Classmate: Adam Lanza Had Webpage Dedicated to Satan

Adam Lanza destroyed the hard drive on his computer before he murdered 20 children and seven adults.

Murderer: Adam Lanza, killed himself after murdering more than two dozen others, including 20 school children. (Daily Mail)

According to a former classmate of Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook School shooter, had a webpage dedicated to Satan.
The Daily Mail reported:

The Sandy Hook gunman worshiped the devil and had an online page dedicated to Satan, a former classmate revealed, as his childhood barber recalls Adam Lanza never spoke and would stare at the floor every time he had his hair cut.

Lanza’s worshiping page had the word ‘Devil’ written in red, Gothic-style letters against a black background, Trevor L. Todd told The National Enquirer, something which he said was ‘weird’ and ‘gave him the chills’.

The FBI are trying to piece together his smashed up hard drive to see if his online footprint will reveal any motive for the killing, but they strongly believe he made use of devil-worshiping and suicide sites and boasted of his murder plans on message forums.

Adam Lanza’s childhood barber Bob Skuba revealed today that Nancy Lanza stopped bringing her son in for haircuts a few years ago so he thought he had moved away from the area.

He told CNN that Adam would never speak or even look at him any time he came in for a cut, which was every six weeks for years.

‘It’s just weird that I actually touched him. I’d tried to joke with him,’ Skuba said. ‘He wouldn’t even look at me. He would just be looking down at the tiles the whole time.

‘I wish I would have killed him then. Or he should have killed himself a long time ago. He would have saved us all the trouble.

‘I should have slit and stabbed him by accident. It would have been a lot better for those people.’

Cutting Adam Lanza’s hair ‘was a very long half an hour. It was a very uncomfortable situation’, stylist Diane Harty said.

She said that she never heard his voice even once and that Nancy, a divorcee, also hardly spoke – only to tell Adam what to do as he would not listen to anyone else.

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  • ★FALCON★

    Someone surmised earlier that we have not seen any newer pictures of Lanza because he there were no newer pics – implying he was such a loner there wouldn’t be any pics.

    I think there are newer pics and Lanza looks batschlitz crazy.

    We have not heard one word from the brother or father other than the “we’re stunned” boxed lunch reply. Wonder why? Surely their interviews have been completed and should they choose they could have 100 news organizations to hear anything they have to say.

    They’re not talking because Lanza was a known nutter, they knew it, and it’s not going to fit the Communist gun confiscation agenda.

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    He joins a long list of recent mass murderers along with Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin, Ceausescu, et al. Seems there’s one thing in common and Judeo/Christian values isn’t it.

  • donh

    Is this not what I have been saying ?….The media will have you dismiss ALL of these zombie Psycho killers as mentally insane …so the psychiatric profession can make their sales pitch for more tax funding…so the government can exploit these ” crazies ” to take away your gun rights…

    Truth is ……these psycho killers are in full possession of their mental faculties …They are apostles of SATAN…They worship DEATH…….. and YES …Obama is their long awaited delivery master of death and destruction ….Listen closely to the LEADER of the Church of Satan at the 34:45 time mark of this clip from their 6/6/2006 black mass..The Obama forward slogan does not come from Karl Marx…” The essence of the Satanist is to flow with nature …thus we proceed ever FORWARD ” ….
    ” …The Satanists believe they are GODS walking through the human ” zoo ” . Our very lives are THEIRS for the taking. …….. …>

  • ★FALCON★

    #22 December 19, 2012 at 3:36 pm
    Maudie N Mandeville commented:

    He joins a long list of recent mass murderers along with Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin, Ceausescu, et al.

    Nicolae Ceausescu was my absolute fav – simply because he was executed by the people for his crimes.

  • what?

    SeaBass christians committed genocide on Native Americans and enslaved black people under the guise that it was their biblical right to do so. The bible on the whole has done more damage than good to soceity. People can be good without god, just as they can be evil in god’s name.

  • SeaBass

    Bible cause all this? Really silly lib? Answer the simple question.

