Hugo Chavez named a successor today as he prepared to travel to Cuba for more cancer surgery.
Bloomberg reported:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, preparing to travel to Cuba for further cancer surgery, yesterday named Vice President Nicolas Maduro to carry out his legacy if he is unable to remain in office.

Chavez, who spoke in a national television and radio address, said he requires more surgery after malignant cells were detected in the same area as his previous cancer during health exams held over the past month in Cuba. The National Assembly today approved his request to be absent from the country for more than five days as he travels to the Caribbean island.

“There is risk in this process that you can’t deny,” said Chavez, who won re-election to a third six-year term on Oct. 7. “If something happens that disables me some way, my irrevocable opinion is that you should elect Nicolas Maduro as the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.”

Under Venezuelan law, if Chavez is too ill to carry out his duties, the vice president would take over until the beginning of the new presidential term on Jan. 10. If Chavez is unable to attend the inauguration scheduled on that date, the president of the National Assembly would assume power while elections are arranged within 30 days. If he does take office and then becomes too ill within the first four years of the term, the vice president takes over the presidency for 30 days while elections are held.

Barack Obama shakes hands with Hugo Chavez while his lackey Nicolas Maduro looks on.

Barack Obama, Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro.

Maduro took part in a failed coup attempt in Venezuela on February 4, 1992, that Chavez led against then-president Carlos Andres Perez. Today he’s a top official in the  Chavez government.



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  1. Looks like a douCHE to me.

  2. hey! I’ve seen that guy… it was in a beer commercial, wasn’t it?

  3. “Yeah, Senator — buffers. Duh Godfather’s got a lot of buffers.”

  4. Poor Hugo, I hope it’s nothing trivial.

  5. No matter how much power one has, or money, or how big the army, Death takes it’s toll on all of us.

  6. I thought that only Kings, Emperors, and Dictators got to choose their successor???

  7. Chavez suffering from prostate cancer…….Castro still recovering from colon cancer……

    I still think there is something funny going on there. Oliver Stone is gonna be soooooo jealous!

  8. Oh one criminal thug replaces the other. The problem I see for him is he isnt Hugo. Hugo was a punk who used the poor people to put him in office by blaming all their problems on the evil rich and big oil. Then he slowly took over the country and all of its major industries until he could buy off and have his enemies silenced… Kinda like Obama.

  9. I hope he dies in horrible, prolonged pain.

  10. Nicolás Maduro didn’t take part in 1992 failed coup, he was a bus driver and union leader back then.

  11. “Hugo Chavez named a successor today”

    Just like its done in all the progressive peoples’ republics in the world.

  12. Now, whose been naughty or nice. Come on, you tell me.

  13. I hope he has a nice warm spot next to the other Dictators in H#LL. I’m pretty sure they’re saving a spot for Barry. I hope he like the sounds of all the Mullahs wailing.

  14. OT
    -Another NFL Player Death – We Must Ban Alcohol and Cars

    Hey, Bob Costas! Should we now ban alcohol?

    This morning, another tragedy hit an NFL team. Dallas Cowboy defensive lineman Josh Brent got intoxicated and while driving with his teammate Jerry Brown, Jr., crashed his car and killed Mr. Brown.

    Yes this is a tragedy because an innocent person died due to the thoughtlessness of another. Mr. Brent is an adult and knows that driving while intoxicated is a violation of the law. Here in California, along with our yearly vehicle registration bill, we get a slip of paper that shows, in graph form, how long it takes for a person of a specific weight to fully process an alcoholic beverage. I’m sure the State of Texas has similar info available. In other words, Mr. Brent was aware of what intoxication will do to your motor skills.

    If you are a liberal and read the following, here is my politically correct disclaimer that you libtards require before every statement that you might find questionable. If you are intelligent and reading this, you may skip over the next paragraph and move onto the one after the next. The disclaimer is only meant to assuage the guilt of the koolaidians.


  15. Egads. Someone with a set please stand up and get rid of Obama and his communist minions. It is sickening to watch what is going on in America – the land of the cowards and oppressed these days. You can tell alot about a person by the friends he keeps – that picture of Chavez, Maduro, and Obama makes my blood boil. I so give up.

  16. Hopefully Chavez transmitted his disease to Hussein. Oh they are both carriers of the same virus, Leftism.

  17. ++

    wishing for all sorts of karmaic irony via this scenario..


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