not to be crossed.

But that was two weeks ago.
This past Sunday Syrian medics reported that poisonous gas was sprayed in a rebel-held neighbourhood in Homs. Yesterday, the former head of Syria’s military police who just defected confirmed that the regime had used chemical weapons in an attack on Homs.
The Independent reported:

The head of Syria’s military police defected to the opposition, accusing the Assad regime of systematic “murder” and claiming that reports of chemical weapons being used against rebels in the restive city of Homs were true.

Maj-Gen Abdul-Aziz Jassim al-Shallal became one of the highest ranking Syrian military officers to throw their support behind the rebels, accusing forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad of turning their weapons on innocent civilians in the now 22-month-long civil war.

“I declare my defection from the army because of its deviation from its fundamental mission to protect the nation and [its] transformation into gangs of murder and destruction,” he said in a video message posted online, reportedly from the Turkish border.

He accused the military of “destroying cities and villages and committing massacres against our innocent people who came out to demand freedom.” General Shallal suggested in his message that he had been working with the opposition for some time before he formally defected to the rebel cause.

He becomes the latest in a string of leading military advisers to abandon the government and join the disparate rebels. But it is his claim that chemical weapons were used in Homs during a deadly attack on Christmas Eve that is likely to be of greater interest to the Syrian opposition and their foreign backers.




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  1. The weakest President in modern history.

  2. The General is waiting Mr. President…Mr President?!

    The man is a weakling! People say I am being vulgar by not respecting him by saying he has no balls, but it’s TRUE!!!!

  3. The man doesn’t deserve respect. When you’re voted in by a bunch of 60’s hippies, hipsters who are baseline mentally incapable of voting intelligently and 98% of blacks no respect is warranted.

  4. WHO CARES if he used chemical weapons? Seriously, let Al Qaeda bathe in the stuff! I hope he slaughters ALL those nasty terrorist rebels – let the Arab spring die the death it deserves.

  5. America stay out of Syria. Period.

  6. Death is death. They’ve been lining families with toddlers against the wall and shooting them. Why are chemical weapons suddenly the horror of all horrors?

    The press coverage of the ‘chemical’ attacks were staged though… badly. One pic I saw had an actor giving oxygen to a ‘victim’, but placed the oxygen mask over the guys nose only haha its so comical its sad.

  7. He can’t some thoughts he threw out in words affect his glorious upcoming inauguration. Let’s get the important stuff out of the way first. Then we’ll worry a little bit about foreign policy.

  8. I am not saying this is true or not. But I have my idea. What I do know is that we need to stay the heck out of Syria at all cost. We have no business, right in that country. We do not need any more blood, death on our hands, as a country. We are only bringing bad karma back to us 1000 fold. Please stop this crazy take over of nations. We have no right to invade other nations, take over their countries and install new governments. Especially when our own country is in dire need of repair. Too many men and woman have been lost to such madness. They have lost their lives and no one in Washington seems to give a friggin hoot that they have. They continue to back these illegal wars and go to bed at night all comfy, and snug. These people up on the hill should walk one day in a soldiers shoes, sleep a soldiers night and watch as a soldier sees the brutality of his bravery stripped from the very people that send him to fight and risk it all. They have no heart. No conscious, only greed. May the wrath of the higher power become their doom.

  9. Yes and listening to all of ” dissident ” Ahmed Challabe’s exaggerated lies about Saddam Hussein worked out really well….for Iran.

  10. This guy probably figured the rebels may win so decided to “defect” to save himself from any retaliation from the rebels should they win. As far as I know, there still has been no verifiable info as to whether any type of chemical weapon was used in Homs or anywhere else.

  11. Somebody needs to check the bank accounts & real estate portfolios of these “defectors”. Chances are very high they were bought off.

    No credible evidence of chemical attacks, and some reports say most of the other people “murdered” were terrorists. If the US has learned nothing else, let’s hope they’ve learned to stay out of conflict zones where the intelligence is sketchy.

  12. But it is his claim that chemical weapons were used in Homs during a deadly attack on Christmas Eve that is likely to be of greater interest to the Syrian opposition and their foreign backers.

    Obie is unlikely to be among that group.

  13. Bet the Syrians are quaking in their boots–our great dictator is definately a proven man of his word.

    Why in the world we even think about getting involved in these countries is crazy. Let them kill each other–if they stop this, they’ll come after us or the Israelis.

  14. First, all muslims are liars, second, what real difference does it make how some one is killed, they just plain dead in the end. We should not get involved with a muslim religious war. Sunnis versus Shiites.

  15. The only one in the regime with any balls now has a headache form a concussion.

  16. So what’s our Jug-Eared Commie gonna do now?

    Stamp his pwecious widdle foot while denouncing Syria for crossing the line?

    Mr. Talk-Sternly-and-Carry-a-Big-Wet-Noodle isn’t having much of an effect on the rampaging Middle Eastern Malcontents, is he?

  17. Cautionary statements turn to empty threats when the man issuing them does not exude virility. Susan Rice and world leaders otta know.

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