  • wth

    I’m sure he would have turned his guns in to Sheila Jackson Lee if he had known she wanted them. O_o

  • Joanne

    It sounds like the mother knew he was mentally ill and wanted him to get help in a mental facility, but did she have any help or anyone to turn to to help her deal with her son? It certainly doesn’t look like there was any help in place for her. She did make one mistake though and that is taking her son to shoot guns in an attempt to bond – wrong move, especially when the boy, obviously, should never have touched a gun. How is gun control going to make any difference for the mentally ill intent on getting a gun and committing a massacre? What, just disarm the nation, so there is no one able to fight back? I know that it difficult to commit someone to a mental facility unless they have threatened to kill someone, and then it could be too late.

  • valerie

    May God have mercy on his soul, I know I wouldn’t be able to do so.

    The notion from#4 jtb012u340 above and in other places that this guy was a child of the devil, as proved by the way he was cutting and burning himself, is not to be taken seriously. It is a sign of mental illness that must be treated immediately. We may yet find out that he WAS being treated. It is not inconceivable that part of this terrible event is a bad reaction to a prescription pharmaceutical.

    I know a charming young woman who had a change in her prescription for bipolar disorder, became suicidal, and spent 8 hours being ignored in a local hospital emergency room.

    Maybe, maybe, instead of the talk about banning weapons that weren’t used in the latest massacre, we could talk about people in need who fall through the cracks until somebody starts bleeding.

  • Candy

    To #25 What?


    You’re right, godless Communism never hurt anyone.

    Read history before progressives changed it.

  • Warren Peece

    The saddest part about this is all these people coming forward NOW to say, “We knew he was nuts.” But none of them felt compelled to come forward and say something when it could have done the most good – before the shootings occurred.

    And yeah, that barber sounds as dangerous as the kid was.

  • SeaBass

    One more question silly lib. Name ONE mass murderer his age or younger at a school before you silly libs banned God? I can name two after you silly libs banned assault weapons ; )

  • SeaBass

    This will shock you silly lib, besides the questions you can’t answer. The rights we have, speech and what not, come from God, not you or our dear leader Obama

  • valerie
  • tomaig

    I, too, wish the barber had squashed the life from this worthless and evil bastard. All of you “oh, I’m so shocked” folks – if you had foreknowledge of what this dead-souled piece of s#it was going to do – you wouldn’t want to snuff his depraved ass to save the lives of 20 innocent children?
    Bravo to Mr. Skuba!

  • arnonerik

    #25 “SeaBass christians committed genocide on Native Americans and enslaved black people”!
    This might be what you were taught by your revisionist history teachers but there is no historical truth to what you say unless you have a very broad definition of Christian. The fact that someone lives among Christians or that he once visited a church does not make him one. Christians led the fight against slavery both here and abroad.

  • ★FALCON★

    Sounds like the reason the school denied knowing Nancy Lanza is coming to the fore-front.

    ‘Screw them’: How Adam Lanza’s mother ‘battled’ with the school district before deciding to home school him

    The Newtown school gunman’s mother was so angry at education chiefs for failing her son she thought ‘screw them’ and refused to stop dealing with them any more, a relative has claimed.

    Nancy Lanza pleaded for better services for her disturbed son Adam but was apparently rebuffed so many times, she took it upon herself to home school him.

    She apparently felt that they could not meet his needs as even though he was a bright student he suffered from Asperger’s which made him isolated and socially awkward.

    Additionally, let’s not forget that the compassionate Democrats have ruled the public educational system for 60 years, and they have used an iron fist to stuff everyone into the round holes they manufacture.

  • VotingFemale

    #17 December 19, 2012 at 3:26 pm
    duke5015 commented:”

    I swear. everyone on this blog site sounds like total freaks, both sides. Get a life

    ummm… they have meds for that problem of yours, duke. just sayin’

  • JDR

    #37 ★FALCON★

    BREAKING. Jim, you gotta read this.

    It is… how you say?, “a bombshell”.

  • Cory C

    Trevor L. Todd told The National Enquirer, something which he said was ‘weird’ and ‘gave him the chills’.

    And we trust this source? Why?