Last week Hollywood libs released an appalling video demanding an end to gun violence.

In response ma5one put this video together pointing out the absolute hypocrisy of these two-faced libs.
Demand A Plan – Demand Celebrities Go F*CK Themselves!
(Warning on Language-Violence)

Hat Tip Mara



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  1. This ought to be sent to everyone of these hypocrits public relations managers. AND to each of them. Back in your face bitch!

  2. Gun fun: ☞ LINK

  3. Awesome!

  4. Chris Rock: As a human being. Where is there proof of that?

    Nothing makes me more angry than sanctimonious communists telling the rest of the world how to live when their noses are packed full of cocaine, they’re drunk and wrecking cars, leaving the scenes of accidents, shooting their “insignificant others”, destroying public property, and have the intellectual capacity of a glory-hole mop.

  5. Tweetting link to these guys now.

  6. Ya know, everyone complains about these dimwits but yet do nothing about it. I for one avoid watching, listening or buying anything by or related to any of them. By buying their product you are only enriching them to do us further harm. Think about that when you go to your next movie, buy an endorsed product,buy dvd’s, cd’s, etc. Stop arming your enemy!

  7. That was awesome.

  8. They make their livings out of violence and lets pretend, and then are astounded to see the affect it has on the weak minded. They then get all sanctimonious and demand action, hypocracy or out right stupidity? What kind of mind set refuses to make family oriented movies that are huge successes at the box office and make filth and killing instead that are mostly flops.

  9. What’s wrong?

    Sure, Hollywood is the largest spreader of gun violence on earth. That fact will admit!

    But let me be clear, Hollywood is my largest donor! I need their bloody gun violence money!

    Those hypocritical merchants of gun violence donated over $666,000,000 to my presidential campaign… 99% of they money is from all of their gun violence flicks and Rap songs! It got me re-elected!

    I need Hollywood to lie for me. I need Hollywood to make more money from gun violence flicks and Rap music to cover my presidential campaign debts.

    I need more gun violence movies to inspire Rappers to more actual violence! Then I need Hollywood Talking Heads to hype that very gun violence on the 6:00 news!

    Next, I need Hollywood to brainwash you into giving me your guns. It’s that simple. It’s a circular scam!

    My enormous pig of a limousine is spewing smoke and David Axelrod and his Hollywood Millionaires have a new scam to shake down poor gun owners. It’s a mixture of lies, hypocrisy and fear mongering!

    I cannot go into details. My Guns-4-Mexican Gangs deal backfired. But, my Guns-4-Hollywood Violence should work! I cannot answer any more questions. Good day

  10. They are obviously demanding a stop to violence in their movies. (What–that’s not what they are referring to!!!) Such an inspiring group of concerned citizens. ————-what a bunch of hypocrites.

  11. Pure hypocrisy, but whores are for sell!


  12. Look, most of these people have an eighth grade education, their minds are further addled by drugs and alcohol, and a complete lack of meaning in their lives. They are buddhists, then kabbalahists, then TM practitioners, they make children that nannies raise for them, they marry and divorce every other year. Each one of them would have fought tooth and nail for the mothers of Sandy Hook to murder their own babies in utero; as if they were somehow less alive then. Either you give a damn about life, or you don’t. There’s no middle ground available.

    The Westboro Baptist nutcases are almost correct, you know. Our attitude towards Life HAS brought God’s judgment upon us, but we have done it to ourselves. Where human beings are nothing but clumps of cells, in a society in which Fatherhood increasingly begins and ends with ejaculation, in an educational system that tells children that they are just soul-less animals, alone in a random, godless universe, this is exactly what we could have expected. If I were a kid today, I’d need antidepressants too.

    We will never end this until Christian Men stand up like our ancestors did and carrying the Cross and the Sword of Christ before us, take back our culture from the heathens, drive them back underground, and bring the Light to our children. Then we’ll have no more massacres, no more gun crime in the streets, no more drug culture, no more ghettos, no more fear. Until we are ready to fight like the Ancient Christian Men of Europe did to create Civilization, to advance Christ, to ward off the Satanic influx of Islam, to fight ignorance and the darkness, we will spiral ever downward. I fear it’s too late: even so-called Conservative men think our only problem is high taxes.

  13. Great. Sums it up well. I have a long list of celebrities who I will not watch in any venue whatsoever. They will not get my money. That’s all these people understand. if everyone did this, celebrities would soon shut the heck up. Narcissist hypocrites. Just like the couple living in the WH

  14. Cut the commies out of the loop. You want a movie go to a used merchandise store. Hollywood doesn’t get a cut out of used videos not sold in a regular store. Stores that rent videos have used videos but I think Hollywood still gets a cut. I have a New and Used store where I can get videos for $2 to $2.50 ea. and then sell them back for a buck after I’ve watched them. There are still some actors I despise so much I wouldn’t watch their movie if you paid me. Trade with friends who have already bought them if it’s one you really want to see. This is why I’ve never joined Netflix I’m not giving the commie bastards one more dime of my money so they can support their stinkin comrade in the White House.

  15. Dear Hollywood,

    Give up your guns. Simple isn’t it? You lead by example, you are no more American than anyone else. You’d tell a man with a wife and kids to give up his gun?

    Give up your guns you elitist morons. Put up or shut up.

  16. It’s simply beyond comical that the Modern American Right – and most notably a plurality of people here – who drool over the thought of potential war with Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lybia, Egypt, or wherever they dream of non-white, non-religious ( or more precisely non-christian ) people can be killed en masse all in the name of ‘Merika and “patriotism” and “god” are more than willing to point the finger at the film industry as the underlying cause of violence in this country.

    The projection here is so thick you could cut it with a knife………….

  17. Watching the news this morning, I saw another tour bus wreck that killed 9 people, and I started thinking of all the bus accidents in the past year or two, tour busses, and school busses, and how many mass deaths happen each time , children and adults alike!!

    Ban busses. They KILL!!!

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