CLUELESS Hollywood Libs Put Together Video Demanding No More Gun Trafficking… Don’t Realize Obama is #1 Gun Runner

What idiots.
Hollywood liberals put together this video to demand a plan on gun control.
Via Politomix:

This liberal group wants:

1.) Require a criminal background check for every gun sold in America
2.) Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines
3.) Make gun trafficking a federal crime, including real penalties for “straw purchasers”

Obviously, these clueless elitists have no idea that their platform would impose “real penalties” on the Obama Administration for the Fast and Furious gun trafficking to Mexico.

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  • NoBO2012

    airon-later….. I’m gonna guess you are clueless because Bush’s Operation Wide Reciever was known about by the Mexican Government. The Mexican Government KNEW NOTHING about Obama’s Fast and Furious. YOU might want to look that up!!!!!!!

  • JDR

    To: Every Single “Journalist” in America Who Isn’t Jayna Davis

    Re: Walter Duranty

    It must be nice knowing that no matter how heinous your lies and coverups, your Pulitzer Prize will never be rescinded!

    The Annual Walter Duranty Award needs to be the Monthly Walter Duranty Award.

    Treyvon? Front-page news for weeks, world-wide!!!

    Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom? STFU, you slave-whores. Not a story. Cover some “oldest rooster in the state died today” type of sh&t instead. Do as your master commands, slave-whores.

    And you do, every time, you self-righteous cowards. I apologize for my lack of clarity on the matter, but my words are inadequate to express just how much you all fail.

  • Objective Analysis

    Are these hollywood idiots bodyguards going to surrender their guns?

  • shadow

    Sarah Silverman a woman who, as a JOKE (a very Sick Joke) got Pregnant

    The only thing that Silverman was expecting was over-reaction from the right. And she got it.

  • man_in_tx

    mmmm… something about intelligence being inversely proportional to physical beauty?

  • Maggie

    First of all….these people are not aging well. Second of all they need to make sure their bodyguards give up their weapons. And last who the hell cares what their opinions are. Beyonce tried to get a patent for her daughters name, like that piece of trash will raise anything special. Here’s a thought….. When some of these people including members of the government enroll their children in public schools they can weigh in on the argument!

  • jackson_murrell

    I’d say these jokers were just reading a cue card If I thought they could read.

  • Maria

    Well according to their website, 34 people die every day from gun violence. That’s 12,410 a year.

    According to stats, 32,367 die every year from car accidents. That’s about 89 people a day

    Last year drugs outnumbered deaths from car accidents.

    You see how well banning drugs has worked.

    I guess we should go ahead and ban cars while we are at it too.

  • Lim Lynn

    Why don’t Socialist Democrats control Barack Hussein Obama before they do it to gun owners?

  • tim

    I own an firearm because of my oath to the Constitution with the Second Amendment, which I view as a backstop protector of freedom. Many people would argue that we have no use for it today because the government is trustworthy.
    “However since it acts as a deterrent, we can never measure exactly how much it has been effective. Perhaps the notion that people feel safe with our government after over 200 years is a testament to the Second Amendment value in balancing power with the citizens.”

  • Patty


    Formal Reprimand Issued To Flatulent Federal Worker


  • Patty


    Mom who named son born on 9/11 ‘Jihad’ and sent him to school in ‘I am a bomb’ tee shirt faces trial in France

    “Mother who named son ‘Jihad’ to face trial in France” Metro

    A mother who sent her three-year-old son to school dressed in a T-shirt with the words ‘I am a bomb’ on it will face trial.

    The boy’s shirt also had ‘Jihad, born on September 11′ on the back.

    His unnamed mother and an uncle, who bought the long-sleeved shirt, are charged with condoning a crime over the alleged reference to the 9/11 attacks.

    A teacher at the nursery school in the southern town of Sorgues near Avignon, France, reported the incident when the youngster was dropped off on September 25.

    Town mayor Thierry Lagneau, of the conservative UMP party, subsequently asked prosecutors to investigate.

    ‘I condemn the attitude of the parents who shamefully took advantage of the person and the age of this child to convey a political message,’ he said.

    The trial has been set for March 6 next year. The pair made no comment as they left the courthouse. Records show the boy was born on September 11, 2009 and was named Jihad.

  • Adam Lanza

    Genetic disaster at 1:10!

  • bobbi

    These years will be remembered as “The Great Revenge”.

  • bg
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