Clackamas Christmas Shooter a 22 Year-Old Sociopath – Jacob Tyler Roberts

Police are going to release more details on the Clackamas Christmas shooter later this morning.
For now we know he was 22 years old and a sociopath.

The shooter murdered two innocents before committing suicide.
Oregon Live reported:

An unidentified gunman, acting alone, fired up to 60 shots before killing himself. The original reports of two dead were confirmed as the only fatalities. One 15-year-old Portland girl was taken by ambulance to OHSU Hospital, where she was in serious condition Tuesday night.

Officials declined to identify the victims.

The gunman died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, Lt. James Rhodes, a Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office spokesman, said at a news conference. The gunman, reportedly 22, has been tentatively identified, but police did not release his name.

We now know the name of one of the victims.
FOX 12 reported:

One of two people shot and killed at the Clackamas Town Center mall has been identified as Steve Forsyth, of West Linn, FOX 12 has learned through sources.

…Forsyth owned a marketing agency in Portland, and formerly worked for Entercom Communications, which owns radio stations in the city.

More on the shooter Jacob Tyler Roberts.
The Oregonian reported:

Jacob Tyler Roberts, 22, was the masked man who stormed into Clackamas Town Center Tuesday afternoon, fatally shooting two people and wounding another before turning a gun on himself, police said.

Roberts does not appear to have a criminal history in Oregon, according to court records. He had two speeding tickets earlier this year.

Court records show that Roberts and a woman, Hannah Shoemake, were evicted last summer from their Happy Valley apartment.

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  • Jerry C

    @ #17 donh

    Thanks for your postings. Your perpections show you can see the forest through the trees and the deeper meanings to behind what is going on.

    I too thought the Aurora shooting was rather odd. For example, the shooter there had head to toe armor & mask. That would tell me he’s not planning on stopping until he’s dead. Yet, supposedly over 100+ FBI agents happened to get to the scene and found his armor & mask thrown down on the ground and he was “hiding behind cars” in the parking lot. Seriously, what victims can positively ID the shooter with only his eyes visible including the attack happening in a dark theater with everyone ducking for cover?! And why in the world would a supposed chemical genius who setup over a dozen boobie traps in his apartment decide to use a shotgun? You’d think bombing the theater would be more his expertise. But hey, he’s a lunatic ( 😉 ) so you don’t need a good reason.

    Then, in court, his pupils were totally dialated & he appeared to be totally “out of it”; telling me he was heavily medicated beyond belief. In addition, we come to find out he had a psycho-therapist who had worked extensively for the Defense Department in the past in none other than psy-ops.

    I too smell something fishy here with these gun shootings being so close to the government trying to pass their U.N. small arms treaty. Did any of the victims verify the actual shooter? Was he wearing anything that could obsure his identity? It just smells to high heaven (again & again) what our government is up to & us citizens are left holding the bad.

    Take care my friend and keep your postings coming. Someone else may actually open his eyes to the truth behind the curtain and see what our government is capable of doing.

  • Jerry C


  • TomI

    Do you have to be a mass murderer to have 3 names used?

  • Jungle John

    Media is tweeting that the police have said that Jacob Tyler Roberts stole the rifle he used.

    ABC news report at

  • Smash’em

    First time poster. Someone (RokShox) posted this over at Ace of Spades last night on the Overnight Open Thread; looks like the shooter may have posted on 4chan on Monday? Has anyone else seen anything about this?

  • Pattern Obvious

    Democrat likely voter offs himself, turns out utopia has a downside, the opposition resurge.

  • donh

    #22 Well we certainly do things like this in Egypt, Libya and Syria…recruit young men on the street…… load them up with guns…..hand them plans… here go kill some people…. then that gives America an opening to push foreign governments around …dictate who has to go…put in somebody new in power who will dance to our tune….all kept out of sight from the American public…and these techniques are not being brought home to control us ??? …

    How easy to find some drugged up loser guy at a college campus…get him unconscious…program through hypnosis thoughts of murder and suicide…… ” your feeling angry…you feel like killing people…you feel like buying a gun…you are going to kill some people…and when you see dead people ..when you see blood …you will feel like killing yourself ….on my command…. abracadaver ! ” …. and they just keep pumping these psychopaths out the University back door until America gets the gun ban the New World Order cult masters demand. ….There is a reason the psychiatrists staffing our prison system are paid 5-10 times more than state governor salaries .

  • bg
  • Practical Jane


  • theBuckWheat

    Please tell me what law, beyond prohibiting murder, would have stopped this kind of person? I hate to break it to liberals but evil is real and this is one example of it. But do we really want to recognize evil when it wears a suit, works in an office and makes a decision to save ObamaCare ™ some money by declining to approve of life-saving surgery because it just
    “doesn’t fit our criteria”? A bureaucrat can cause far more deaths than a deranged gun man in a mall could ever hope to. Yet we will give the bureaucrat a pass because he was only doing his job.

  • Peggy R

    I generally see these shooters as people who don’t know how to deal with their feelings of disappointment, anger, sadness, etc. They may indeed be mentally ill as well. Society no longer has moral foundations or boundaries of acceptable behavior. Men have been too feminized, supposedly to be able to express their feelings that men have traditionally kept to themselves. Well, they’re now letting out their feelings and it’s not working. It’s causing more harm than good, needless to say.

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  • shadow

    Men have been too feminized, supposedly to be able to express their feelings that men have traditionally kept to themselves. Well, they’re now letting out their feelings and it’s not working. It’s causing more harm than good, needless to say.

    Longing for the days when husbands beat their wives in the privacy of their own home?

  • BigRed

    Longing for the days when husbands beat their wives in the privacy of their own home?

    No one implied that but you. Now why is that? Oh, that’s right. You liberals always project your feelings onto others to hide your own sins. Way to out yourself, jerk!

  • Peggy R

    Shadow–The abuse was to end with men being able to “express their feelings.” Something else needs to be tried.

    While I agree that society needs to be able to place in mental health facilities those who exhibit mental illness, I do have concern that we may want to pre-emptively say we think this guy could commit mass murder, so we’ll lock him up just in case. I would be concerned about individual rights in this case. Are we going to preemptively profile possible murderers and lock them all up before they’re 14?

    We can’t guarantee that nothing bad will ever happen to any one and remain a free people. We have to have some measures of public safety of course, but to strip citizens of basic liberties preemptively is of grave concern.

  • Tabby

    And the left starts calling for stricter gun control in 3….2…..1

  • sablegsd


    Care to make a point?”

    She did.

  • jony101

    whats up with all these AR-15 jamming? it happened with the colorado shooter too. My understanding this is the civilian version of what the US troops use in the battlefield.

    Its a good thing it jammed but, you never hear about AK-47 jamming, thats what the LA bank robbers where using in there big shootout.

    This is just my observation, but as long as the police want to be the only ones allowed to have guns these things will keep happening, next time the gun might not jammed, the serial killers also read the news and are wondering the same thing. Best to shop online, its more safer, and you can have your gun at your side for snakes and such.

    Even a mall cop with a gun might have been useful, but probably guns not allowed in the mall because of insurance/liability issues.

  • YourMaster

    the shooter must of found out 0bama had gay sex with his dog and then BBQ’d it for dinner. *lol*